Lake Eland, Gem of the Oribi Meander

by | Digitorials, Summer 2022

It is no surprise that Lake Eland Game Reserve is valued as an Oribi Gorge gem. The reserve has grown so much over the past few years, and is a top tourism attraction of the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. With over 16 activities and still growing, it is easy to understand why guests will book their stay at Lake Eland Game Reserve, with a big variety of accommodation options. Retreat to the comfort and serenity of one of our beautifully decorated and fully equipped self-catering chalets, surrounded by all that nature has to offer. The day visits are, of course, also an option to experience this outdoor, nature-celebrating, thrill-giving, growing adventure reserve.

Yes, I am talking about the host of the longest zip line tour in Africa! A 4,5km tour consists of 14 zip slides. Starting at the top of the Oribi Gorge, you will fly from mountain to mountain, over the lake, through a tunnel and never forget a second of it. If this tour, with its beautiful views, isn’t enough to take your breath away, try our extreme zip line. Are you brave enough to dare the 120km per hour zip line from top to bottom? I guess, you will have to try to know.

Of course, there are those of us who, ourselves, love some thrill rides, but prefer them on the ground. If this is more you, I would highly recommend the 5km gravity scooter tour that Lake Eland Game Reserve offers. What a fun, thrilling, downhill ride. You have your steep hills to get the speed-going and hair-blowing moments we all need in life, but you also experience the magic of the nature surrounding you, with open plains and tree-covered tunnels.

A must is the famous original suspension bridge at the Oribi Gorge, with breathtaking views. For some it is a huge achievement to walk across our 80m suspension bridge. The views from the bridge are more than ‘gorge-ous’ and you will be inspired by the magnificence of Oribi Gorge. This is the most loved attraction at Lake Eland and taking your photo on this bridge has become a must do all around the globe. With social media influencers from all over the world and a few local heroes visiting the suspension bridge, this surely has become a bucket-list bullet point to add to your travel journal.

I am sure that, once these views are seen and captured in your heart, you will embrace more of this beautiful reserve, so why not bring your mountain bike and test your abilities by riding our 5km, 24km and 45km tracks, with lots of single tracks to choose from. Ride alongside game and take in the breathtaking views from the track. I know, not all of us are cycling lovers, but we all enjoy a nice walk and we need this more than we know. In a world where mental health has become a priority, the guests at Lake Eland love to take a stroll on one of our hiking trails. Embrace the ‘off-line’ life and just view the animals on the reserve on foot. So come and pick a trail that will not just suit your level of experience, but that will open your heart to embrace life with a new view.

For those of you hoping to get right up close to the wildlife at Lake Eland Game Reserve, horseback is the way to go. With over 10 horses and two ponies, each with its own personality, you are sure to connect not just with yourself, nature and the free spirit within you, but also get to know one of our horses and – let me tell you – they are special. Besides, who doesn’t dream of being a cowboy, even just for a little bit?

Have you ever heard of a Paintball Colosseum? Well, Lake Eland Game Reserve has The Paintball Colosseum. Yes, it is time for the battle of the gladiators! Our paintball site has loads of bush and wooden barriers which are perfect to hide behind and stalk your friends, while spectators can watch from the Colosseum, with a birds-eye view. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday, year-end function, or host a team building. Of course, most groups of friends and families, just come and play for the fun of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Lake Eland Game Reserve does not just cater for those wild at heart and seeking adventure. Covering an impressive 2 500 hectares, with diverse ecosystems of bushveld, grassland, coastal forest and wetland, this natural landscape offers a place of peace and tranquillity.

So, if you are an animal lover, birder or just want to enjoy a little peace, then you are also more than welcome.

Book a two-hour educational and informative guided game drive with our experienced game rangers in our open game viewing vehicles, they might just get you up close and personal with some of our game. Lake Eland Game Reserve is home to animals of all shapes, sizes and species! You might just see our famous giraffe family, or the elands grazing on the plains. The zebras and blesbok will surely greet you. Keep your eyes open for the blue wildebeest running around and some more species, hiding and grazing all around. Or come treat yourself and your loved ones with a large variety of relaxing spa treatments. A place to relax the mind, body and soul.

For the fishermen out there, I am sure you already know about Lake Eland Game Reserve, as they take great care of fishing-junkies. With a main lake far away from all other accommodation and busy activities, the lake offers camping spots, fishermen’s cottages and even day-stands so that you have the perfect spot to throw in a line! Of course, the reserve is also hosting the annual fishing compo, as Lake Eland plays host to a multitude of species including bass, barbel, carp, and tilapia.

The three smaller dams, located at the chalets and restaurant, are also open to fishermen. With a catch-and-release policy, we also ensure that the fish are happy as can be.

This is surely the place to be. The whole family will find an experience that will satisfy their individual needs. Keep the kiddies busy with our fantastic interactive play area just stone’s throw away from the restaurant. Dads, come and try our brand-new driving range, from amateur to expert. This creates a safe and fun space for you to perfect your swing. Moms, should I really remind you of our spa? And of course, once all the fun is done and everyone is hungry, Lake Eland’s restaurant provides an indoor dining area as well as an outdoor deck and garden area, overlooking the game reserve, with the most amazing heartwarming, belly-filling meals. With affordable rates and full plates, the restaurant will call you back, because our chef’s special macadamia and venison meals are found hardly anywhere else. Pizzas and burgers, baskets and desserts, your tummy will thank you.

Once again, I say it is no surprise that Lake Eland Game Reserve is valued as an Oribi Gorge gem. Just come and see for yourself.