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Many women crave to stand in their feminine power and, once they switch to a raw wholefood vegan lifestyle, they often report back of a renewed spiritual wellbeing after physical and mental healing.

There is a popular side to plant-based and we all know about it because it has become one of the hottest trends of the 21st century. We’re incorporating plant-based with Yoga, we’re using plant-based as a weight-loss solution and we’re even making sure our animal friends are safe by leaving them off our plates. But did you know there is another side to plant-based that you may not be aware of? This side is skin deep and could change the way you view your lifestyle.

As women, we are interested in what something can do for us; we want to look good and feel good. Everything we buy needs to speak to our emotions, it needs to enhance our lives, otherwise we will move onto the next big thing. What we should be asking is: “Will this change the structure of my body? Will it affect my blood? Will it affect my mental health?” You see, everything we consume affects us on a cellular level and your cells reveal your true wellbeing eventually in your physical appearance.

According to science, cells are the basic structural and functional units of living organisms. A human body buzzes on an energetic level similar to fruit and vegetables and, if not hydrated and nourished, cells shrink and perish. To maintain longevity, you need to nourish your body with that of the same structure on a cellular level; you are alive, therefore you need to eat that which is alive and will feed your living cells.

Although the main atom for plant blood (aka chlorophyll) is magnesium and the human blood atom is iron, the structure of plant blood matches that of human blood. When humans consume plants, the magnesium atom converts into iron, matching human blood, thereby feeding our cells with life-enhancing nutrients. It is good to note that chlorophyll is known as an antioxidant, providing protection from the sun, boosting our immune system and oxygenating our bodies on a cellular level.
The research carried out at Ohio State University suggests that a diet rich in plants provides the protection needed from disease:

“The growing body of epidemiological and experimental evidence associating diets rich in fruits and vegetables with prevention of chronic diseases, such as cancer, has stimulated interest in plant food phytochemicals as physiologically active dietary components. Chlorophyll and its various derivatives are believed to be among the family of phytochemical compounds that are potentially responsible for such associations.”

While consuming plant-based foods to heal and protect our bodies, we need to understand how the food is broken down. The not-so-popular side to plant-based extends into biology in the form of enzymes. Your vessel is home to two types of enzymes: Metabolic enzymes, which your body needs to run on, and digestive enzymes, which aid in food digestion. Raw and living foods provide you with their enzymes to assist you with digestion. These enzymes release nutrients from the foods when eaten.

Dr. Edward Howell, author of ‘Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept’, writes that heat over 45 degrees Celsius kills enzymes and that cooking food at that heat destroys the essential enzymes, which leaves your body to use up its own digestive enzymes.
Your digestive enzymes assist your body in breaking down foods for easy absorption, providing your cells with adequate amounts of water, nutrients and oxygen for health and longevity.

Health, Femininity and Spirituality All Form Part of Your Overall Wellbeing

My favourite wholefoods’ mentors all teach how a raw wholefood vegan diet improves your health, along with the importance of a thorough cleanse, which affects you on a cellular level.

When your cells are healthy, there is a sense of fluidity; your overall wellbeing changes with ease. On a plant-based diet your body rehydrates and cells are revived through correct nutrition, allowing miracles take place: Acne heals, disease reversal may take place, grey hair regrows at the original colour and even wrinkles start ironing out naturally. Liver spots disappear, moles fall off, energy increases, while sight improves and the flow of blood is smooth and unobstructed. Glands start functioning properly, balancing hormones. Women who experience menopause report zero symptoms, while infertile women bear children!
To experience health changes on such a large scale, it is best to stay close to nature when eating, as well as when it comes to personal hygiene products and detergents, amongst other things. Selecting natural products for you and your home, eating organic or growing your own food, drinking clean pure water, having quality sleep and exercise will help you along your plant-based lifestyle journey successfully.

While you align your energy with that of nature, your life renews; you may have experienced strong masculine behaviours in the past, while wondering how to enhance your feminine qualities. But as those behaviours start to soften on a clean plant-based diet, your true feminine nature regenerates your authentic beauty, renewing your life on an energetic level.

I have found when my body is functioning the way mother nature intended, my intuition is strong and I feel more connected to God, with a heightened awareness of life, accompanied by a strong sense of purpose within. My body becomes a conduit for messages, while my vibrational frequency is matched with the frequency of that which I desire and I become grounded in my feminine energy. Femininity comes naturally as your energy softens because your body is functioning correctly. Your body becomes lighter, life feels free and easy. Your decision-making is graceful due to a properly functioning pineal gland and you attract what you desire easily, while congestion clears up in your system. Mucus, fat and stagnant energy within your cells are cleared, creating that smoothness in flow within.

Health, femininity and spirituality all form part of your overall wellbeing. Your energy and vibrational frequency on a cellular level are the driving forces of your vessel’s happiness and it will show on your face when the hardness dissipates into a softness. Your blood clears up and flows instinctively, your organs function effortlessly and your mind becomes clear and sharp. Your liver cleansing will clear your skin. Your hair, skin and nails will become laden with natural collagen. Your life will start to change; natural food will make you look and feel good; it will speak to your emotions and enhance your life.

You will start to attract everything that is beautiful. In fact, it will start flowing to you with elegance and ease; your masculine side will become a supporter while your feminine side becomes the captain of your vessel.

Alani Keiser

Alani Keiser is a singer-songwriter with songs playing in retails stores across South Africa and TV. Collaborating with poets and songwriters across the globe, Alani aspires to excel in her 25-year long music career. Alani’s other passions include Herbalism and creating simple, healthy recipes for magazines, and has appeared on TV shows and spoken at events about being a healthy vegan.

Alani’s music can be found on all music steaming and digital platforms.
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