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And at the end of the day, in this world of chaos and turmoil, we find our salvation, peace, sanctuary, sanity, balance, belonging through true connectedness with self, others and the universe. Or do we?

In times when fear, distrust, despair, worry, depression, anxiety, war, catastrophes are thrown at us from all angles it is sometimes incredibly hard to see, feel and absorb anything else but those low frequencies. We then have the tendency to get into fight/flight mode, which disconnects even more. Yet the greatest acts of humanity, togetherness, community spirit, Ubuntu, reaching out, standing together come out of exactly those spaces and places. Connection in the midst of disconnection. Love, empathy, hope, kindness in the centre of destruction, hate, devastation.

The connection was always there, irrespective of how much we acknowledged it or invested in it, yet sometimes being pushed beyond our perceived capacity and having to face and display our vulnerabilities is exactly what it takes to reactivate the power of AUTHENTIC connection.

Allowing vulnerability and meeting others in a state of vulnerability will allow true connectivity and strength.

As Brené Brown puts it: “Vulnerability is not weakness. It is our most accurate measure of courage.”

Vulnerability is the foundation on which to build trust, connectedness, intimacy and a feeling of safety with self and others. “Vulnerability is having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.”

And, if anything, that’s what we have been called up to do – over and over again. Sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstances – yet the call was the same.

The last few years have worn us down but also helped us grow in ways we could not even start to imagine. As individuals, as a community and a human race.

We also learned the only place to put our trust to survive and thrive – is in OURSELVES and our tribe/community. Everything outside of ourselves cannot be the only source of safety and security – historically it has the tendency to fall and rise in regular intervals. Yet the only thing that remained constant is the human spirit, which, every single time, got up, showed up, reached out, rebuilt, recovered, and overcame without fail. Resilience and strength are forged out of challenging and difficult times. Vulnerability is where authenticity and humanity can find their strongest roots.

We are all connected in so many ways – and it is time to be louder, closer, more active, more verbal, more demonstrative, more together, to rebuild, renew and rejuvenate with love, courage, support, solidarity, understanding, togetherness, laughter, joy, upliftment, tenderness, care, peace, tranquillity, empathy, soul depth and lots and lots of kindness.

The connectedness to our true self allows us to have a voice and not simply be an echo of the world around us.

But, most of all, don’t ever forget that at the centre of it all is YOU – always has been and always will be. Where we are often oh so generous in seeing other people’s worth and pour all we are into them with great abundance, yet we are ALL divine soul energy in motion, including ourselves, there is no separation. We are all divinity in human form – we just have the tendency to see ourselves through our ‘not enough’ filter and others through our ‘worthy’ filter. Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We have always been part of the universe as much as the universe has been part of us. It has always and will always be this way; it is not possible in any other way or form.

We are made – and are part – of the purest universal energy – LOVE!

One of my most favourite Mantras is “SO Hum”, which derives from Sanskrit meaning: “I Am That.” “That” in the mantra represents the Universe and with that the mantra symbolises the fact that we are all connected to the universal energy that is constantly supporting and nourishing us in the ways we need and desire. It falls into the same concept as oneness, connectedness or “I am one with the Universe and all of creation.” We come from love, are made of love and ARE love.

Every single one of us being one with the Universe and, with that, constantly supported, offers feelings of safety, protection and unconditional support.

So when you are having a hard time – punch a pillow, scream, cry, eat a tub of ice cream, do what you need to do but never ever forget what you are made of. And when you are done, get up – show up and dare to be vulnerable even though you might not know the outcome.

It takes courage to show up in the world we are currently living in and sprinkle love, kindness and understanding like confetti despite what the world is presenting to us – for THAT’S what you are made of and THAT’S your natural state of being: LOVE !

Shower it upon YOURSELF and others with wild abundance. But also give yourself permission to step away from everything that is NOT from love – you do not owe that kind of exposure to anyone or anything.

Love is about connection – connect. Connect. Connect.

Heike Sym

Heike Sym

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