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A 40-year-old divorced father of two beautiful young girls, Mohamed was brutally attacked just after one o’clock on Sunday morning, 23.9.2018.

Mohamed was not doing very well emotionally and our older brother, Haroon and his wife had decided to take him out for supper, hoping it would cheer him up.
During the course of the evening Mohamed got repeated calls, purportedly from a cousin of ours, saying he and his wife had had an argument and he needed Mohamed’s support. Eventually they all decided to go and see what was happening and try to make peace between husband and wife.
When Mohamed arrived at the cousin’s place, a bakkie pulled up behind him. The attackers jumped out and started beating Mohamed. It later emerged that there had been no argument between husband and wife. It seemed to have been a plot to lure Mohamad there as no one else got hurt. Haroon and his wife gave statements and identified the attackers, but no arrests have been made to date. Haroon did not realise how badly injured Mohamad was but the hospital diagnosis was:

  • Brain dysfunction – open injury
  • Fracture of vault of skull, open
  • Other intracranial injuries, with open intracranial wound
  • Post-traumatic hydrocephalus, unspecified
  • Multiple fractures involving skull and facial bones, closed
  • Assault by bodily force, other specified places, during unspecified activity
  • Stroke, not specified as hemorrhage or infarction

The doctors had to operate immediately, as Mohamed was bleeding internally. 
He spent several months in hospital with physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatments, followed by 14 weeks in a rehabilitation centre before he came home to me.
He had been a very independent person, cooking for his family, looking after the household. Now he could do nothing for himself. Can you image my anger and hatred of the attackers? Eventually I questioned God and later I discovered why. I was out of resources; I was looking for another way to help my Mohamed. I did acupuncture, Chinese cupping as it helps with pain and blood flow. And all I could think of is: What’s next? I watched a movie in which a woman said to her patient: “Your energy is all over; let me do Reiki on you”. I did a lot of online research and was looking for someone to teach me when I met an amazing Reiki Master. She did a treatment session on me so I could experience it and advised me to go to Soul Healing Academy for training. That’s when it all started for me. I did my first course and I used all the techniques on my brother. The spasms subsided, the pain got less and he was able to turn his body in bed on his own. He could then also transfer himself from the bed to the wheelchair. I then worked on strengthening his upper body.

 I decided to further my studies; I did Jikiden Shoden and Okuden in August 2020. That’s when the magic started for me, my question was answered.
By now my brother was healing but he had a lot of anger issues. He would get frustrated when he struggled to do something on his own and couldn’t get it right. Whatever was in front of him he would break and with that came the cursing. He did not allow me to work on him; he said he could live with the pain, so I started distance healing on him. The anger subsided and the cursing disappeared. I did Jikiden Reiki healing every day on him. I would do anger treatment in the morning, sleep apnea in the afternoon and focus on the front lobe of the brain when he slept.
When I did the treatment for anger the first time, he vomited for two days; his body was detoxing and after that he was must calmer. I treated him for lower back pain and he no longer needs painkillers.
Once I got that out of the way, I worked on his knees. After his stroke his knees could not be straightened. His knee bend improved from 50 cm in December 2020 to 30 cm by February . On 24.1.2021 he took his first steps with a walker and by 16.2.2021 he could walk 10 to 20 steps as well as walking backwards, this without any physiotherapy in 2020. Mohamed had not been able to swallow and was continuously drooling but, on 4.2.2021, his feeding pipe was removed. He could eat, swallow his tablets and drink water.

In August 2020, I wanted to put Mohamed in frail care for a month or two; I spoke to his neurosurgeon about it and explained that, due to Covid, the family was keeping their distance and I had no support except from my dearest friend. The doctor advised me that what I was doing was great and I should continue. I couldn’t give up now I was doing so well and what I was doing was out of love for Mohamed. His situation was so sensitive, all he needed was love. That weekend my Jikiden Reiki teacher confirmed what the doctor said, that healing is love and that was part of our training. Had it not been for Covid, I would not have healed Mohamed so quickly – what else could I do with my time? Universal Blessings. Not only did Mohamed heal quickly, but Reiki was my healing journey. I can honestly say I forgive his attackers, but justice must still be served and I pray that it will be.
This experience only confirms the power of Reiki and the great work that can be done using this alternative method of healing. By using Reiki I can help so many people physically, spiritually, mentally and on an emotional level as well. I can only thank God for this journey and, with His grace, I will be able to heal people with my healing hands.

Asha Landsman is a Jikiden Reiki Healer from Gauteng Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was originally taught in Japan. It is pure, simple, and extremely effective and has over 65 years of experience behind it. Jikiden Reiki makes a concerted effort to keep practice and teaching as authentically close as possible to the original methods taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. To contact Asha: [email protected]