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CBD can help reduce stress related symptoms and fatigue, improve sleep, and ease minor pain and inflammation – all without causing that ‘high’ feeling!1

With several forms of CBD carriers available, you can tailor your method of use to your specific need.  Pharmaceutical company Adcock Ingram’s range of ADCO CBD products are produced in the form of drops, capsules and a gel.

If you’re looking for convenience, ADCO CBD PAIN2, ADCO CBD STRESS3  and  ADCO CBD DAILY4 is  available in capsule form with each dose already measured. You know exactly what you’re taking each time and the CBD capsules are also suitable for on-the-go use, are also tasteless and odourless.

For those who can’t take capsules, the ADCO CBD range of products is also available in drops. To take, use the dropper to place the correct dose into your mouth. You can also consume by adding a few drops to milk, water, or juice.

ADCO CBD PAIN GEL5, may assist with the relief of symptoms such as muscle pain and inflammation as well as minor sprains, strains, bumps and bruises. The gel is simply applied by spreading a thin layer to the affected area and rubbing it in gently.

Finally, for individuals who desire daily health and wellness maintenance, the ADCO CBD DAILY range4, available in drops or capsule form, are ideal.

Trusted, reliable, reputable ADCO CBD products are available from the ADCO CBD online store – https://www.adcocbd.co.za/shop as well as independent pharmacies and selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores.  For more information visit: www.adcocbd.co.za and join the conversations on Facebook and  Instagram. #ADCOCBD #onlineshopping #healthandwellness #celebratingCBD



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