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One of the little known factors about hypnosis is that it is very effective in changing a negative behaviour and creating a more positive behavioural outcome.

To change the operational capabilities of a computer, one can only do this through changing the programme. Our behavioural programming is in our subconscious mind; this can be programmed in at a young age and last throughout life or be caused through different events and circumstance in life at various times of our life.

Behavioural habits programmed in, such as smoking, can be broken down and removed through hypnosis. It has proved to be a successful tool in smoke cessation therapy and has become recognised internationally.

Habits such as nail biting, grinding of teeth (Bruxism) can be changed. A strong contender is living an unhealthy lifestyle around food, drink and exercise. Hypnosis has been known to be very effective in creating a more healthy behaviour in both adults and children. The difference in strategy can be highlighted by weight loss. People go on diet and lose the required weight but, once they achieve that, they go back to their old ways and put weight back on. With hypnosis we attempt to insert a new behaviour around food, water and exercise that becomes a normal part of life.

We also work in the sporting world. For example, a professional golfer who plays well but, if a large crowd gathers around the green, is distracted and regularly misses important putts, this is then processed and becomes a behavioural anxiety. We have had a high success rate in breaking this down and creating a more positive behaviour in this area. These types of anxiety behaviours exist in most sports and affect performance.

Behavioural change can also be brought about in areas such as a fear of public speaking, lack of self-confidence, exam anxiety and events that trigger panic attacks. The list goes on; if you have developed a negative behaviour, hypnosis is a possible tool to assist you. This process does not work for everyone; it is not a miracle cure or quick fix but our research (conducted by J Dutton of SAMHA over 20 years) shows a high success rate in those who have a belief in the process and are willing to work with the practitioner.

The processes used are natural and safe and work in conjunction with other modalities.

All practitioners work under a strict ethical code of conduct and are highly trained in this field.

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