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Conversations with Kuthumi
Letter to the Lightworkers

by | Print Articles, Spiritual Living, Summer 2022

The sum total of who you are
Dear ones, as you enter through the portal of the Life-Giving Force Field kicking and screaming (as it is very traumatic to be birthed here), you take on an intended divine imprint of authenticity which is programmed by several sub-templates. First, there is the template of soul-spirit decisions, which are pointers that indicate your pre-projected route, from arrival right through to exit opportunities.

This is overlaid by your template of influence, which includes nudges from your guides, synchronicity and intuition. Then there is the all-important map of point of entry, thus your choice of life circumstances to be birthed into, including your astrological map. Next, you have the imprint of effects that you previously left behind that are still in progress, which include your biological imprint from your parents, grandparents and so on, all of which impact your DNA, along with ‘unfinished issues’ from past incarnations.

Next, the template of the personality self is set to both challenge and support you in every way by means of modifying and re-scripting yourself, using hurdles, obstacles, gifts and talents to refine and redefine your authenticity.

Stay connected to your inner child, your innocent memory of playfulness, set to remind you that anything is possible and to remain childlike not childish.

You enter into this world as an apathetic aspirant and exit as an expert aspirant as you again take on your iridescent multidimensional crystalline flame expression.

Your Monad serves as a Way Station that filters the Essence of Source into your Higher Self, which in turn filters information and energy to you. As your personality-self awakens, the veil that divides the left and right brain hemispheres thickens, thus your angelic memory begins its decline and the memory of your Higher Self fades. Everything is stored and recorded within the grids of unconsciousness, your cave of consciousness (Akash) and your cell tissue acting as the sacred connective tissue between your human experience, and your Spirit way of Being.

Consciousness beyond the veil

Beyond this plane, consciousness albeit magnetic, takes on a reflective energy that acts as a hologram to bring about a desired outcome where all is orderly. All within Spirit Consciousness is coherently sublime. This is the omniscient expression of LOVE and PEACE that you yearn for whilst on earth. This Light, as with Love, knows no opposites, as these form the foundations that carry you upon the Hands of God, changing your composition from spirit into matter and vice-versa. It is these particles of Creation that keep you within Light Consciousness once you leave here. These particles are infused into every cell of your physicality, anchored through your life cord extended from the Breath of God. It is by these very particles that you are KNOWN and it is with this Breath that you return.

Your Diamond Core Consciousness acts as the radar for the god in you, as you can never be separate from our Creator. It is your integral source of direction, knowing, perception, understanding and being, which was imprinted within you long before your physical body completed its formulation, thus you can never be alone. 

The veil that divides this earth illusion from eternal bliss is like a magnetic strip of divided consciousness. It is within this ‘bandwidth’ of transcendence that you tap into your Akash. As your awareness expands, so does your reflective and receptive radiance, which is infinitely visible beyond dimensional divisions. On a physical level, this is mirrored through your eyes, the smile on your face, the touch of your hand and enhanced by your reaction to your lower and higher senses.

The warrior awakens
“As a bride prepares for her groom, we said to you ‘Prepare yourself for one of the most exhilarating life-terms you lived thus far’ and here you are as part of a commendable global team! If inspiration has gone and irritation has come, step back and think how far and long you have traversed and all you endured to be where you are now.

Your instinctive DNA knows you are in the midst of a powerful shift. You experienced the ending of a time and the birth of another, along with the voyage between tangible matter and that which is mysteriously magnificent. You, the forerunners, have seeded the energy of Love that preceded the current awakening and your future self will see this through by demolishing every matrix of control and fear.

As Starseeds, you came with an unconditional commitment to assist others to discover and understand this new unfolding reality and to bring an end to the disaster that many have lived through within so many lifetimes. You heeded the urgency of Mother Earth’s calling whilst exploring your free-thinking mind.

At this consciousness crossroads, your left/right brain hemispheres and your masculine/feminine templates must marry to assimilate your past, present and future as you step through The Doorway of Higher Consciousness by integrating your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart, the merging of the solar-heart, crown-mind and other chakras. The totality of your being, your Personality-Soul-Spirit self can facilitate this.

This lifetime is about masterhood for many, which means having to go against the flow at most times, a task that may seem arduous and even impossible to some, as you work towards being cut free from the illusion. As Atlanteans and other ancient races, many of you felt a similar uneasiness towards those ‘end times’ because you struggled to flow alongside darkness and density as is currently the case, which you recognise as the end of an Epoch, thus take life head-on, walk with your head held high, and remember why you came.

Unlike magnificent quartz disguised as a rock that can only reveal its gem qualities once chiseled and polished, know that the One that created ALL needs no machinery, appliance, or apparatus to tap into your true gem quality, or cut through your rough exterior to expose your beautiful interior, no matter how unpolished you may think you are, as your power lies in your magnificence and the Creator knows this as It created and knows you!

There is a nervousness within the air as earth’s cleansing process may prove to be traumatic for many. The exposure of all that is not good (corruption) is part of this. Restrictions within majority consciousness must shift and to those who still live in ignorance, we say, wake-up!

As you slide back and forth between worlds of control and surrender, remember lust and greed creates war, doubt challenges knowing and doubt no longer plays a part of who you are.

Questioning is a human thing and, although we were once human too, as we loved, hurt, cried, begged and prayed, we never doubted to the extent of the collective, which separated us from the masses.

To experience your current evolution consciously is a gift beyond measure. The worlds are closing in on each other as, once again, veils are thinning and illusions are drifting. The Grid Systems support your multi-dimensional perception of this. These are exciting times! The choice to remember, along with ‘re-membering closed-circuit members’ (regrouping family and friends) remains yours.

Many lightworkers still beat themselves up dealing with ‘perceived inadequacies’ whilst playing the game of duality. Please drop the ‘nowhere-near-perfect syndrome’ and clear every issue of forgiveness by exploring your High Heart, for the time to be as Fluid Love is here. Stop striving for perfection as expressed through the linear mind, which is nothing but a man-made template created to fuel competitiveness; henceforth you needn’t ‘create’ perfection nor ‘work towards it’ as it is already so.

The end of the drama is in sight and you cannot give up. Despondency causes a collapse within your mental and emotional fields.

Many have suffered betrayal and backstabbing and, understandably, nothing is more frustrating than to feel judged, with your back against a wall. By increasing your light frequency, you activate your Lightbody according to your Light quotient, but this takes dedication. As your sacred quintessence awakens from its dormancy, further levels of your Lightbody become active as timing comes to greet experience. This celestial etheric vehicle of Light allows you to transcend all, as you integrate ‘Super’ Light quotient.

You are all key players within a game that is bursting with quantum possibilities set to unite the worlds of religion and science through spirituality. Lead by example and Love all others as the self. Who better to ask to create a new matrix of Love than a team of specialist commanders of Light, YOU!

You may be masters in the making on this plane, but beyond this world you are that already. Remember when the serpent of temptation beckons you to cast your nets of judgment, stand firm within Supreme Love Consciousness and allow Acceptance and Gratitude to guide you towards enlightenment. You are quick to give but not to receive which stems from worthiness.

No matter if some think of you as eccentric, be the catalyst for the Light you came to be. Some feel that others ‘stare’ at them sometimes (and they do), yet know most times they are only fascinated by your Light!

Because of your choice to accelerate life lessons, you have never before in your entire soul existence jammed so many soul skills into one lifetime, which is truly admirable and, although there are challenges, even obstacles, you will surely benefit from the fruits of your labour.

Your task may seem immense but, when taking on your celestial cosmic frequency back Home, enjoying the cosmic gardens of your own making, you will realise the incredible benefits of the work you did on earth. You will understand what true recalibration means when it comes to the teachings and initiations that you have taken on whilst in embodiment, gifting you a far grander intuitive expression than you realise.

We salute you, masters, know you are loved beyond measure! The Grand Master Himself said “I am the Truth, the Way and the Light” – thus know that the awakening Truth within will always guide your Way towards the Light. Be pure of intent, express joy and spread your mighty wings, Human Angel!

May the Light of the Living Christ burn brightly within you. May you illuminate the world wherever you go and remember that not now or not ever can you be alone, for we are all One.


 Ascended Master Kuthumi and Celestial Companions.
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder, Howick, South Africa