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Coming from a scientific background In geology and meteorology, as well as many years in marketing, television advertising, plus owning a number of businesses; my love for flying as a pilot… travelling to spiritual destinations, India, Egypt, Findhorn Shamanic retreats with John Kehoe, chirology hand reader Indian head and Kahuna massager; plant medicine journey with Ayahuasca… All these experiences have given me an insightful and practical outlook of my experience of living life. With this in mind, I share my take on the use and properties of what the Native Americans and indigenous people call crystals, the ‘Stone People’.
Like all things we get from nature: Herbs, plants, food, water, crystals etc., all of these carry a frequency called a resonance. So that’s why we often say and feel… this resonates with me. Some foods, herbs and crystals resonate to our body, as these items can benefit our growth and healing. Crystals can appeal to us, because our body’s innate intelligence will connect us to them. Unfortunately a lot of us have lost this ability and generally now use our minds only, via different mediums, i.e. technology, Google, etc.
I always love watching youngsters connect to crystals as they often do so without too much mind information. They would often teach us a lot, on the energy and properties of crystals. At the Roseway Waldorf Market the youngsters are taught a subject called ‘crystals and their formation and properties’.
From a geological point of view, we are standing on a huge crystal; 75 per cent of the Earth’s crust is quartz, so if you stand barefoot on sand you are connected to the potential electricity of the planet. Our bodies need to be recharged with electricity, which we get in various forms: Food, walking on the earth, wearing crystals…

Imagine if we put shoes on trees, not connected directly to the earth, they certainly would be stunted… So being grounded is important. That is a whole subject on its own. However, suffice to say, walk barefoot often; it stimulates your pineal gland, third eye, your insight to being a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

So if you are starting out using crystals, what are the popular ones that a lot people use? Here are just a few.

Amethyst: Said to be a calming stone, good for anxiety and a busy mind. It can help you to sleep when placed under your pillow. (Amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘not drunk’, so they used to make goblets from amethyst and believed that they would not get addicted to the wine)

Rose Quartz: Pink quartz. Sometimes called love stone. I always say to customers that the love it represents is unconditional love to oneself.

Black Tourmaline: Is used to negate the effects of radiation from Wi-Fi and computer monitors. It turns negative energy into usable energy. (I have used dowsing rod tests on customers with their cellphones in their pocket without tourmaline on them. And with tourmaline on them their electromagnetic field (aura) certainly increased dramatically with black tourmaline… Our cellphones generate 44 000 microvolts every 30 secs (equivalent to 55 microwave ovens on!)… So, if you are looking to be calm and also want your pineal gland (third eye) to activate more, then keep your phone away from your head and sleeping in the same room will certainly reduce serotonin melatonin production, which are hormones that gives us a happy wake-up feeling.

In California the roads department laid crystals under the new resurfaced tar, why? Well, when you put pressure on a crystal it increases electrical output. This was then stored in batteries and used to run LED street lights… So when vehicles drove over the embedded crystals it produced free electricity.

In closing, remember it’s your INTENTION that is going to work. For, when using crystals for healing, focus and wellness, it’s like taking a vitamin… The body has an innate intelligence to use this for the best outcome.

Barry Jacobs

Barry Jacobs has been the co-owner of BeelightCrystals at the Blue House in KZN since 2007.
Contact Barry at www.beelightcrystals.weebly.com or Instagram bee_light_crystals