Detoxing heals all ills

by | Digitorials, Spring 2023

Modern man is suffering from one condition that kills us all; ACIDOSIS or interstitial congestion. An acidic inner environment is an environment out of balance with the equilibrium of this planet. Wherever you see a healthy biome, you will see an alkaline-dominant biome. The importance of knowing how to remain-in or return-to equilibrium has never been more prevalent.

Many people fall for the notion that detoxification is a quick fix, something you do a little bit here and a little bit there. In the true sense of the word, an effective cellular detoxification is a ticket to wellville, it is a guaranteed way of healing, it sets you up with a high-quality life experience, it leaves you painless, energised, clear of mind, present and vibrant.

The only thing that can guarantee such a radical cellular regeneration; the strongest ‘medicine’ on the face of this planet, is FRUIT. Fruit contains all the nutrients you need, from amino acids, to fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Fruit is the food with the highest load of electromagnetic energy, which translates to the most refined source of fuel for the human cell, in the form of fructose. The astringency of fruit adds to the detoxing effect.

Heleen Elizabeth has been a detox coach for five years, facilitating people’s introduction to healing with fruits on a cellular level. An experienced detoxer and at first a sceptic herself, she committed to a fruit detox to prove the concept wrong. The resulting healing she experienced way surpassed any healing she experienced before. She could not keep this to herself and started propagating a fruit-based detox to heal, until this day. She facilitates on-line group based detoxes on her platform Anouthen Infinite Wellness.

The monthly 28-Day Body Detox and Workshop, is an online experience where you will be introduced and supported to switch to a fruit-only diet to heal. Daily emails, live on-line facilitation, guided support, group-support, meal plans and herbal products all form part of this on-line experience. This is an extremely empowering course, equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to continue healing, while experiencing it physically.

Herbal products have been designed by Heleen over the years to support the healing event that sets in when you switch to fruits-only. Carefully selected herbs, are put together to function in perfect synergy with each other to provide support and soothing healing. None of the formulas are stimulating, abrasive or laxative.

Although we all suffer of one thing – acidosis – and we all must do the same thing to heal – eating fruits – each human’s healing is extremely unique. A healing human does not always look healthy, we all go through our healing events (healing crisis) to emerge healthy on the other side. This is the time when you need someone to support you; someone who understands the natural detoxing process of the human body well. Gift yourself an inner spring-cleaning. Reach out and sign up for a renewed YOU!