Wise words, insinuating to follow your own inner guidance. So very profound if you look at how the gut was formed and the role it plays in keeping you alive and well. What happens if your gut is ill, broken down, irritated, ulcerated? Will you be following your inner guidance or will the guidance be influenced by the actual status of the tissue housing the neurological network which is the translator of life force (guidance)?

Let us start at the beginning
Two major channels form in the embryo, the spine and the gut tissue. The spine becomes the neurological network, which is the operating system of the body; it brings movement and change to cells, tissue, organs, systems and processes. The gut tissue becomes everything else. From your ears to the endocrine glands, to all the organs and then some. The gut, or a better scientific description, the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) starts at your lips, includes your mouth, teeth, salivary glands, tongue, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum and eventually the anus. The GI tract has this electrical relationship with every other organ and gland in your body, the same as the iris, the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands. It is the way that either sustenance or toxins are delivered or not delivered to the body.

Although the GI tract is in the centre of our body, it is still on the outside. This hollow tube can receive food and drinks, but if the 20cm duodenum (the first part of the small intestines) does not have the ability to absorb the nutrients, the food and drinks will pass right through your body and you will be feeding the toilet. This 20cm intestine is the biggest gateway to the inside of your body.

As a detox coach, I have more people being worried about the fact that they cannot pick up weight (malabsorption), than people who want to lose weight. It is a scary thing to eat and still wither away!! Yet the sad part is, the overweight people still sit with cells suffering from malnutrition, but their body accumulates cholesterol, fats and other ways of surviving the very acidic state we build with our current habits of cooking our foods and eating outside of our specie, which adds up to the extra weight they carry.

Our physical body is a food processor. Everything from our mouth to our torso, stomach area and pelvis area exists to feed nutrients (fuel and building blocks) to the cells of our body so that we can move, walk, jump, talk, see, hear, feel, taste and experience life through creating and participating. There are four processes food needs to go through for our body to make use of its effect and all four of these processes need to work optimally if you want to deliver optimal energy, nutrients, fuel and building blocks to your cells. Digestion, absorption, utilisation and elimination.

The GI tract plays a direct role in three of the four processes, digestion, absorption and elimination and an indirect role with utilisation. You can imagine the detrimental result if the GI tract starts breaking down and is not able to bring sustenance to the cells or remove the wastes successfully.

What makes the gut break down? Acids. The accumulation of acidic wastes and toxins. Where do these wastes and toxins accumulate? In our sewage system, the lymphatic fluid, which makes up 80 per cent of the fluids in your body, blood making up the rest. Since humans started eating outside of our species and fell for technology by starting to cook/process foods, we have been acidifying our inner environment to the point where our life expectancy went down from 900 to 300 to 150 to 100 and this number is slowly sinking lower.

The lymphatic fluid and blood fill the spaces between our cells, bringing nutrients, fuel (sugars) and oxygen to the cell and removing the cellular waste and digestive ash. This very lymphatic fluid also fills the spaces between the cells of the GI tract. If this lymphatic fluid is in a congested state, the acids it carries burn, eventually causing the breakdown of the cell, which causes the breakdown of the GI tract. When a cell becomes acidic on the inside (because it has been drowning in acids), mainstream medicine calls it a cancer cell. Nothing happens overnight, we build ‘diseases’ daily with our choice of sustenance.

There are other relationships to explore, way too many for this writing, so let us look at a few.

The GI tract and the adrenal glands
The process of introducing sustenance to the body first involves voluntary muscle actions and chemical break down. But when the digesting food (chime) hits the small intestines, it is involuntary muscle actions that move the digesting food through the small and large intestines. In the large intestine we call it peristalsis. When we suffer from constipation or diarrhoea (two sides of the same coin) it has to do with the weak autonomic nervous system. Which connects us to the adrenals, since the adrenals produce neurotransmitters. The neurological system is like the hardware, the neurotransmitters are like the software of our operating system. With a deficiency in neurotransmitters, the autonomic functions in our body (breathing, heartbeat, and peristalsis) become weaker.

The GI tract and the parathyroid glands
When we see conditions like prolapsed organs, or polyps, hernias, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, spider veins etc., we know we are dealing with: 1. A body that might be leeching calcium to fight acidosis, or 2. weak parathyroid glands that do not produce enough parathyroid hormone for the utilisation of calcium. Or a combination of both. This translates to a connective tissue weakness.

The GI tract and the pituitary gland
There is a feedback loop between the transverse colon and the pituitary gland. Often when people are suffering from migraines, it boils down to toxins in the transvers colon and these toxins leeching to the pituitary gland.

The solution
Hydrate and alkalise your body with fresh fruits and stop consuming anything else. The human specie is a frugivore specie, we can fully heal if we eat according to our specie. And remember, when you start eating fruits only, you will start healing and a healing body is a messy business. Mucus is going to leave your body in all ways possible. This is where a detox specialist can mean a lot to you; the experience gained by supporting others to work through their healing and combining the healing process with powerful and functional herbal formulas, provide the support you need to do this very important work – to heal.

If you want to follow your gut, make sure it is a healthy gut for clear interpretation, you will be shocked at the level of awareness and clarity that sets in when your gut is no longer compromised.

Heleen Elizabeth is a detox coach and a transformational speaker. Her passion is to teach about specie-orientated diets as a vehicle for complete regeneration, allowing for the restoration of our physical bodies, to be part of the transmutation of our planet currently taking place. Connect wither her by joining one of our online detoxes and workshops to empower you to continue your healing journey. Heleen is a speaker at the KwazuluSpirit Festival 2024 and has shared that she is so looking forward to connecting with you on her topic of ‘The Immense Power of becoming Natural Man and Womb-man again’. Website: www.anouthen.co.za