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Find out what Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, will be bringing you in the next few months during his transit in mystical and magical Pisces. Empower yourself by using this cosmic wisdom to support your upcoming choices and decisions. For the first time in a very long while, Jupiter feels strong again, no longer under the rules and limitations of Saturn. Here, he can spread his wings and fly!

Compassion, retreat and forgiveness are all themes of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac – the sign of true divinity and connection.

Jupiter moves into Pisces: Mystical and Magical

He’s not staying here long, however. His visit to this spiritual and mystical water sign, starting 14 May and ending 29 July, is just over two months. He then briefly retreats back into Aquarius for a few weeks until he’s ready to commit to Pisces once again, on 30 December.Here’s what you can expect from Jupiter’s transit, based on your Sun or Rising Sign:

Aries Sun or Rising:

Aries, this Jupiter transit brings you the opportunity to take a step back from the world and promote healing and growth on the inside. Never usually one to pause, you’ll want to slow down and look within at this time. Retreats of all kinds are favoured over this period, whether you’re giving them, or attending. Travel may be highlighted too, especially spiritually-orientated travel. Any therapy you do now may have wonderful results! Listen to what your soul sings, Aries.

Taurus Sun or Rising:

This transit of Jupiter is one that you need to use to your greatest advantage, Taurus! It may bring you wonderful friends and allies, especially those of a spiritual nature and inclination. Get out there and join a Yoga community, or mingle with artists who stoke your creative fire! This can also be a great time to be making some extra money, as Jupiter enters your earnings zone for a while and gives you a taste of things to come!

Gemini Sun or Rising:

Pisces rules your career sector, Gemini, and it’s always a great thing when Jupiter enters this zone of your chart! It only happens every twelve years, so make very sure you are looking for opportunities on the horizon! This is a time to grow and expand in your work, not to limit and restrict yourself. Some of you may be considering more creativity in your profession, or even entering the healing arena.

Cancer Sun or Rising:

Oh, Cancer, you are going to love this transit of Jupiter into a fellow water sign! He enters your fifth house of creativity and love and you’ll be feeling passionate and inspired! You’re letting your hair down for the first time in a while and, if you’re single, this is a perfect time to get out there and meet new people – no strings attached! You’re in a very creative mood, so turning your passions into a full-time hobby may be tempting.

Leo Sun or Rising:

Jupiter is entering one of your houses, Leo, – yay! This can bring you the resources you need – be it a physical space, money or other kinds of support – when you most need it. Be careful of going into debt, however, Leo, as you may be tempted to spend more than you have. This period may also heighten the intimacy and connection between you and others and give you psychic-like ability to see into deeper issues. You’re more drawn to the healing arts and occult than ever before, Leo.

Virgo Sun or Rising:

Wonderful people can cross your path while Jupiter travels through Pisces, Virgo! You may encounter a teacher or friend who really helps you find your way and brings you enormous growth. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a spiritual teacher at the moment, Virgo, so keep your eyes peeled! You’re craving more freedom and expansion in your romantic relationships, maybe even travelling together or going out to meet someone from a different culture or belief system. If your current relationship feels too restrictive, it’s likely that you may try and break free.

Libra Sun or Rising:

Libra, Jupiter enters your house of work and lifestyle. Here, he can speed up healing if you have been struggling with a health matter and promote recovery. However, Jupiter can sometimes go to excess too, and you may find yourself indulging more, or even gaining weight. Avoid escapist habits, Libra – put down that extra glass of wine! Instead find healthy and creative habits that connect you spiritually. You may be getting a lot of extra work landing on your desk, work which feels inspiring – if you’re doing the right thing.

Scorpio Sun or Rising:

Jupiter will be moving through your ninth house of travel and spiritual growth, Scorpio! This can bring you great opportunity in these areas and you may even be thinking about expanding your horizons by studying or learning something. Whatever happens, this is a time for you to grow, grow, grow! Freedom feels more and more important to you and you are willing to do what it takes to feel liberated.

Sagittarius Sun or Rising:

Jupiter is your ruling planet, Sagittarius and you’re very much going to feel his shift in your life! Your luck is turning for the better and it starts in your own home space. This transit may bring glimmerings of a big home change for you, whereby you buy something bigger and better, or expand your domestic sanctuary. Many of you may decide it’s time to travel again, if it’s possible for you, although it may only kick off once again at the end of the year. Your family connections may feel very positive, though do be careful of your emotional boundaries.

Capricorn Sun or Rising:

As Jupiter enters your third house of communication, Capricorn, you are feeling immensely inspired! On a creative level, ideas are flooding into your mind and you want to make music, sing, dance and create! In fact, you may have a few too many ideas buzzing around, Capricorn, so try and make sure that you pick the cream of the crop! This transit also favours journeys like weekend retreats or trips in your home country. You may find yourself eager to attend spiritual workshops or courses that open your mind to new ideas!

Aquarius Sun or Rising:

Aquarius, this is a great period for finances for you! Jupiter has a wonderful habit of increasing energy wherever he goes and, in your resources zone, he’s all about bringing you more and more and more! However, he can go too far sometimes and you might find yourself spending and indulging a bit too much! Whether it’s by eating, drinking or spending, do try and have some sort of discipline, Aquarius – luckily, strict Saturn does have your back as he’s still in your sign for a while!

Pisces Sun or Rising:

This is your time to shine, sweet Pisces! Jupiter is your traditional, ancient ruler and he can bring you much-needed luck and personal growth as he enters your sign. You may find yourself dreaming up amazing dreams – and making them a reality! Be on the lookout for opportunity, Pisces – doors are opening for you! You’re going to feel tremendously spiritually connected and your intuition will be soaring! Bear in mind, Pisces, that you may find yourself in some bad escapist habits, so try and be good to your body during this transit.

Margarita Celeste

Astrology has been my passion ever since I can remember . When I think back to my younger years, I recall always knowing people’s Star sign, sometimes remembering that before I could think of their name! Linda Goodman, famous 60’s astrology write, was my “gateway drug” into this mysterious and ever fascinating world, and I pored over her magical words, feeling a deep resonation in what seemed to be able to explain myself to me . https://margaritaceleste.com/