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The Mayans appeared ‘suddenly’ approximately 2 000 years ago as an advanced civilisation without the evolutionary growth typically seen over long periods of time. And then they mysteriously vanished about 1 111 years ago, leaving behind a legacy of advanced achievements in architecture, art, mathematics, astronomy.

    But perhaps the greatest contribution they made was through their calendars, or maps of time, which were quite unlike anything the world has ever seen.

    So what is it that made the Mayan culture so advanced and extraordinary? What knowledge did they tap into that we have not been able to do?

Strangely enough it all has to do with the stars.

The Mayans were expert star watchers and they referred to themselves as “star walkers”. They knew the stars like the back of their hand and, simply put, they had the uncanny ability to, through their ‘creative imagination’, connect with the energies of certain stars and bring the energy down to Earth. The process was then repeated in reverse, directing the energy back from the Earth to the stars.

    And how did they achieve this? By practising certain Mayan meditation techniques and using sacred plant journeys with mushrooms.

     And so the Mayan civilisation literally developed a cosmic network of energy and consciousness between heaven and Earth called star energy lines. And to keep this connection consciously flowing, they created the highly accurate and astounding Mayan calendars, linking the stars and the Earth closely together in the form of a very practical tool called a calendar that everyone could relate to and use. Immensely clever people!

      The star system that the Mayans primarily followed was the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. It is among the star clusters closest to the Earth and sits in the constellation of Taurus. When you look up into the night sky, the Pleiades seem to shine like diamonds. Yet there is always a feeling of deep mystery. They seem so far away? Are they really there? Or do we simply imagine them? Perhaps they are multi-dimensional? The Mayans used their connection to the Pleiades to inspire creative imagination. Many festivals were held to coincide with the rising of the star cluster in the sky. These were timed to bring auspicious blessings of good luck, predict good harvests, start a new cycle, much as in the Ancient Egyptian times when the star Sirius was profoundly studied, followed and revered.

     When you visit a Mayan pyramid site such as Palenque in Mexico, or Tikal in Guatemala, it is easy to see how the pyramids of each city were very specifically aligned to the Pleiades. Often the entrances and pathways would be facing the direction of the Pleiades and, in fact, many say that these Maya pyramid sites are multi-layered matrices of the Pleiades and star maps which the Mayans built on Earth.

    All the Mayan temples were built on earth power spots where the energy of the Earth flows freely. During the day, cosmic energy would flow out while the people were awake and creating. And during the night, the temples would be recharged by drawing in new energy from the Earth and stars while everyone was sleeping. The temples were living breathing beings, totally connected to the Earth and to the stars!

    So what is the significance of these star energy lines the Mayans created and knew so well for us today? The Mayans knew that as humans we can either enhance or reduce the energy of the lines. Heavy emotional states such as anger, fear and violence significantly reduce the energy flow. But holding a high resonance of unconditional love, kindness and unity creates a connection that is enhanced and becomes far more clear, just like being tuned into a radio station accurately so that we can receive good and clear reception.

    The energy flow between us and the stars can be greatly increased by holding a simple intention such as peace and harmony.

     At times it is hard to know truly what is going on in the world. So much unprecedented change is happening – to systems and structures, to our bodies, our health, our world. It all seems too overwhelming and exhausting! Yet there are so many tools available to us. The ancient civilisations such as the Mayans left many clues behind.

And important parts of these clues are to be found in the stars! 

Is it time for you to look up more often to the stars? To wonder about how you can find a true connection? To explore the possibility of your being able to be connected to the stars in a real and even ‘physical’ or energetic way?

    The Mayans knew this well. They made it their business to find out more. They studied, they researched, they looked for answers.

      Perhaps we can do that too now. Now is the time to decipher the hidden and ancient knowledge that was left to us by our ‘star ancestors’, the Mayans.

Elizabeth Bardin runs an Earth School named SACRED EARTH & STORM that takes regular tours to many parts of the world, including Mexico and Guatemala, where she has studied and explored the fascinating world of the Mayans. For more information you can visit her website https://elizabethbardin1.wixsite.com/mysite. You can also find her on Facebook (elizabethbardin9), LinkedIn and Instagram (elizabethbardinsacredearth).