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We have some exciting news to share; after the rocky and bumpy road that 2020 brought along, we have given ourselves the ultimate gift for 2021. We have shaken things up a bit, and have altered our brand to truly depict who we are and what we stand for. We at Escentia have always striven to provide you with the ultimate experience in aromatherapy, which we hope to continue enhancing into the future. The year ahead is going to be filled with incredible surprises, new launches and alterations that serve to enhance your experience with nature, one bottle at a time.

For those who are new to the world of essential oils, allow us to introduce you. Essential oils are the aromatic, vibratory powers of nature, carefully captured within a bottle. Just as the name implies, essential oils are the essence or life force of the plant, which is obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Here at Escentia Products we offer one of the largest ranges of essential oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy auxiliaries in Africa. We are your one stop aromatherapy shop. 

We understand that each plant carries its own essence, a unique energy signature, which is transferred to the body, mind, emotions and spirit when one uses them for healing or for one’s general wellbeing. The natural kingdoms and wealth of the earth lie at the heart of what we do and, when combined with our extensive background in chemistry, this ensures that we are at the forefront in both education and quality. We have also specialised in certain areas and can supply interesting and exotic oils such as Naartjie, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Helichrysum, Ravensara, Agarwood, Spikenard and Turmeric Oleoresin. Additionally, many of our oils are supplied by local farmers in an effort to support South Africans.  

As a local South African company, we have always striven to provide top-quality products at affordable prices. We have become well known in the market for this superb quality and reliability. We don’t believe in charging exorbitant rates for fantastic quality oils and, to this end, we have encountered much resistance over the years. However, our experience and expertise has shown that high-end oils don’t need to cost a lot of money. We continuously endeavour to source upper calibre material, which we offer to our clientèle at fair rates. In an effort to empower all self-healers, Escentia presents multiple oil grades, each suited to specific preferences. With regards to oil definitions, each grade must be taken individually and differences to preference may occur between professionals.

Make your own Natural Sunscreen with Essential Oils

Need a sun protection solution that’s 100 per cent natural? Why not make your own sunscreen at home using our wide range of aromatherapy products. All you need is 10 drops of Red Raspberry oil or carrot seed oil, 5 drops of sea buckthorn oil, ½ cup of coconut oil, ½ cup of natural cream base, 2 ml of tamanu oil, 2 tablespoons of zinc oxide and a glass jar.

First combine all the ingredients, except the zinc oxide, in a jar. Place a saucepan with five centimetres of water on the stove over medium/low heat. Place the jar in the saucepan and stir the contents in the jar until the ingredients start to melt. Once all the ingredients are combined, add in the zinc oxide and stir well. Store your sunscreen in a cool, dry place. Please take careful note that one should always wear a mask when working with zinc oxide and be careful not to inhale the powder.