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Ancient Modern-Day Healing Tools

Something splendiferous happens when you are in Nature, you become calm, your thoughts start to slow down. Things that had worried you in the material world no longer seem so important. Mother Nature takes your negative energies and transmutes them.
Our ancient ancestors understood these things and lived in harmony with nature. However, in the last 200 years, we have moved out of symbiosis with nature and our culture, relationships, health and wellbeing have deteriorated. By restoring the natural function of the body’s energy fields we can consciously raise the awareness of the importance of our energetic wellbeing.

What is influencing our thoughts and emotions in this modern world?

A barrage of electronic media hits us every morning as soon as we switch on our mobile phones, the TV or radio. Many of us urban dwellers live in a ‘pea soup’ of digital noise. Wi-fi networks, 5G, fibre, cellphone towers, electrical power lines, electrical wiring in our homes and even natural occurrences like fault lines in the earth and underground water, deep below our feet, creating harmful radiation within our environment.
Geopathic stress and areas of high energy, often created by
vortexes coming up from out of the earth or the intersection of ley lines, can create stresses which result in disease in our bodies (e.g. living in a house built directly under power lines can be detrimental to our health).
Anyone who spends a lot of time with animals, either domesticated or wild, will have observed that they instinctively find areas of high energy and will often congregate in these places where positive ions are generated. Here they absorb the naturally occurring positive energies for their health and vitality. I observed this often when I was a farmer; the cows had their special places to which they would gravitate to relax and revitalise themselves.
Our ancient ancestors were aware of these energy lines within the earth and they often built their churches and places of worship over these energy
vortexes. The veil separating us from the spirit realms is less dense in these places, so they are more conducive to communication with God, Angels and Higher Beings. Some examples of high energy sites are: Stonehenge, Adams Calendar, Glastonbury and Chartres Cathedral. In Southern Africa examples of ancient sacred sites are: Cathedral Rock, Zimbabwe Ruins, Cave of Ascension, The Eye of Kuruman, Table Mountain and Paarl Rock.
Less than 30 years ago we were gifted energy tools in the form of tensor rings, generators and Heddeka that transform EMF radiation, 5G, wi-fi, computer devices and electrical installations into tensor fields which are beneficial to all life. Tensor technology was re-discovered by Slim Sterling in 1991 in the USA. These tensor tools are now being lovingly handcrafted in South Africa.


Tensor rings – are made from the precious metal copper. Copper wire is folded and twisted, then cut into sacred geometrical lengths. Tensor rings are powerful room-temperature superconductors and piezoelectric antennae.

Benefits of tensor rings

  • Transforms EMF radiation – 5G, wi-fi, TV, microwaves, laptops, tablets, computers and electrical installations etc. into beneficial energy;
  • Restores water’s original life-supporting blueprint – clears water’s memory, creates coherence in molecular structures;
  • Repairs and optimises DNA, reduces pain and inflammation and accelerates healing;
  • Amplifies the earth’s resonance (highest paramagnetic value tested) and subtle energy by several hundred times.

Heddeka tools – Heddeka, triskelion or spiral of life, represents balance, harmony and continuous motion (the flow of life and earth in her seasons and cycles). The Heddeka symbol is found on many ancient carvings and humans have been aware of this elemental symbol for at least 5 000 years. The Heddeka tools are made from plain or twisted copper wire, cut into sacred geometrical lengths and then formed.

Benefits of Heddeka tools

  • Clears water memory, improves water quality and taste – connects us even more with the consciousness of water;
  • Water will increase in its vibration when in the vicinity of the Heddeka symbol;
  • Neutralises harmful chemical and mechanical energy – introduced through water storage, treatments and distribution
  • Transforms drinking water, rainwater, tap water, irrigation water, mains water, (bath/basin taps and shower heads);
  • Beneficial to place a Heddeka pendant into your pantry cupboard to transform foodstuffs, supplements etc.;
  • Indoor plants and gardens will benefit from having the Heddeka symbol in their vicinity;
  • Place a Heddeka pendant on pets’ collars, water and food bowls and bedding;
  • Children would benefit from wearing a Heddeka pendant or attaching it to their clothing

Generators – Made with four or six interlaced tensor rings, creating a massive spherical field of subtle energy and light, approximately 4km – 9km in diameter and transforming energy to benefit all life on earth within the generator’s quantum field.

Benefits of generators

  • Further amplifying and augmenting all properties of the tensor rings due to their sacred geometric formation;
  • Transforms energy created by geopathic stress, pollution, power lines, communication towers, water lines, water, groundwater, electronic devices, 5G and wi-fi etc.

 With these ancient healing tools such as tensor technology we are now able to move confidently into the new epoch knowing that we have powerful instruments to dissipate any fear or negativity around modern technologies, enabling us to create ideal outcomes for the New Earth.

See my YouTube Channel – Diana Collins Smith for more in-depth information on this technology.

Diana Collins Smith

Diana is a practitioner of energy medicine, kinesiology, a psychic channel, a sound healer and a spiritual and vibrational energy teacher.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she offers treatments, readings, entity clearings, healing retreats, courses and workshops in person and online to clients around Africa and the world.  She has trained extensively throughout the world. A Zimbabwean by birth, she has a powerful affinity to natural Africa and its sacred sites. Diana represents the HiddenMind & Bio Energy Institute Europe and Living Threads Australia www.dianacollinssmith.com