Get ‘your daily cup of calm’

by | Holistic Living, Print Articles, Winter 2024

The long-term health benefits of the South African-grown Rooibos tea have gained worldwide attention and, with CBD’s incredible health benefits now in the spotlight, Laager Rooibos is fusing the two to bring the country a daily dose of goodness! Laager Plus CBD-infused Rooibos, which will soon be landing on South African shelves, offers all the goodness of Rooibos with the added benefits of CBD.

CBD – which is short for cannabidiol – is a chemical that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. However, it is different from THC, which is the psychoactive component in the plant, and does not have any mind-altering properties. CBD-infused Rooibos could assist the body to achieve homeostasis – a systemic balance – while contributing to nervous system health and enhanced sleep.

“We’re currently living in a world that is out of balance and there is always so much to worry about – from the environment, to political conflicts and inequality. All of this external imbalance leads to heightened stress and anxiety, which can create a number of associated health challenges,” explains Candice Sessions, Laager Marketing and Brand Strategy Manager. “We want to help the South African public to live their best lives by bringing balance and calm to their everyday lives through Laager Plus CBD Rooibos.”

Laager Plus CBD Rooibos is the perfect blend of Rooibos and CBD, providing the caffeine-free, antioxidant-boosting benefits of Rooibos, along with the relaxing, calming, and sleep-enhancing benefits of CBD. It is THC-free, meaning it has no psychoactive or ‘high’ effect, and contains 2mg CBD per teabag – the recommended daily limit for CBD intake is 20mg, making it suitable to consume several cups a day (limited to no more than 9 servings daily).

South African public relations officer, ocean conservationist, wife, mother-of-two and foster mom to many rescue pups, Olivia Symcox, has an extremely busy schedule. However, since she started integrating CBD into her life, she’s noted a marked improvement in her ability to deal with anxiety.

“CBD has helped me to deal with my anxiety levels, which were most definitely elevated at the start of the pandemic,” she commented. “I felt the weight of responsibility in needing to provide for so many people and my many animals and – like everyone else – the constant uncertainty of not being sure how things were going to play out. In addition to this, I experienced some of my own health challenges over this time and I believe CBD helped me to enjoy deeper, uninterrupted sleep which in turn assisted with my focus during busy days. As an avid Laager Rooibos drinker, I am really excited to be able to experience the benefits of CBD in my favourite cuppa.”