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How to offer Intuitive Support, During Times of Stress & Suffering

by | Print Articles, Spiritual Living, Thought Leaders, Winter 2020

What if it’s possible to intuitively support your loved ones and your world without needing to say a word?

I’d like to show you how to use your natural intuition in a specific way — to not be overwhelmed by collective fear and suffering. But instead, to authentically broadcast the intuitive songs of truth, which is felt as the experience of peace, love and joy. And, that you can weave this into ordinary life — no need for any special skills — only your sincere intention, and willingness to practice and discover.

This intuitive training, is for you if…

  • You’re feeling the collective stress of the world and your loved ones and want to help support them.
  • You’re an empath that’s easily impacted by other’s feelings and instead of shutting down intuitively would love to learn how to stay open, but without endlessly feeling other people’s emotions.
  • You’re aware of your intuition and would love to develop these skills in a grounded natural way.
  • You’re interested in spiritual growth, non-duality and self-realization, and would like to directly experience for yourself, the “reality” that is taught by non-dual teachers, instead of hoping and believing.
  • You’d like to be able to tell if its your real inner guidance or fear, ego or wishful thinking.

Most of my childhood and teens was spent being obsessed with trying to work out why I could pick up on intuitive information — which was supposed to be impossible.

The first clue I had, was in early primary school, when I discovered that my friend Anne and I had shared an identical dream the night before— complete with extraordinary detail.

Like a young Sherlock Holmes, I went into mission mode to work out how it was possible — were we all connected in some mysterious way?

I thought I invented telepathy when I had my friend stand on the other side of the school playground, thinking of a random number between 1 and 20, that I would then try to pick up on. When I thought that I had the number, I’d wave, and we’d run to the middle of the playground to check.

We got too many right for me to let my obsession go.

If you’d told the young me, that one day I would rely on intuition, to find my way through some of the most challenging years of my life — financial collapse, being a young mother of two daughters, one of which was born with life-threatening health problems, using intuition to learn to support my sick baby, negotiating and surviving an armed robbery, using my intuition to build a business, heal my shyness and stand on stages around the world speaking and teaching. If you’d told me that this is where my intuition would take me, I would never have believed you.

So, you can understand why Intuition means everything to me. It has literally saved my life and has been the instrument of saving other’s lives. The simple, ordinary and natural skill of intuition is precious beyond words to me.

That’s why I can tell you will confidence, that we can support others without saying a word. We can learn to tune-in to the highest, to wholeness instead of lack, to that which is deeper than the surface of thoughts and feelings — even the true self.

To support yourself and others intuitively I feel there are three helpful steps.

First understand your natural intuition. Second to use your natural intuition to tune-in deeper than the apparent surface of life and lastly, discover and explore that reality.

1. Understand your natural intuition

You already have natural intuition — it’s really a case of how conscious you are of the skill, and how practiced you are with using it.

The key to intuition is to understand and use attention + intention.

If you think of a friend, and set your intention to feel what they’re feeling, your body-mind will start to play some of the song of your friend — perhaps the emotions they’re feeling or the state of mind they’re in.

Everything is singing to us, but are we listening?

a. Attention, intention and the songs of life

Pay attention to attention.

Attention is subtle, it’s prior to the physical senses — how we know this is because we can move attention between the physical senses. You can place attention on seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling — you can also place attention on thoughts, emotions and memories.

Intention, which is different to thoughts— is a silent decision that we make to direct attention.

If the universe is like a library of knowledge, where every expression of life is a songbook that we can read and that we can tune-into.

Intention chooses the songbook.

Attention opens it.

 Then the song of that knowledge plays through your body-mind – it’s up to you to notice, and to learn to translate the knowledge into conscious understanding.

b. Body-mind as antenna

Think of your body-mind as an antenna, the instrument that picks up on all the information from the songbooks of life. And like a radio that picks up on the invisible and inaudible songs that play through the air — our body-mind is also wireless technology, sacred technology, capable of transmitting the songs of life.

c. Choose to change what you tune-in to intuitively

Consider the possibility, that you can work with attention and intention, to choose and to change what your body-mind is tuned into.

Instead of tuning in to fear and its familiar song, why not set your intention to be interested in what is deeper than fear, to be interested in the truth?

d. Refine the subtle art of translation

Once you’re consciously paying attention to attention, using your silent decision-making power to intend what you want to tune-into, and experimenting with tuning in at will, now it’s time to refine the subtle art of translating the songs of life.

The truth is, that truth cannot be translated. But it’s a worthwhile pursuit to do our best to find words and understanding.

This art of translating the silent songs of life takes practice, but I’ve seen many of my students gain insight, even from the very first attempts.

2. Tune-in deeper than the surface for truth

So how do we use this intuitive skill to support others?

I’ve mapped this out into four steps.

a. Set your intention to tune-in deeper than thought, feeling and personality

First, set your intention – make a silent decision in your gut and heart, with a feeling of sincerity and interest to help — to tune-in to your loved ones. Notice any subtle or strong changes that occur in your body-mind after a minute or two.

Then set your intention to tune-in deeper than these feelings, to tune-in deeper than the personality for the essence, the soul, the wholeness and the truth of their being.

b. Notice the subtle or strong changes in your body

Then notice any subtle or strong changes in your body. We are not manipulating or forcing this, we set aside any personal agenda. This is done with an intention to support.

c. Openness and peace indicate that you’re tuned into truth

How you know that you’ve tuned in deeper than fear, emotion or personality is that you’ll experience a subtle or strong change in your own body – you’ll feel more openness and peace.

Openness and peace in the body, indicates that you’re tuned in to a song of truth.

The truth feels open.

This understanding is incredibly helpful.

When we focus our attention on something that is true, we can feel it, we feel it as peace.

Why? Because truth, peace, openness, love are the same thing. They are the shared self, the ground of reality.

We miss this when we tune-in to other songs, when we tune-in to thoughts that don’t reflect truth, this causes contraction and heaviness in the body.

When we tune-in to the deeper truth, the song of this is offered to the person we are tuned into. That way we are supporting them without saying a word.

This can be a helpful way to go through life, tuning in deeper, and having your body-mind sing the songs of this peace, love and openness for all to benefit.

3. Discover truth everywhere and in everything

My invitation to you is to use your intuition to discover the truth that is everywhere and is everything.

Instead of tuning into your thoughts about a tree, why not set your intention to tune-in to the actual tree and to the deeper reality of the tree. That way you discover the real tree and the reality of the tree.

Why not discover the truth of who you are instead of the thoughts of who you are? The truth of people, instead of your thoughts about people?

Deeper than the surface mind is the song of truth, and it is a song of love, peace and openness that never closes.

In these stressful times, give yourself and others this silent intuitive support, with love.

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