Goldfish will grow in accordance with the size of the pond or fish tank they are in. The bigger the container, the larger they grow. The smaller the container, the smaller they remain. Strangely enough, this phenomenon also applies to crocodiles – and to money. 

Who has not had the experience of getting a sudden windfall? A tax rebate is received, a long-forgotten loan or policy pays out, a sudden bonus or dividend is declared, there is salary increase. Often there is a huge surge in business. A record month, a large new client, some or other unexpected expansion in the wealth flow. Then what happens? Nine times out of 10, this big influx of money gets dissipated. It seems to disappear mysteriously, almost immediately, just as miraculously as it got there.

Unforseen expenditure emerges. From somewhere. It’s always something justifiable and just as unexpected as the windfall. The geyser may burst, the car breaks down, you couldn’t resist a fancy new water restructuring device, or a Rolex. One way or another, the excess money is used up, almost as if it had never been there. This cycle of events can become a pattern that repeats over and over again, causing some to consider it some kind of karmic repercussion or pure bad luck. However, it is simply an inability to contain.

What does it mean to contain and how do you contain wealth? That is the real issue with respect to money-making. Creating wealth is really less than half the problem. It’s never more money that one needs in the first instance. For anything. Even when it seems that that is the issue. It never is. Even at the start of the money-making journey, money will not flow if there is nothing for it to flow towards. So it is always, always a matter of containment. Having a container, knowing what that is and learning what it means to contain.

Focusing back on money for a moment, it’s important to know that money is potential and, as such, it needs containment. Money needs to find form. Without form, money cannot exist, nor can it fulfil itself as potential. That is what you offer money, the possibility of it taking form.

Everything exists by virtue of relationship and relationship is a two-way process. So when you seek money, you need to consider, what you bring to this relationship. What do you offer money? Why should it come to you? How can you help it take form? How can you direct it and help it to flow?       

“Flow requires patience. It is the gift of allowing what is there, to unfold.”

Kiki Theo – Wealth Journey

Unless you create a container for money to flow into, where is it going to go? How will it translate itself from a potentiality into a reality? Money is an energy, a flow, a force, certainly something that is in motion and in the process of becoming – it needs to be harnessed and contained or you might find yourself thinking it’s not really there. (This is called the mentality of lack).

How you contain money is reflected in how you contain other things in your life – your dreams, hopes and aspirations, your goals, your relationships, your vision, your humanity. Ultimately, how you contain money reflects your ability to have. And as your ability to have arises out of your ability to be, or who you are. We can say that how you contain money is how you contain your beingness. Your beingness is limitless, you have unlimited potential but you need to know it, connect with it, direct it and contain it. 

“You cannot lose it, you cannot damage it, you cannot contaminate it, you will never lose your Buddha nature. But, you may not know you have it.” Tai Situ Rinpoche

Spend a few moments now reflecting on how you contain the various aspects of your life? Can you see any similarities between how you contain money and how you contain other areas of your life? Are there any patterns that repeat? What is the common element, apart from you? Consider also whether you have a container. This is not a left brain logic question. It is a question you answer intuitively, without thinking. You know the answer. Reflect on it again. Do you have a container? Is your container big enough? Sturdy enough? Is it grounded? Does it leak? Can it withstand the test of time?

Your container is the destination of your journey. It is in one sense a goal, but it is also much more than that. Your container is the quest for a new you. Who that is and what it looks and feels like. Where you are and what you are doing. How you are fulfilling your ground plan, the purpose for which you came to this earth. How you are sharing your gifts with the world.

In ancient Greek myth it is said that you come to this earth with a mission, a task to fulfil. You come to this earth, not as a tabula rasa, a blank slate, but with your own unique gifts and genius. If you do not connect with and allow this genius to flourish, it will not only leave you being less than, unfulfilled, but it will also have a negative effect on the world. The entire world will become impoverished through your individual lack of input that can only, across all of space and time, come from you. Imagine that!

What is that unique genius that you bring? What gifts do you offer the world and yourself? 

The myth goes on to say, that as you cross the river Lethe, the river of forgetfulness on your way to this earth, you lose sight of your mission and your purpose. For this reason, you are assigned a daemon, a guardian angel, to remind you of your purpose and of the need to fulfil it. Connect with your daemon and ask for a dream to guide you forward at this time. You may do this in prayer, in meditation, while walking in nature, or connecting with a tree. You may choose to write or draw as a way to release deep knowingness from your unconscious. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever sparks your curiosity and inspires you.

God-given gifts and talents are often ignored or brushed away in search of fame or wealth, forgetting that it is these very gifts that can far more easily and elegantly lead to the heart’s true desire. Your gifts and unique genius are usually something hidden mostly from yourself. It is those things that you can easily and effortlessly do. Those talents and abilities you think everyone else also possesses, though they do not.

Those who know you can usually quite quickly tell you what your gifts are and they may well have been doing so, for a long time. Do you hear people saying things like, ‘you are a healer, you should sing, you are so great with kids, you have a natural talent with numbers, you have such green fingers, you should do stand-up comedy’? (Hopefully not all at once…) Pay attention to these comments. 

“Don’t bend, don’t water it down, don’t try to make it logical, don’t edit your own soul according the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” Franz Kafka

Consider your gifts. Those you are aware of, and some which may have remained unopened. Consider whether you are containing them. For to contain money, you need to first learn to contain yourself. You need a container that is big enough and sturdy enough. You need the container to be specific and aligned to you and your psyche. You need firm clear walls that maintain the parameters of what is inside and what you want to keep out. You need the top to be open to allow all good things to enter. You need to ensure there are no leaks and that the container can expand as you grow. You need the container to be so beautiful and enticing that money will feel drawn to flow towards it and you need a clear, unobstructed flow.

The search for the river of gold is a lifetime journey. Finding the river is not enough though. For unless we can direct the flow of the river towards a destination, unless we can contain it, the river will continue to flow past us unseen. This is the river of money, it is the river of unmanifest potential, pure energy, which is everywhere around us, waiting to find form, yearning to be contained and so made visible.

By directing the river, we help it to fulfil its potential, we direct it towards its goal. And once it arrives there safely, we contain this river of potential, of money, of dreams, of our unmanifest magnificence, in a wonderful expansive, magnificent container. And when we successfully do this, we realise that it is we who have journeyed along the river, it is we who have arrived at the destination, in fact it is we, who are both the river and the container.

As for the container, it definitely needs to be large enough to contain our goals and the destination of our journey. It must be expandable and easily accessed by the river. For if your money container is not large enough to contain money, you will find that no matter how much you earn, you will always be in the same place in the wealth department. 

Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion expert. Bridging money and energy, she offers a combination of business experience, based on her own successful background as an entrepreneur, including over a decade as the owner of a fund management company, and energetic transformations, based on her lifelong study and practice of energetic healing, Jungian psychology and metaphysics. She is the author of nine wealth expansion books and offers courses and one-on-one sessions focused on wealth expansion for self and business that create tangible results.  [email protected].

Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo

Wealth Expansion Author

Kiki Theo combines decades of successful business experience with energetic processing tools she has created to help people grow their wealth and business. She is the author of nine wealth expansion titles and offers courses and sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to fly!

Kiki will offer a series of Conscious Business courses over the next year on Zoom.

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Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion business coach, author and course facilitator dealing with money as energy. She helps individuals and businesses to thrive, drawing on her own successful business experience and gifts as an alchemical intuitive and wealth catalyst.