Earth Custodian: A Stargate Activates 2-2-2022

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Adam’s Calendar, known as ‘Inzalo y’Langa’ (the Birthplace of the Sun, is the world’s oldest man-made megalithic Sun Calendar. Situated high up on an escarpment in Mpumalanga in the north-eastern region of South Africa, it lies on the Nilotic meridian, 31 degrees east, connecting it to Great Zimbabwe and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

There are estimated to be in excess of 20 000 stone circle ruins throughout Southern Africa; Adam’s Calendar is the epicentre of these ancient sites and is connected to the Anunnaki, gods who came here to mine the gold under the leadership of Enki, over 200 000 years ago.

Baba Credo Mutwa, the revered Zulu shaman, was initiated here in 1937 and it has been used by isiZulu shaman and Wisdom Keepers for rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Zulu ceremonies are still held at this site, as it’s believed that the two main calendar stones can receive energy from other ancient sites around the world.

In late January I was invited to join a group who were planning to visit the Stargate at Adams Calendar on February 2. A week before the activation I started feeling a very strong pull to make my travel plans and get moving. Arrangements, were made for us to meet-up with others at Adams Calendar early on the morning of Wednesday, 2.2.2022, the day of the opening to the Portal of Consciousness known as the Aquarius Gate, marking our entry into a New Earth and a new way of life.

Three or four days before the activation I began to develop an intense headache – very unusual for me ever to get headaches. It built up in intensity and, on the morning of February 2, it was almost blinding as we headed off to Adam’s Calendar in Angela’s trusty Land Rover at dawn.

It was a beautiful 90-minute drive through the bush on dusty roads, passing several pyramids looming out of the sunrise. We arrived at Kaapsehoop ahead of the rest of our group. Soon we were travelling in convoy up the escarpment to park and hike through the mist to the Calendar. As we approached the Portal I began to feel slightly nauseous and the headache was intense. Meditating while sitting on one of the rocks, connecting into the Guardians of the land, suddenly I became aware of many Beings gathering.

The mist was clearing and the African sun blazed onto the scene. I was guided towards a ‘sinkhole’ where a cluster of standing stones had caved in and was ‘told’ that a stone had been removed from this place. I immediately ‘knew’ it was the menhir which had been moved several kilometres away for no logical reason. It looks remarkably like a Stone Man. Visualising this stone, I projected it back into the circle of stones, suddenly a great Golden Portal opened up under our feet and below the ‘sinkhole’ an enormous skeleton was drawn up and out, (Anunnaki?). Smaller Beings followed (Enkiki?). Lots of debris, snakes, small creatures, artefacts were projected up into the vortex and moved off the planet.

Archangel Michael showed me a black box about 10 metres under the ground. The Golden Vortex of Light highlighted it, Mighty Hercules swooped in and snatched it up under his arm and flew up into the sky, the box had a trail of roots, tendrils, cords, ropes etc. that ripped out of the earth as they were pulled upwards.

The Golden Vortex of Light spun faster and narrowed as it followed Hercules up and out of sight. All was quiet as the Company of Heaven swirled around and moved off in the same direction, clearing up as they went. Their graceful efficiency was as if choreographed, speedy and efficient.

During the activation my tummy became bloated and grumbled, making a lot of noise, causing a lot of gas and belching as I experienced the energy come up from the Vortex under my feet, through my body and up out through my Crown chakra. Within half an hour the headache had completely gone and I was feeling fine again. Everything had been sucked up through and out of me as the energy moved into the Golden Light Vortex.

Humanity owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Company of Heaven, Mighty Hercules, Archangel Michael, Ascended Beings, Dragons and Golden Winged Lions, for their constant and dedicated service to humanity.

Diana is a practitioner of energy medicine and a spiritual and vibrational energy teacher.

Her practice is based in Cape Town, South Africa, where she offers tours to sacred sites in and around Southern Africa. She offers healings and readings to clients around the world. Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites. Diana represents the HiddenMind and Bio Energy Institute, Europe.

Adam’s Calendar is aligned to cardinal points – north, south, east and west. There are stones that line up with the equinoxes and solstices. Three stones, align with the sunrise. Johan Heine, the man who originally discovered Adams Calendar in 2003, soon realised that this must be a calendar and possibility one of the oldest in the world – hence the name, Adam’s Calendar.

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Diana Collins Smith

Diana Collins Smith

Earth Custodian

Diana is a practitioner of energy medicine, kinesiology, a psychic channel, a sound healer and a spiritual and vibrational energy teacher. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she offers treatments, readings, entity clearings, healing retreats, courses and workshops in person and online to clients around Africa and the world. She has trained extensively throughout the world. A Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites.

Diana represents the HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute Europe and Living Threads Australia [email protected]