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Intuition and brand building…

by | Print Articles, Summer 2022

It’s all about connection

“If your audience doesn’t understand your position instantly in that first communication, you’ve lost them.”  ~ Lee Hunt, brand strategist and thought-leader

A brand that feels intuitive makes a human connection.
Intuition is the innate human ability instantly to feel, understand or know something without structured rational thought.

Intuitive perceptions may influence whether your customer chooses your brand or gravitates to a competitive brand/service/offering. Integrating intuition into your branding enables your business to connect with potential and existing customers on an emotional level.  When using intuition in branding it engenders a feeling of care, connectedness and of being understood in the customer. It follows the natural way of things that creates a relationship of honesty and trust between the customer and the brand.

The benefits of intuition are that it facilitates, a credible and cohesive first impression and evokes an emotional response.

  • Consider how the emotional energy of your brand/product/service/offering comes across as a first impression?
  • Then relook at all of the visual elements that intentionally make your brand simple and easy to understand.

Then ask:
How does it make me feel?  That is how your customer will feel. Getting it right means the customers won’t have to wonder – they will simply ‘get it’.

Checklist for an unforgettable approach for the customer.
What is the one thing that you want people to understand when they first connect with your brand?

What is the initial impression of your brand across all media and platforms?
And is my message consentient and cohesive?
Finally: How and what do I do to create emotional experience

Humans will often remember an emotion of an experience rather than the actual event. Our emotional responses have longevity in our memory banks where images and fact may fade.

– What emotions do my customers experience when they first encounter my brand, offering, product or service?
– How can I reach my customers in a way that helps them feel what they want to feel?
Positive emotions may include: Surprise, happiness, and gratitude.
– How can you create memorable emotional experience/feeling/response for your customer? ‍

Connecting simply and honestly and evoking an emotion or feeling in the customer is the game changer. Ed