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How funny that Feng Shui, the system developed in ancient China to keep emperors in power, has become the tool used by women to empower themselves and their families in South Africa.

Yes, it’s rare that I have a male client. It’s mostly ladies, although recently I did have a lady who was instructed to find “The best Feng Shui Consultant in Cape Town” by her boyfriend, but he is a world traveller and more au fait with worldly things…

The Divine Feminine expresses her wisdom through mothers, young ladies, working women and entrepreneurs, giving them the impulse to google ‘good energy in the home’ or even ‘Feng Shui’ itself if they are a little more enlightened, leading them towards the answers to the questions that play in their heads, while driving in traffic, making school lunches, or brainstorming for business ideas. They don’t know it at the time, but those who have the courage to follow through and book a consultation will have their lives changed by the ancient art of geomancy (the art of placing or arranging buildings auspiciously).

You see, I believe that our prayers are answered, just not in ways that we expect, so often the gift that we’ve longed for is disguised in a financial or emotional challenge and many are just too beaten down to see beyond the challenge, some have been traumatised by dishonesty and fear trusting anyone ever again, which blocks their abundance.
So I see this dance and have always felt instinctively to let my business flow very naturally, I believe those who are ready will act quickly on their inner guidance and those who don’t, have inner mountains to conquer before the outer ones around their homes.

What I’m talking about is Fear (False Expectations Appearing Real) and another fascinating one; Fear of Success. Yes, for real, some people are afraid of the greatness within them! Remember the Marianne Williams quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…”

Now you must be wondering what it is that’s so powerful about Feng Shui? What are people missing out on if they don’t follow through on their instincts to get it done?

Let me summarise a little and inform a lot on this complex subject that confuses everyone!

Ladies, there is an area of your home that represents YOU. What is happening in that sector with regard to clutter, decor, furnishings and colour is affecting your luck and general wellbeing. The same is true for every member of the family.

Health-wise, another set of formulas based on your birth date is used to create an energy map of your home, this map will indicate where your good and bad areas are and give guidelines for best sleeping directions too. So many people worldwide suffer from sleeping problems; bed companies will tell you it’s your mattress! It’s not; the chakra on the top of your head will wriggle you around until it taps into a good energy line, otherwise your sleep will be disturbed and, if your bedroom is not in a good sector for you, your clever soul will keep you away from it by any means; you will not want to go to bed and stay up way too late; children will refuse to go to bed and keep sneaking into your room at night and your health may suffer as the bad energy lowers your immune system.

I saw an elderly lady whose swollen ankles completely healed by changing her sleeping direction. To this day I never hear anyone speak of this, there is very little information about the effects of magnetism on the human body. I think you are hearing sacred secrets right now. Those of you who are healers will know and resonate with this.

Now lastly – and the most unimportant factor – I’m sure you don’t have time to read even more now and everyone knows money doesn’t buy soul happiness, right? But just in case, seeing that it used to be the number one cause for divorce and it seems to be almost the most important thing in all of our lives… OK, let’s talk about how Feng Shui can help with your cash flow.

How would you feel if I told you that in your home is a hidden pot of gold and outside there’s a breeze of abundance energy somewhere on your property, that if you let it in, your luck would be amazing without even trying? Wouldn’t you want to know where it is? Well I sure did and it’s what got me addicted to research and doing consultations and testing if it works. (I know 5000 years of existence should have been enough proof, but what can I say? I had to be sure myself.)

Well it works to an astounding degree, depending on your karma, apparently.

So we were instructed never to tell people that we could make them richer if we did their Feng Shui: “Because sometimes you can do the best Feng Shui possible for a person, but if it is not their destiny to be rich in this lifetime, then they won’t be.” Grand Master Yap Sheng Hai (in broken English).

In my 20 years of doing this I have seen a correlation between the energy of openness of the client, and the abundance that flows to them. Let this be a lesson to all of you.
On the flip side, every building also has bad energy floating around. I’m trained to see exactly where it is and how to suppress it. It’s why no building should be put up without Feng Shui input. You don’t want to build a house with legal disputes energy over your front door, or worse.

Using the correct colours and elements in different sectors brings the wow factor along with a feeling of harmony and peace.
With your building plans, the year the building was built and the dates of birth of everyone who lives in the building, I can work out what is happening with your relationships, money and health. Then I have to figure out how to make things better, if possible. Often clients opt to move when the house or workplace has brought them to the verge of bankruptcy.





Claire Brandon

Claire Brandon is Cape Town’s leading Traditional Feng Shui Consultant. She has been interviewed on many radio stations, in magazines and the leading newspapers, also on Free Spirit on SABC3. She’s been a distance tutor for an Interior Design/Feng Shui course for 10 years. Consultations can be done worldwide. You can learn more on her Facebook page ShanChiFengShui or download a booking form from www.fengshuisa.co.za.