EFT TAPPING with REIKI, a formidable combination.

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Darkness to Light: My Journey to Overcoming Depression in Just One Week

Depression can be a debilitating condition, particularly when compounded by rejection and misunderstanding from those you hold in high esteem. This was my reality. Misunderstood and falsely judged by people I considered family, I plunged into a dark abyss.

Initially, I was in denial about my condition. However, the signs were undeniable: Profound sadness, excessive sleeping, suicidal thoughts, crying over trivial matters and neglecting my children and responsibilities. My lowest point came when my husband left for an overseas work trip and I cried as though he were leaving me forever. Concerned, he suggested I seek professional help as my reaction was very unusually intense.

When I visited a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with depression. The recommended treatment was a three-week stay in a mental clinic. However, during the consultation, I intuitively noticed an ominous dark cloud over the psychiatrist’s head as she spoke to me, trying to promote the mental hospital treatment. Instinctively, I felt she did not have my best interests at heart. This realisation made me question the path I was about to take.

Returning home, I prayed earnestly, asking the Lord for guidance on overcoming this crippling condition. In my deepest despair, I received a clear response: “I gave you all the tools”. This divine message prompted me to turn to alternative healing techniques I had previously learned but never fully utilised EFT tapping and Reiki.

Over the next several days, I dedicated myself to these practices. Each session of EFT tapping confronted me with the demons I had been avoiding. I released pent-up emotions through intense crying and reframed my negative thoughts. As I delved deeper into these sessions, I stopped blaming myself for the rejection and misunderstanding I had faced.

The transformation was astonishing. As the days progressed, the tears ceased, the heavy burden lifted and a profound sense of lightness and joy returned to my life. Within just five days, I was a different person — playing with my kids, smiling, laughing and filled with positive thoughts. I found myself praying and connecting with God more deeply and, most importantly, I forgave those who had wronged me.The detachment from the trauma was incredible.

This experience taught me invaluable lessons: Depression can be overcome without medication in a very short space of time; never place anyone on a pedestal; always listen to your intuition and appreciate the incredible healing power of EFT tapping and Reiki. Now, 10 years since that diagnosis, I have not only maintained my wellbeing but also helped many others achieve similar miraculous results.

In the end, my prayer was answered and I received an abundance of healing and wisdom, for which I am eternally grateful. This journey from darkness to light has not only transformed my life but has also equipped me to assist others in finding their own paths to healing and joy.

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