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“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Single and mixed herbal tinctures have been used as powerful tools to support the body’s self-healing and maintain equilibrium for centuries. Single herbal tinctures are crafted by extracting the active compounds of a single herb, while mixed tinctures blend the essence of multiple herbs. The magic of these tinctures lies in their ability to harness the therapeutic properties of nature’s bounty. Each herb carries its unique healing properties and, when combined thoughtfully, they can create synergistic effects that enhance overall wellbeing.

GreenPHARM, founded on a smallholding in the north-east of Pretoria, situated next to Roodeplaat Nature Conservatory and the beautiful Dinokeng Nature Conservatory, has
been dedicated to perfecting the art since 2012.

Founder Eduan Joubert started his journey by studying Health Sciences, a Master’s Certificate in Herbalism with modalities in Iridology and Sclerology, Bio-resonance Feedback, Rife resonance and Kinesiology accredited by the Institute of Natural Health Care. His dream was realised by developing the product and launching the company now known as GreenPHARM South Africa (PTY) LTD, the focus being on manufacturing quality premium tinctures readily available to you to assist the body with self-health and equilibrium.

Most of the herbs used in our tinctures have been used all around the world to create self-healing for the body that seeks equilibrium between the physical, emotional and biochemical parts of the self. Most of our herbs are grown on our farm, on the premise of conscious practices devoid of pesticides and herbicides, while the rest are sourced from across the globe, ensuring excellent quality manufacturing and supply.

In addition to our tinctures, we offer a diverse range of health-enhancing supplements in capsule form. Lions Mane Capsules are designed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, enhance brain function and boost the immune system.

Our product line-up also includes Moringa, Collagen, Saw Palmetto Plus and GlycoCMag, each serving specific purposes such as providing essential nutrients like oxygen, vitamin C,
glyconutrients, and magnesium. Blackseed capsules are included for their anti-inflammatory properties.

For those looking to address male libido and testosterone levels, we offer Testo Plus, while MSM capsules are available to support individuals dealing with osteoarthritis, anti-stress needs, joint pain, and overall gut health. These encapsulated supplements are a convenient and effective way to address a variety of health concerns and optimise wellbeing. We also
manufacture an Angstrom molecule mineral liquid range we have Zinc, Iron, Copper, Super Silver, SilZinCo and Water of Life, as well as CalMag, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Boron.

Visit our official website for any inquiries, to place orders or to explore our extensive product range: at www.greenpharmonline.com

There, you will find a wealth of information about our products, their benefits and how they can support your health and wellbeing. Our website is your one-stop destination to discover the finest herbal products, carefully curated to promote a holistic approach to self-health. We look forward to serving you in your journey to make well-informed choices for your wellness

Step into the world of natural wellness with GreenPHARM’s remarkable herbal products, where the natural power of nature meets the art of healing.

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