ICPKP Kinesiology – Internationally Recognised Training

by | Digitorials, Summer 2022

A client-centred approach to health, wellness and lifestyle

Are you stuck in a rut? Sick and tired of corporate life? Need more time with your family? Would you like to:

  • Upgrade your life skills?
  • Be a well-respected healthcare practitioner?
  • Have flexibility, freedom and control of your working hours?
  • Have job security well into old age?
  • Earn an income from home?
  • Secure your financial future, becoming your own boss

YOU have the potential for greatness and the capacity to live a happy, successful and rewarding life. Now, more than ever, the world needs more helpers, more healers and more bringers of light!

ICPKP Kinesiology has the knowledge, concepts and tools for self-change and to facilitate change in others.
ICPKP Kinesiology can help you and your clients evolve, increase inner peace, have great health, richer relationships and increase prosperity and success.
ICPKP Kinesiology is your road to vibrant health and a fulfilling career with a heart-centred approach and is one of the most holistic therapies available.
We teach internationally recognised career courses in ICPKP Specialised Kinesiology up to Kinesiopractic┬« level. We also teach SELF-CARE AND WELLNESS certificates designed to help yourself and your family. Work with ‘fur kids’ – Kinesiology courses to use with horses and dogs.

If your purpose and passion is to help others, Kinesiology is for you. All you need to do is to make the commitment to take charge of your future! We will show you the way. Attend the Career Course and start the journey of a lifetime. Kinesiology students will not only learn how fascinating the body and mind are, they will also move through a profound time of personal growth and transformation on all levels.

We teach in KZN, Johannesburg, George and Cape Town and, of course, we can always come to you provided that we have enough students to do so. www.kinesiologysouthafrica.co.za to request course information or call Margie Donde on 082 496 6214, [email protected]


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