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Finding the ‘P’ Spot

by | May 12, 2022 | Relationships, Winter 2022 | 0 comments

Cliff Dunning, in his book, Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men: Awaken the Prostate for Multiple Orgasm, details how to awaken the prostate, or P-spot, using internal massage, intention and microdosing with medical cannabis in order to experience powerful multiple orgasms. He examines the importance of the prostate as a sex organ, why maintaining its good health is vital for overall wellness and longevity and the role the prostate plays in sexual satisfaction, as well as why men need regular orgasms.

Now that we understand that cannabis and its benefits on human sexuality have been with us down through the ages, let’s put the multiorgasmic man into perspective. Medical science has just scratched the surface in describing the orgasm and its effects on the brain and body. What is coming to light are the profound effects an orgasm has for healing, aligning the mind/brain and connecting with our higher guidance. Also, repeating orgasms may lead to what neuroscience refers to as neuroplasticity, or a rewiring of the brain. When we do something pleasurable and repeat it successfully, we change the brain’s function in a manner that makes it easier to reproduce favourable results, in this case an orgasm.

Perhaps what’s most exciting for men’s sexuality is what I call ‘sexercising’, a short series of techniques that aid in triggering waves of orgasms. Outlined in this book, this method cultivates multiple prostate orgasms into easily reproduced events that, with proper recovery time, can be enjoyed throughout the lifetime of any man in fair to good health. Combining small amounts of cannabis with the light stimulation of a massager trains the brain to recognise the prostate and opens new pathways by rewiring the nervous system. For the vast majority of men, experiencing a single event with multiple orgasms now becomes a regular activity that can be enjoyed one or two times a week.

This game changer propels men to the heights of sexual pleasure that women have enjoyed since the beginning of time. Prostate orgasms represent an evolution in male sexuality and, by experiencing multiorgasms at greater and greater intensity, a man can elevate the sensation of a penile ejaculation and enter a new realm of pleasure. Though there are no studies on the intensity of these orgasms, I believe that, with proper care and a period of recovery between sessions, regular practice can move one into experiencing orgasms that transcend ‘normal’ states of awareness.

If ever there was a sexual revolution in the making, it’s now, as more men can begin to enjoy their full sexual awakening. Through my own research and studies of other men who have described their experiences, I’ve discovered that the benefits of these orgasms are multifaceted. Successful sessions can release pent-up emotions, anxiety and a host of other issues we face.

The experience of a multiorgasmic release is so overwhelming for most that the act, in general, is taken over by the autonomic system. As the body spasms with powerful convulsions, toxins are released and other benefits yet to be understood are experienced. With practice, men are no longer limited to a single orgasm and can now experience intense multi-orgasmic bliss with or without the presence of a partner or spouse.

Welcome to the age of the multiorgasmic man.

At some point during a multiple orgasmic session, your body may become overstimulated and release control of the experience to your subconscious mind, allowing the autonomic nervous system to take over. In this altered state of consciousness, your brain follows a programme – your intention – and leads the body in capturing the stimulus that causes waves of spasms into orgasm. This important point alone is reason to ensure the best possible outcome of your experience by setting an intention.

It’s also important to note that during the mind/body/spirit connection, which is induced by the cannabis sacrament, you will never be given more stimulation than you’re ready to experience. This is a significant point for individuals who are new to using cannabis and having a prostate-centred orgasm. Depending on the type of strain you’re working with and the state of arousal you’ve achieved, orgasms can range from light waves of pleasure to powerful convulsions that shift your awareness. Cannabis activates a part of our consciousness that works synergistically with the body and opens neural pathways that trigger multiple orgasms. Through our intent, we initiate this process by flagging the prostate gland and marking it to receive stimulation from the prostate massager and, by gently rubbing the prostate, we’re telling our brain that this gland is the centre of our focus. But here’s where it gets interesting. As you encourage an orgasm by massaging the prostate gland, your brain appears to monitor how you respond and, depending on your reaction, will typically increase or decrease the strength and quantity of the orgasms. This may be a protective measure designed into our biology as a safety gauge for these powerful physical reactions to stimulation.

Your intention to have a successful sexual encounter, one that results in multiple orgasms, also engages everything that you’ve done to make the session as pleasurable as possible. The intention is the glue that adheres the components of your session together and orchestrates waves of orgasmic bliss, which, at times, depending on your state of mind and the condition of your body, can reach powerful convulsions. The intention can do the following:

Direct the cannabis strain to work on opening neural pathways from the prostate to the brain;
Flag the prostate gland as the centre of attention;
Provide the sacred sexual setting, ensuring positive results;
Allow you to explore your sexuality within a comfortable environment;
Free you to experience high levels of arousal with a cannabis strain.

Examining how cannabis can act as an aphrodisiac, the author explores its ability to increase sexual pleasure, lower inhibitions, enhance blood flow, open neural pathways, sensitise the genitals and trigger potent orgasms through the endocannabinoid system of the human body. He investigates the cannabis strains developed to induce high states of arousal and explains how to use this plant medicine as a sexual sacrament to activate your pleasure centres and open the door to multiple orgasms. He details techniques for successfully stimulating the prostate to nonejaculatory orgasm with internal massage, including specific recommendations for prostate massagers. He also discusses the many health benefits of multiple orgasms, including not only reproductive health but also psychological balance, personal development and new levels of consciousness. Offering a road map to multiple male orgasms and sexual wellness, this guide reveals the prostate and cannabis as the keys to a lifetime of sexual pleasure.

Cliff Dunning is the former programme director for the San Francisco Cannabis Summit and is host of the award-winning podcast Earth Ancients and the recently launched Destiny. He writes for several magazines and is a regular guest on a variety of television, podcast and radio programmes. He lives in El Sobrante, California.

Cannabis and Sexual Ecstasy for Men by Cliff Dunning © 2022 Destiny Books. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com.