#GiveHerACrown 2021


Last year #GiveHerACrown launched the 2020 Crown Collection as a series of bespoke fine art crowns, dedicated to inspiring SA women. We successfully raised funding for an innovative schools education campaign that uses the arts to empower learners on issues of gender equality.

“With the 2021 Crown Collection, we look forward to awarding the Jaguar Crown bursary that will empower a select number of female creatives and further their education in the creative sphere.

“The partnership is a continuation of our many female empowerment projects, both locally and globally, that celebrate, value and empower women who fearlessly drive progress in the automotive industry. As women continue to climb the ranks across so many different industries including my own, let’s set a goal never to stop helping one another grow! If we all stand together, we could, and we should, see results,” explains Irene Kakooza.

It’s heart-warming to see that South African corporates have not been left behind in this growing global awareness movement. In fact, many have embraced it, finding renewed purpose in their power. After all, corporates are made up of living, breathing human beings who witness or even experience daily injustices, just like everyone else.

Jaguar has once again powered the #GiveHerACrown campaign, as part of their commitment to support the country’s burgeoning female empowerment movement. This year, as part of The Crown Collection, six exceptionally talented South African artists have each created a bespoke digital artwork, depicting an inspirational female activist, influencer or survivor. The personal stories of each of the artists and their ‘crowned’ women will be shared on social media. The proceeds of the collection will go towards the Crown Bursary Fund and benefit a selected number of aspiring female designers through bursaries at Inscape College.

Through innovation and creativity, Jaguar believes we’ve all got the power to make a better South Africa, together. Start making a difference to support the Crown Bursary Fund by visiting giveheracrown.co.za to view and buy the collection of prints.



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