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We have become very sensitive as the heart centre has opened. The problem is that some of us have become porous! We pick up every problem, pain, suffering from the environment, be it our close family, what is unfolding in the world or even a visit to the supermarket. We are taking on the negative feelings and emotions of those around us as well as in the chaotic atmosphere of the planet. This sensitivity can become a real burden leading to pessimism, depression, hopelessness and lethargy.  It is a real energy sapper.

I feel it would be helpful in this article to examine briefly the balance of the inner male and female so that we can prevent our sensitivity from disempowering us.

This sensitivity is coming from our feminine side, where we experience not just love, but empathy, compassion, others’ feelings. However, in the expression of over-concern, we are in the shadow side of the feminine, which is helpless, weak and in victimhood. We have denied the power and strength in ourselves and our ability to make choices.  It is important that in the burgeoning of the feminine we do not neglect our male side. We need to embrace and live it fully. In the past the male qualities were expressed in the shadow (aggression, manipulation, domination, control, oppression and egotism) but today there is a new definition of male energy. It has evolved into the Sacred Male and is there to balance and protect the feminine. In this form the male qualities are to do with focus, setting boundaries, being clear about what we want and therefore choosing what we will allow into our energy field. There is no aggression. It is done in a clear and gentle manner. If you engage with this energy it will not allow you to be completely absorbed in the negativity around you. It is like a protective knight, distinguishing what feeds and nurtures you, what you can let in and leave out. Please note that if anything is lowering your frequency through anxiety and the shadow side of empathy, it will not allow you to carry the frequency which you came to hold at this time.

Over the years I have worked with many, mostly women, who have carried the burdens of their community or family. It draws their energy, they lose their centre and their authentic self. It has been valuable to explore ‘what is thine and what is mine’ and what energy they are contributing to the situation or person. How are they serving themselves and their own issues? It is also revealing to pose the question: “What does it have to do with you?” If you are one who is overly sensitive at this time perhaps you would reflect on these questions.

I know of an over-anxious mother who was informed by spirit that her son may only sort out his issues in a future life. On a retreat a participant repeatedly referred to her son who was undergoing difficulties. My intuition told me to ask her his age and she replied “50”. These two examples are not unusual patterns of over-concern but they are clearly situations in which the parent is leaking energy, keeping both herself and the adult offspring in the toxic grip of disabling over-concern and worry. It is not respecting the choices and the path of learning and growth chosen by the offspring. Please know, from my own experience, it is not easy to detach from this concern but it clearly indicates healing is required, a greater alignment with the Inner Self and a healthy balance of the inner male and female.

It was deeply moving to meet recently an inspiring, compassionate young woman working amongst the poor and disenfranchised but free of attachment to their situation and circumstances. I asked her how she achieved this and she said: “It’s love, just love.” She was the perfect example of the inner male and female in balance, deeply loving and yet with clear emotional boundaries.

Holding the light means, on one hand, to be in the world, open and willing to spread your vibrations of love and compassion when it is required but, on the other hand, it means you know when to withdraw, when to take care of yourself, when your energy is leaking inappropriately. This is crucial in these times when energy can be very heavy and difficult. Our greatest service to individuals or the collective is when we are able to be deeply compassionate – which really means to allow and accept – and to bring forth that part of us which is the observer. In this way we are able to stay in our centre, balancing our inner male and female and aligned with our Higher Selves. 

Natalia Baker

Natalia Baker is a leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher, professional public speaker, author, regular contributor to digital and printed magazines, TV and radio broadcaster, retreat and workshop facilitator, counsellor, facilitator of ceremonies and rituals. She has published a number of books including ‘, ‘A Self-Love Guide; and ‘Human and Divine, a Love Story’.