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Eating for transformation

by | Digitorials, Print Articles, Summer 2023

from a dense version to a version containing much more light and at a much higher frequency. As humans, we are manifestations of this planet. We have her earth in our cells, her water in our blood, her air in our lungs and her fire in our belly. We are her nervous system. It really is up to us if we want to leave our dense body-suit behind or move on with a
lighter one with her.

At Anouthen Infinite Wellness, we are a family of healers, each one of us is healing ourselves, learning to eat to shed that which is not us. Our highly intelligent body is geared to transmute, we simply need to get rid of that which is not us. Accumulated interstitial waste, the ash of food not meant for us, parasites, heavy metals and isolated minerals have much
lower frequencies than our cells; it is a grand necessity to rid ourselves of it to maintain a higher frequency.

There are many ways to support this transformation, from prayer and meditation to crystals, to sound and frequency healing. Then there is the very tangible way of supporting our cells to heal, thereby enabling them to channel more life force, thereby allowing our awareness to rise and our emotional and mental bodies to heal across generations and lifetimes. The secret of these times is the ability to transmute our electromagnetic, bio-chemical body suit as our planet is doing the same. Very exciting to know we can do so much to support the process.

If you need some guidance or simply a healing family of support, join us on one of the programmes next year that resonates with you.

Launching our brand new one-year lifestyle detox

This one is designed for those wanting to implement permanent lifestyle changes, those who want to leave the karmic world of killing animals for sustenance behind, those who want to stop the damage they bring to their body via addictions, stimulants and complex food. Every
month we spend 10 Days together, every month we focus on an organ of our body, a substance and its influence on our body, an external factor bringing damage to be eliminated or managed better, emotional/mental release and healing and so much more. You have the rest of that month to implement what you have learnt, then we connect again in the new month with another round.

Our trusty 28-day in-depth body detox and workshop

This is great introduction to the concept of eating to heal. How to understand the language of your body and how to support yourself as you move through your own healing. A self-empowering, information-dense online workshop.

One of our two six-month detoxes, to dive deep

These are our journeys together, where we check in with each other regularly, where we move from one focused area of healing to the next, allowing for deep cellular regeneration to take place, never to be the same again, always integrating changes and sculpting a better version of ourselves, one cell at a time.

Heleen Elizabeth is your detox specialist and coach, with a passion for empowering you to become your true self.