“Be like water making its way through cracks … adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.”

Bruce Lee

Three Painful Life Purpose Questions
and the surprising wisdom of their answers.

How many times have you asked these types of questions, especially in times of stress? Whether out of gut-wrenching fear, heartbreak, disappointment, or light curiosity, these questions are worth spending time with — meditating on and being mindful of — because they can point us to wisdom —the kind of wisdom that liberates and heals.

 Have you ever thanked your intuitive inner voice for its guidance? Well, for 40+ years, I’ve used my intuition to send the buckets of my questions within, to find the waters of wisdom, often during difficult times.
Here are some of my Intuitive Wisdom Dialogues on the topic of ‘Purpose and Finding Direction’ that have guided me through the decades of this little life, offered with love.

 COLLEEN-JOY: “Dear Wisdom, what should I do?
I feel so unsure about what to do during times of stress that I end up doing nothing, or worse, I do something empty, but my actions are not satisfying, plus they don’t work out when I’m in this space.
How do I decide what to do today and what to do with my life? How do I find the right path?”

“Beautiful Soul, asking, ‘What should I do?’ is like a river asking how to flow down the mountain. Out of fear of flowing the ‘wrong way,’ you hold back the river of your life.
When you do this, you feel it because your body is in the river of life. The feeling of closing, heaviness, or contraction tells you when you are inter-fear-ing with life’s flow.
What you mean by the “right way” is “pain-free”. Your mind is trying to help you to avoid pain. This intention is born of love because life is looking after itself, but it is a false promise. The mind seeks a path down the mountain that is free of rocks and cliffs. It wants a guarantee of a future without obstacles or pain. That is not real.
Instead of seeking a “right, obstacle-free way”, see the futility of this belief. Rather trust yourself to meet the obstacles and flow around them.

Trust that the self is equal to all cliffs, rocks and paths.

This understanding is freedom. Not freedom from pain, but it is freedom in knowing that you can stand in the dignity of your being to face all suffering. That your heart, mind and body can open to the truth so that life can meet and flow around all obstacles — with grace.

COLLEEN-JOY: Is that why some days seem to flow, the words come, the actions arrive, but on other days it’s all effort and seems disjointed?

A life aligned to the natural flow is a mighty river that can flow around obstacles. The mind makes it possible for life to be at war with itself or to hold itself back, which means that the river becomes a trickle that struggles to move.
Notice that when words come naturally and actions happen smoothly, the mind is not manipulating the natural flow. Desire and fear give rise to thoughts that manipulate the river of life, dam it up or push it in an unnatural direction.
Fear and desire are not the enemies, only fear is afraid of fear and only desire desires desire.
The self, that which you indeed are, is free of fear and desire. You are enlightening your mind to be free of the push and pull so that that your life can flow naturally.

 COLLEEN-JOY: “How can I find this flow in my day?”

“In every moment there is a natural, intuitive, spontaneous response that is the right response. Not right because of some external moral code or belief, but right because it aligns with life and therefore serves life. Wisdom guides the river of life.
Free your action and thoughts. Align with life’s highest expression by enlightening the mind, heart and being to realise the true self. Teach the heart, mind and being that their home is wholeness, peace, love and joy, which are the self.

Ask, “How does love want to move today?” and tune in to that.

Notice that truth, love, peace and joy feel open in the body, rather than closed.
When action and words arise from a closed feeling, life is out of its flow.
With love and compassion, be open to the closed feeling. Be the open space of love. Don’t identify with the closedness or push against or pull towards instincts; experience them with love.
Take a moment. Be mindful, present and equal. Set an intention to tune in to how truth as love moves and notice that. Honour that. Then every action is natural, timely and therefore on purpose.
By holding back the river of your life, you go against nature. The natural flow of life is to honour its calling to express what it is at the highest.

A tree works and lives to be a tree, a river to be a river, a butterfly to be a butterfly.

The human mind is the filter and lens that has the power to hide or reveal the truth, to darken or enlighten. And so it can do the incredible, impossible thing, it can hold back the river of life.

COLLEEN-JOY: “So what about my life purpose. What is my life purpose?”

Everything in nature has a function, a purpose to serve life. Everything does what it is.

The purpose of an apple tree is to be an apple tree. And apple tree does what it is. The purpose of your life is to free life to its natural purpose. To let your soul be what it is.

 The way to free a soul to be what it is, is to enlighten it.
To enlighten a soul, we give it self-knowledge; we free the mind of the belief of being a separate self. We give the soul the realisation that the true self is the shared self of all the rivers of life, the true self is pure non-dual awareness.
When this is understood, we can change the question of “what is my life purpose?” to “what is life’s purpose?” There is no more ‘me’ to have a life. There is only life flowing as love in service to itself.
Let natural intuitive wisdom guide all action, which will free life to serve life’s purpose.

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