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Dawn of a New Fractal, a New Age

by | Print Articles, Spiritual Living, Spring 2023

A new day - A new week - A new month- A new season - A new year - A new Age

The world is fractal. The world is a fractal of the universe. Fractals are often viewed as we zoom in and zoom out of an object or space.

Zooming in: Earth, continent, country, town, suburb, property, house, room…

Zooming out: Earth, moon, inner solar system, outer solar system, light year, Milky Way Galaxy, local group, Laniakea Super Cluster…

Fractals are recurring patterns and shapes on larger and smaller scales. But have you ever thought of fractals as they relate to time, activities, groups, people, teams, yourself?

Everything works in process and the processes are cyclical in nature. Natural cycles include, the water cycle, circulation, digestion, weather cycles, migration patterns and this list includes activities and processes from the microscopic to the galactic.

Unfortunately, due to time and our subjective view of life and living we don’t notice our cycles. And narrowing this subjective view we are indoctrinated to see the world as linear, separate, random, in competition and in conflict.

Our Current Reality

With a new dawn, a new month, a new season, a new age, why not change our perspective, wake up and see the world from a different angle, a new facet?

I was blessed with a download in 2002. A model for living. I called it Diamond Theory. The model in its essence is a process cycle for getting stuff done, improving group dynamics, stimulating individual growth and harmonising our place in nature.

I’m a dad, a husband and blessed with the gift to design curricula. But after the turmoil of the past couple of years. I cannot see how I can design a curriculum in service to our current thinking model.

Dr Dyer states: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

As a curriculum designer, my job is to design courses that teach thinking in a specific subject or field. Unfortunately, if we are perceiving the world as linear, separate, random, in competition and in conflict, I cannot serve traditional thinking and the traditional processes of politics, economics, physical environment and social milieu. I can’t design in this fashion any more as it is against our inherent nature as environorganisms, a species that is part of nature and constantly in flow.

Imagine for a moment, a WHOLE new way of thinking, a WHOLE new way of perceiving, a WHOLE new way of approaching, a WHOLE new way of conceptualising life. A Diamond A-Spire. A model to help you raise your consciousness, energy, frequency and vibration. A model that unifies and bridges the two-dimensional reality of paper, through 3D, our human experience, where we live, into the divine, the Fifth Dimension. Imagine a model that can unify ALL religions, beliefs, philosophies, sciences, spirituality. A unified path with multiple facets and fractals, honouring of our dynamic individuality and unique differences. A modern-day tree of life towards enlightenment.

Imagine thinking that is cyclical, integrated, systematic, in cooperation and in mutual support. Thinking that is aligned towards our Age of Aquarius, the water-bearer, in service to society at large.

I propose the following:

The Red Diamond runs at a scalar frequency of 200 – 500. The cycle can be adopted for virtually any task from building a farm to managing a household. And even at larger fractals like managing a community or governing a municipality.

With an effective cycle we can balance our vision in context our exchange and evolution. And as we balance our Diamonds (body, mind, and spirit) we can return to the Heart Centre (the intersection of Red and Green) of humanity which yearns to say, “I Love.”

Where Red and Green connect we find our Heart Centre

The Age of Pisces draws to a close, an age of the single hero and villain. At the dawn of the age the hero was Julius Caesar and the villain, Brutus. As the age draws to a close the heroes include, Gandhi and Madiba. Two wondrous miracles were witnessed over the past couple of years.

Firstly, humanity moved as one into lockdown, isolation. The motivation at the time was ‘in fear’. But we proved the concept of movement together as a species. Imagine humanity moving as one, not in fear but rather from a frequency of love? We can change the world. We can upgrade the whole story for humanity. Write a new story. A story of hope, faith, love, joy.

Secondly, we all went through the heat and pressure of the past few years, economically, wellness, mental fatigue. And carbon state that is placed under immense heat and pressure transforms into a Diamond. You are the Diamond.

We stand at the dawn of our new season, new year, new Age of Aquarius. We have no reason to maintain our thinking pattern, linear, random, separate, competition and conflict, of yesterday. I propose we see and embrace our uniqueness, our Diamond Body, from crystalline DNA to galactic relationships. Each of us is a Diamond A-Spire, fractals of the human experience here on earth.

You are the Diamond, A-Spire

Christo Becker is a husband, pappa, father-who-stepped-up, curriculum designer.
He has been involved in education and training for over two decades. His curriculum
design scope has covered diverse fields from mining to hairdressing, farming to
accommodation services. Furthermore, he has taught and trained in numerous fields
and environments, from the classroom situation to the corporate boardroom with a
tree or two in between.

Christo is the designer of Diamond Theory, Diamond Perspective and the Diamond
A-Spire, a next-generation mental model that promotes task completion, group
dynamics, individual growth, and development within different contexts.

Diamond Perspective a proposed Model towards our New Earth available on
Amazon.com: https://a.co/d/iBDdNW6.

Series published on Humanity’s Team: https://stream.humanitysteam.org/diamondperspective-