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Nolwazi Rahlaga is a survivor of a car crash that killed both her parents. In Nelspruit, South Africa, where she lectures at the local university, Nolwazi meets Mohale Motlalepula, a man who triggers her spiritual awakening. We discover their shared past lives in 17th century Great Zimbabwe, where he was a powerful warrior who helped her escape her father’s plot to have her destiny as the first rain queen denied. Follow the story of her awakening to her true identity as she undergoes a unique and painful initiation in order to reawaken the spirit of Modjadji, the rain-making queen of the Balobedu tribe.

I found this book riveting; taking it along on my December working vacation to Limpopo to review. I had no idea of the serendipitous events that would take place.

In the book Nolwazi visits her home, after her primal urges begin awaken and Mohale fills every thought and dream … she needs to get back to her home, the beautiful farm with boughs breaking with fruit, to her maternal aunt Susan and Malawian uncle Abe, her surrogate ‘parents’ in the Letsitele Valley in Letaba. Unbeknown to Nolwazi she was brought to them by an old wise woman, Koko Moagadi, a seer, and a deal was struck that Nolwazi – granddaughter to the wise man of Baroka – was to return to the mountain and take initiation with the woman… the spirit within Nolwazi, however, still slept.

Abe, takes Nolwazi on a drive through Modjadjiskloof and shares that all of the mountains were part of the Balobedu land and the queen. Masalanabo Modjadji, had surrendered the land of Magoba now Magoebaskloof to prevent bloodshed. Modjadji, a seer and an immortal, could ”stir up the pot to fill up the clouds“. Modjadji was the rain queen.

Abe and Nolwazi then drive through the realm of the queen – a fortress of mountains – and head north though the famous ZZ2 tomato farm to the plains of Maphalle: The very route I had travelled the day before, the energy electric and the rain gently falling!

This powerful fictional book is steeped in history, intrigue and mysticism and was third prize winner of Dinaane Debut Fiction Award 2019.

History recalls that Maselekwane Modjadji I reigned from approximately 1800 to 1854. Maselekwane was followed by Masalanabo Modjadji II who reigned from 1854 to 1894. Like her mother before her, she lived in seclusion, seldom appeared in public and was practically inaccessible to her people. It was this second Modjadji who was said to have been the inspiration for H Rider Haggard’s book, She. Ed

Karabo Finger is a writer, a researcher and a creative entrepreneur. The 37-year-old pursued a career as a fashion designer before following her spiritual calling in 2014. Her chief interest as an author is based on the spiritual and cultural history of Africa. Legacy of a Rain Queen is her first publication. ISBN: 978-0-620-85721-5 https://helpmyworldpublishing.co.za/