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And before we know we are halfway through another year…

The world is still upside down, restrictions are coming and going and we watch the world with bated breath in order to know what we are allowed to do next. Or do we? Should we? Where are we?
Or simply: ARE WE?

Are we living? Are we laughing? Are we dreaming? Are we creating? Are we growing? Are we creating our pace, peace, balance, happiness, actions, joy and, with that, our reality?

Are we in action mode or re-action mode?

Oh, all these questions – and it all comes down to one thing: Are we living in the right here, right now or are we ahead of time or living in the past? 

The choice is ours but our experiences will be fundamentally different depending which choice we made.

And, yes, the world will always be up to one thing or the other, but your experience within all of that is totally up to you. Everything is neutral until you attach something to it.  And then there is still the universal law of attraction: What you concentrate on, you get more of.

So do we like how we live life, experience life, approach life? Are WE determining how we feel emotionally, physically and spiritually or are we reacting to what the world is throwing us?

That’s the thing with big events that are out of our control, we cannot change the event but we certainly can consciously decide how we experience it.  The world has taught us to be on standby and – depending on what the world is telling us – we react, adapt and respond.  Yet the problem with that is, the outside world is now determining how we feel according to the information we are being fed. That’s back to front, it is impossible to establish equilibrium when we look at the outside in order to establish how we process on the inside. That puts our power solely in the hands of everyone else but ourselves. That’s not just unsafe and unpredictable, but most of all, we feel helpless and overwhelmed when it comes to everyday decisions and particularly our emotional and physical state.

It is time to switch from reaction mode to action mode. We need to turn this whole thing around and start listening to our inner voice (the outer one always screams louder but it aint ours). Your energy, which is your ultimate power and most valuable currency, has to be yours and it has to flow inside out so you can stand in your power and determine the life and experience you choose to have, irrespective of any occurrences around you.  

We need to listen to our body and soul consciously in order to get the true guidance we always held due to us, being source energy in a physical body. When we feel exhausted, tired, low on energy, have digestive issues, sleeping irregularities, back pain, neck/shoulder stiffness… They are all indicators that we are not aligned, grounded and in balance.

Time to live again. Time to love again (most of all ourselves).  Time to invite joy back into our lives. Time to laugh, time to dream (the bigger the better). Time to smile. Time to be kind (to yourself and others). Time to be a freaking ray of sunshine in a world that that doesn’t dare to shine any more.

Energy is contagious and right now the world runs on fear, despair, grief, lies, anger, frustration, anxiety…  let’s put down the weapons in trying to fight that. Fighting anything just gives you more of what you don’t want. 

Time to choose consciously every single day, every single moment to bring to the world what we want it to be.  Because concentrating on what we do want will create more of it and slowly but surely flush out the opposite.

Right now we need to love louder, live louder and spread light and joy like a rainbow unicorn pooping confetti.

And, yes, you will rattle cages, for fear creates a comfort zone and that’s OK, throw some extra smiles with a handful of glitter at them.

Imprint your energy on the world by BEING all that simply because you decided to do so.  And then watch how your life experience changes. We are just that powerful yet we are looking for it in all the wrong places. It is on the inside and what we create there is what we bring to this world in every way or form.

Energy is an inside out motion. YOU imprint on the world, that’s the only way you can create balance for yourself (mind, body and soul) and maintain that.

Flood yourself with what you DO want and disconnect from what you don’t want.

Energy can only ever do two things – it either feeds you or depletes you.

And the equation is quite simple: Have more of what feeds you and less of what depletes you.  And that’s totally in our hands to determine. 

Don’t be oblivious to what’s going on in the world – but do not live there either.

What we concentrate on and how we feed, allow or co-create is a habit, so if you are totally happy with your life right now, keep going.  If you want to tweak it – no problem either. You created the first set of habits – you can create the next one.

Here are some tools that might help:

  1. Choose a song that depicts how you want to experience life and reminds you where you are going. Set this song as your ringtone, alarm clock… with that, the first thing in the morning will be you hearing and aligning yourself with what you WANT and not just going with whatever the day will throw at you
  2. Get the colours out. When we feel stressed, overwhelmed, fearful – the colours disappear. Right now, red and yellow especially will be helping you to activate the chakras you need to stand in your power. Scatter cushions, clothes, hair… go for it!
  3. Watch your language (no I don’t mean swearing – nothing wrong with sentence enhancers when used accordingly – but watch your inner self-talk and, most of all, start making statements with “I am …” or “It is..” for that creates your reality. No more grey area language (all the maybe, one day, hopefully, I try…).
  4. Stay away from too much doomsday energy (news, social media, constantly negative people). Block, delete, don’t answer the phone… do what it takes and be generous with it.
  5. Consciously create more fun, joy, lightness, laughter. LIVE! Fill yourself with all the good stuff so it flows over and into the world and its way more fun and much healthier (it actually strengthens the immune system).
  6. Start creating a vision and allow yourself to dream Big again. Really BIG!
  7. Cut yourself some slack; you are not here to be perfect, you are here to live this human experience to its fullest. 

Life is not a punishment system, that’s why we need to live it inside out and with full and utter abundance, joy, laughter, wild abandon and shine our lights as brightly as we can.

Why? Because it is our birthright.  Because we can. And because we consciously choose to do so. Oh, and please don’t forget to breathe – it is rather helpful too!

Heike Sym

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Healer, Numerologist, and Radio Relationship Expert & Psychic Life guide and telepathic mental medium, Heike’s calling lies in working with souls who have crossed over to the other side and, for the most part, are at peace. If you have questions about a relationship, a loved one who has crossed over or simply questions about navigating this journey of life.

For private sessions please email Heike directly: [email protected]