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Emerge! Rise, it’s Time to Shine

Hello and congratulations – you made it through another rollercoaster year.

Let’s not forget to recognise how far we have come, what we have overcome/managed/mastered/aced/witnessed… and we are HERE! 

That’s remarkable and, yes – YOU have done it – you might feel bruised and battered, you might have had a rather good ride with unexpected twists and turns and great rewards or you might be anywhere in between.  There is no wrong or right one and all of these have one thing in common – you made it to the right here and right now. 

Just take a moment to become aware of that and give yourself the recognition it deserves. It really doesn’t matter if you got here kicking and screaming or dancing and singing – YOU DID IT!!

We sure had rollercoaster times but when we talk rollercoasters – we always get mixed responses. Some love it, some hate it but yet it was never about the actual rollercoaster but the experience thereof and the feeling we attached to it.  It takes us out of our comfort zone and stimulates our senses to the extreme (joy and fear and most likely everything in between). It is really all about the chemicals it releases in the process to make us feel the one or the other, for, let’s face it: As human beings, we are really just an intricate chemistry set on two legs.  We either love it, hate it or are indifferent to what we just experienced.  Yet a rollercoaster is really just a structure of steel (hopefully)   – it is neutral!

EVERYTHING is neutral until we attach something to it and then release that chemical soup which causes us to feel happy, sad, elated, euphoric, and fearful…  According to the feeling we produce we decide what we want more of or less of.  What we want to create or what we want to avoid. WE do that all the time with everything.

As human beings we mostly do things because we either WANT a certain feeling or we want to AVOID a certain feeling. Whichever one has the bigger pay-out or hold over us – is the one we feed, accommodate and defend. E.g.: I am totally unhappy in my relationship but I fear being alone even more – so I stay for the thought of being alone is something I want to avoid at all cost! Now all of a sudden being unhappy isn’t that bad any more!  

Yet right now is the time to CHOOSE a different experience that you DO want and oh so deserve.  It is not about survival and reaction mode any more and just ticking off the days. It is about consciously deciding on your reality irrespective of the outer circumstances. You imprinting YOUR frequency onto the world instead of absorbing the frequency of the outside world in response mode.

We are way too aware of what we don’t want, which constantly puts us in avoidance mode – there is no space for growth in that, in any way or form, plus it is utterly exhausting.  Avoidance forces us to pay more attention to the outside world than our inside world. We are constantly on high alert and in activated fight/flight/freeze state and, with that, also flood our physical system with all the draining chemicals – we feel exhausted, sick, stuck, more irritable, complain more, create states of separation… we exist in lower energies.

It is now time to get out of reaction mode and back into action mode.

Now is the time to dream, create, manifest with purpose, intent and most of all action. YIP – the universe always applauds action.

“As long as you hold certain desires of how it ought to be, you can’t see how it is. Ram Dass

And how is it?  NEUTRAL! Everything is neutral until we attach something to it.

The whole “should have”, “but it is not fair” etc is not helping anything and keeps you locked into the past – start replacing it with “But now I CHOOSE…”,  “I will…”, “I am…” and make darn sure what comes after these words includes what you want to CREATE (not avoid).  The moment you make a conscious choice – you are putting the power back into your hands.  As long as you are in reaction mode – you let the world dictate how you experience this journey of yours. 

So which one is it going to be?  Reaction and low energies or conscious choice and higher energies? It takes the same amount of work but the outcome is VERY different.

Now it’s time to claim what has always been yours – happiness, joy, connectedness, laughter, love, expansion, growth.  It is undoubtedly your birthright and nothing that you need to earn or prove first to get. You were born that way (if you are not sure about it – discuss it with a toddler ). Time to own it, celebrate it and expand it and, most of all, have some fun with this journey called life.

But where and how do we get it?  Well the claims department is on the inside – not the outside.  Start spending more time there, dust of the shelves, have some fun with yourself, cut yourself some slack,  treat yourself like the most important human being on earth – because you ARE ! Celebrate yourself, make yourself your biggest love story, lead your own parade and throw confetti like it is running out of fashion!!!   

Or as Ram Dass says: “Treat everyone you meet like god in drag”   and, yeah, that would be YOU to start with. 

Look into the mirror every morning and tell yourself: “Good morning you incredibly amazing and magnificent being – how will we be shining today?” 

Now off you go and invest generously and with wild abundance in all you TRULY are and the experience you DO want. 

It is time to emerge – time to rise, time to shine! And that’s not because of the times we are going through but rather DESPITE and IRRESPECTIVE of it. 

And remember: we are all god in drag – if we recognise it or not.  So dress it up – or dress it down – YOU are IT!! Nothing wrong with throwing a feather boa on to remind you of exactly that! 

So embrace it and truly go on the conscious ride of your lifetime filled with YOUR experiences and creations. Time to lead your own parade and let it be an epic one!

Heike Sym

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Healer, Numerologist, and Radio Relationship Expert & Psychic Life guide and telepathic mental medium, Heike’s calling lies in working with souls who have crossed over to the other side and, for the most part, are at peace. If you have questions about a relationship, a loved one who has crossed over or simply questions about navigating this journey of life.

For private sessions please email Heike directly: [email protected]