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Our Earth Healing trip to Zimbabwe began a year earlier when I was told by the Crystal Dragon that I needed to go home to find and heal trauma from within the grids and ley lines of the Earth. This work was needed to free Ma Africa from the hold that had been binding her from fully awakening.  My alchemist/geomancer friend, Charl and I spent many hours poring over maps, Google Earth and dowsing to narrow down the search. In early March, the call was becoming urgent; I was told: “Go now, there’s a window of opportunity coming. Go now.” All that was required to make this happen, arrived in perfect timing – a sure sign we were being divinely guided!  We booked our tickets and it was only after we arrived that we realised that we had synchronistically come in the heart of the sacred Mayan calendar called the Tzolkin. This Wavespell starts in the middle of the 20 Core day cycle – it is the centre taking us straight back to our HEART.  April 14 – May 3, 2021. As I stood in the boarding queue at Cape Town airport, I was overcome by emotion and tears of great love and celebration that the Beloved Company of Heaven brought, as my heart opened to the sheer joy of ‘Going Home to do this sacred work’.  We were met on arrival by our wonderful friend and hostess, Mary, who made us very welcome and comfortable throughout our stay at her beautiful home in Harare.

Harare lies on the Nilotic meridian and is an incredibly special place. The Light in Harare is particularly enticing as are the powerful Earth Energies. We met the most incredibly Awake & Aware people in Harare during the first four days doing workshops, readings and treatments. Our long-anticipated road trip began early on Monday 19 April. We headed out to Inyanga by road in our comfortable 4×4 vehicle, turning off the main road near Rusape to visit a rock art site called Diana’s Vow. The painting was on the underside of an enormous rock with an overhang. An enormous being was lying down in the picture with an erection. He had a box or battery pack on his back. A smaller (still large) being was below this and slightly to the right. Both of these beings looked like aliens (Anunnaki). Various depictions of small humans were scattered around. 

Great Zimbabwe Western Doorway

As I sat under the rocky overhang and went into meditation, the Acturian Council of 12 appeared above and around me. The sphere was bright orange and a column of clear light came up out of the ground beneath me, up through my central channel and out through my crown. A member of the Acturian Council said: “We take possession of this site now. All reptilians to leave.” The orange light grew brighter and I was aware of the golden lions and many dragons circling overhead. As I walked back to the car, I glanced at the time; it was 12 noon. There were four dragons and a phoenix in the clouds as we left.
Our next stop was Ziwa Ruins which are close to Inyanga Village. Ziwa is a series of stone circles with pit structures. These pits only occur in the Rusape/Inyanga area. We moved up the hill to what looked like a slightly larger stone circle. Little rock walls ran up and around the stone circles. The stone circles and walls are too short to have been places of shelter or dwellings. They may have been some way to generate energy – perhaps using sound frequencies? There must have been a large community living there when they built it, as the sheer amount of rock that was moved in order to build the walls must have been a massive undertaking. Ziwa felt neutral, nothing remarkable energetically.

We overnighted in a lovely stone cottage in the Nyanga Mountains. Paula got a huge log fire lit in the fireplace of the lounge and after dinner we sat at the fire discussing our adventures of the day. The next morning, we left early, heading to the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel, which used to be Cecil John Rhodes’ House in Nyanga. When we arrived, a light rain was falling. The lawns and gardens at the front of the hotel were lovely and had a beautiful view across the valley and the mountains beyond. The old house/converted hotel has a wide veranda along the front which had been glassed in.  From the moment we stepped onto this property I sensed a very pernicious energy. And the longer I walked around exploring the more nauseous I began to feel. The energy was extremely high, and I was overcome by nausea, pain in my knees, difficulty breathing. Paula and I stood on the front lawn of the hotel facing into the main entrance and began calling in the Company of Heaven, legions of angels, dragons, golden winged lions and the ascended hosts joined us. I saw a troll-like being – very large, who appeared to be the guardian of this site. He was standing on the lawn to my right, in front of the entrance to the hotel. Several angels swooped in and took him away. I saw Cecil John Rhodes’ body, wrapped in a shroud, being taken away and thousands of reptilians were removed too. Charl joined us just as a portal opened beneath our feet and souls came out, more reptilians and others. Bright orange light turned to clear whitish light and I asked for it to be taken into the tunnels below Zimbabwe, southern Africa and the world. Thousands of souls poured out, emptied the tunnels and were taken up into the cosmos by the beloveds. Merlin appeared, in his robes with his staff and a long beard. I asked him to continue the work and not leave until it was done. Fire dragons came in and started breathing fire all over the property and into the portal and tunnels. Cleaning up. Right at the end of this activation I saw a mountain that looked like a volcano, Mt Nyanga, spewing out white light. I was told: “It is done.” Our next port of call was the Hondi Valley and the massive standing stones called Masimiki.

Great Zimbabe Towers

We went in search of Masimiki and, soon after entering the Hondi Valley, we saw the enormous standing stones on top of the mountain across the valley.  They lie near the Zongoro River. We took the Aberfoyle Road from Juliasdale.
As we got closer to Masimiki we turned off the main tar road onto a dirt road, which we hoped would take us closer to the standing stones, but soon we got to the end of the road. We stopped next to a beautiful smallholding with lots of banana, granadilla, citrus and other lush trees and shrubs growing up the side of the mountain.  Out of the garden, a wonderful ‘Rasta’ man come forward and introduced himself as Jimmy. He was able to tell us more about Masimiki and promised to take us on a hike up to Masimiki on our next visit. Our overnight stop in Chimanimani was still a long distance away, so we had to move on. We arrived in Chimanimani Village after dark and found our way to our accommodation. Our host, Jose, gave us a warm welcome and showed us to our lovely house, built on three levels on the side of the mountain. A fire was lit in the fireplace in the lounge and we settled into the snug living area to enjoy dinner and to reminisce over the day’s adventures.  As arranged, Jose came to see us at 8am the next morning, bringing maps and tourist information of the area. Jose pointed out several mountain peaks and told us that you could see the sea on a clear day! We travelled up to Pork Pie, which is one of the highest mountain peaks in the area. Managing to drive up quite a way over steep, potholed, rocky roads to the final turn-off to the peak, where we left the car in favour of walking the rest of the way.  At a cairn Charl found in the centre of the peak, we did a ceremony, paying our respects to the guardian and spirits of the mountains. Above the cairn I saw three crystal pyramids – a large, medium and small – and then, just before I was about to return to my normal state of consciousness, I saw a fourth appear behind the others. There were many layers in Chimanimani.

Morgenster Mission Station

We got an early start the next morning, leaving Chimanimani and heading for Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Arriving at our accommodation at Lake Kyle in the early afternoon, we checked into our lovely hotel and then headed off to the Zimbabwe Ruins which were only about 10 minutes away. After visiting the Acropolis, curio shop and the museum, we went for a walk into the central enclosure on the ground level, in the valley below the Acropolis. We wandered around the walls and looked at all the various openings etc.  We landed up in the centre and gravitated towards the Conical Tower. Sitting down on the roots of a tree that faces the Conical Tower for a rest, I quickly drifted off into a meditative state. I felt myself leaving my body and starting to astral travel. Zimbabwe Ruins felt like a portal for astral travel, perhaps time travel too. Charl discovered that the high walls of the central enclosure warp and feel as if they are timelines caving in upon themselves. Before heading back to Harare the next morning, we drove around past the entrance to Great Zimbabwe Ruins and about 5km up the road we turned towards the Morgenster Mission. As the road climbed up the mountainside, we caught glimpses of what looked like the Zimbabwe Bird on top of a rock formation, right at the top of the peak. As we got closer, we approached it from a corner and got a rear view.  This looked like an enormous egg with a reptile birthing out of it – a dragon perhaps?   Going back down the road again, we stopped at various positions to look back.  At one stage it looked like a pharaoh’s head with full headdress complete with the cobra at the top of the head.  At other angles it looked like an elephant’s head with the trunk coming down the centre.  And at another angle it could have been a feline figure (lion) draped over the rocks – A sphinx perhaps? Or a seal.  Perhaps it was whatever you wanted it to be? This message came through Paula: “All you have to do to reprogram your DNA is to say aloud what you want.” A few days later Charl and I flew to Bulawayo. We were met by Barbara Coughlan, our lovely host and owner of the beautiful Still Haven Sanctuary. She has truly created a piece of Heaven here. The day after our arrival, Barbs arranged a healer by the name of Loredana to be our guide for the day and she took us out to visit Khami Ruins, just outside Bulawayo, where I found a portal near the Kings Chamber where hundreds of souls were released from a pit deep within the ground. These ruins felt different to anywhere else we had visited – much older and from another, more ancient, primitive culture. We then went on to visit Matopos, where we were keen to visit Rhodes’ Grave and the War Memorial. Up on top of the memorial, I went into meditation and asked the beloveds to clear any remaining residue that might be causing the restriction of the land and people who live upon it.  We then did a small ceremony, sending love and gratitude into the whole area. It felt calm and peaceful and empty. It was done! Big black rain clouds gathered and we just managed to reach the car before the heavens opened and heavy rain, thunder and lightning accompanied us back to Bulawayo. In Africa, rain is considered a blessing!

Images: Charl Pienaar

Diana Collins Smith

Diana is a practitioner of energy medicine, kinesiology, a psychic channel, a sound healer and a spiritual and vibrational energy teacher.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she offers treatments, readings, entity clearings, healing retreats, courses and workshops in person and online to clients around Africa and the world.  She has trained extensively throughout the world. A Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites. Diana represents the HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute Europe and Living Threads Australia www.dianacollinssmith.com