Lions Gate Portal 2024 Ascended Master Kuthumi and Goddess Diana

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I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of love.

The ‘Lion’s Gate’ Infinite Portal of the Divine Goddess is all about divine feminine creative energy, which, along with the Leo energy, invites everyone to roar their power like royalty. Each year this coincides with the ‘Day out of Time’ (25 July) and the Planetary Galactic New Year (26 July) when this gateway awakens. It closes on August 12th.

It is a powerful time of integrating Diamond Light Codes directly emitted via the Great Central Sun Galactic Core, through Sirius, via your Sun, streaming transformational Love frequencies towards you. Your planetary evolution depends on this energy for its ‘fuel injection’ to assist with progress on all levels.

This alignment celebrates a configuration with the Sphinx and Great Pyramids filtered into all ley lines and sacred sites, which amplifies this energy.  

This gateway supports the melding of science and religion on every level. This in turn raises awareness to embrace Diamond (Gamma) Consciousness, thus 12th Dimensional energy working through your 12th Chakric System, into the 13th, The Divine Mystery of all Existence.  

Many are facing challenges when it comes to rediscovering the Love that you are. Work with the gifts of unconditional Love extended from your totem animal(s). Receive this as part of nature, like divine impressions held within the womb of Gaia whilst she transitions through a natural evolutionary process.

Your inner or innocent child gifts you the innocence to trust completely. This allows a state of surrender and acceptance. You see, when you look through the heart of innocence, anything is possible.

Diana Speaks… I am Diana Goddess of Light.

This higher dimensional portal supports the divine goddess frequency within all to bring about balance which was suppressed for eons. To facilitate this rebirth within the awakening Aquarian Age, it had to transcend the Piscean Age limitations.

The thinner the veils between worlds, the more ‘enlightening’ consciousness become. The deeper the awakening, the easier to raise your frequency to communicate with your Higher Self and others of higher dimensions. Thus, as a surrogate and instrument you are a divine multidimensional conduit or anchor.   

The goddess energy recalibrates the divine masculine/feminine template into balance. Understandably this portal exposes even the uninformed to great sensitivity, as the inner ear whispers, inviting you to discover your inner voice.

Embrace life from a non-judgmental point of view!

Feminine consciousness births a flexible spiritual creative energy that boosts communication between third and fifth dimensional consciousness, inspiring your creative juices to flow! This allows the divine goddess within, no matter your gender, to weave her tapestry of love, compassion, creativity and sensual divinity.

The ‘experiment’ of duality requires recreation to balance your inner masculine/ feminine. Through eons of lower (un)consciousness humanity focused on the ‘levelling of the roles’ which is rapidly shifting. Gateways such as this speed up the change. 

8 = Infinite Possibilities and Abundance

2024 Gateway = 8 8 8 (Hold on to your hat!)

Following the flow of ‘give and take’, the laws of karma, manifestation and attraction, thus magnetics, reminds you ‘as you give, so too must you receive’.

Your Sun in the constellation Leo challenges you to release fears. Let go of yearnings like ‘needing to be noticed’ (or not). As the victim you cannot explore the powerful mysticism of the Lion (ess).

The Royal Golden Lions, along with many others from your Spiritual Sun Sirius, hold the energy imprint of this portal. You as Lightworkers, along with their planetary counterparts, the White and Golden Lions, Dolphins, Whales, and Elephants, serve as surrogate hosts for this energy.

The Lions specifically teach you to roar with wisdom, sensibly and sensually, following your intuition. Thus, to be strong and confident in your ability as a much loved and appreciated lightworker that has come to set the Grand Plan in motion.

The general nervousness amongst humanity is stirred by the previously over-stimulated collective male dominance within the (unconscious) collective. This is now replaced by the new balanced conscious divine feminine/masculine. This inspires ‘spiritual maturity’ which must include the world of science; hence quantum mechanics, quantum spirituality and of course the quantum multidimensional being, YOU!

The grid systems supporting your planet facilitate this and all shifts. 

The inner goddess enjoys humour as she understands herself. She embraces her lover, friend, or partner without the need to control. She extends gifts of creativity, expression, intuition, imagination and incubation through the laws of allowance, acceptance and surrender.

And so, a new world unfolds.
Thank you. Adonai.

Kuthumi returns.

Beloveds, by embracing one’s truth as a quantum being, perceptions of human tangibility must shift. Your scientists will prove this and the priests of your land will have to be ‘okay’ with these revelations!      Creativity births excitement and an expansive mind creates entrepreneurs. Each of you is a dormant entrepreneur and this gateway dares you to unleash this.

How? Surrender into the Will of the Divine so that Providence can awaken your latent ability within.  

The Lion’s Gateway bursts with confident sensual energy, no victimised poor me here! By tapping into allowance (to create), an expansive field of possibilities greets you through the law of acceptance (to receive).

Remember, the only difference between what you and another create, is the perception thereof, be it art or craft. Go on! Dare to express yourself within the world of Colour, Light, and Sound!

Religion (rigid) + science (practical) = spirituality (flexible).

The spirit within is not rigid nor necessarily practical. No matter your reality, your sacred essence within trusts who you are, knows no boundaries nor judgment and knows that indeed anything is possible, for it truly is.

As you leap to ‘roar your truth’ bring an awareness to the unconscious gifts extended to everyone through the New Codes (Diamond/Gamma/Liquid Love). These intentions of truth and inner power form the basis of Christ Consciousness. Move away from cloak-and-dagger disputes. Set your intent for complete transformation by flooding your physicality with these codes, filtered through your biological gateway of consciousness, your endocrine system.

Your pineal, along with the pituitary (and other glands) shall in time illuminate your way that, even in your darkest hour, you will never fear the setting sun!

Now this is how we see the future of this planet.

This portal unlocks abundant consciousness, revealing pathways to aid your manifestations. Remember to shift your inner focus from ‘current lack’ to ‘true desires’. Keep the lower ego in check, transcend self-sabotage and step into a new timeline creating a whole new reality, The New You.   Through the Alchemy of Consciousness, the rare White Lions represent Divine Intervention. This is the miracle of Divinity at play. Each of you may claim your right to experience this, a gift extended to you from the Heart of the Supreme Creator of All That Is.

Beloveds, the roar of the Lion stirs the ‘I’ within ‘I Am’, awakening the silence of individuality by embracing authenticity.  The waking Christ Consciousness within is beamed forth from the Christ Kingdom Rays and Diamond Consciousness Codes, unlike anything this planet has ever experienced, as you called it forth.

Other beings in support of this gateway are the Lords and Ladies of Alchemy, the Sun Goddesses and Lord Ra, Goddess Sekhmet and all Syrian counterparts. This gateway transports all this from a quantum cosmic reality into physical understanding. Embrace this reality, it is yours for the taking.

Lion’s Gate Energy Activation

Relax and find a quiet space to integrate the frequency this offers. Listen gently as the magnificent sound of heavenly choirs comes to life, extending their musical spheres to envelop you, bringing heaven unto earth through your inner ear, listen gently. Pause.

Ahead of you is a multi-coloured Domed Cathedral. Gently place both hands on the massive doors in front of you, connecting to the energy within. For a moment become aware of feelings of intimidation or insecurity (if any) projected by some of the many beings inside the cathedral. Respond with love. Pause.

Visualise two powerful Lions appearing by your side, male and female, White or Golden Lions. Take note which is on which side. Run your hands across them, feel the texture of their fur, the smoothness of the female and the mane of the male. Rest your hands gently on their heads. Pause.

Using a crystal wand, gently tap the Lions on their heads and the cathedral doors swing open. With your Lion guardians roaring your truth by your side, walk to the centre. You are surrounded by many, many, beings of light all around.

The heavenly choir and celestial bells echo with glorious colours streaming forth from the crystal dome. Feel excited as your Lions continue their majestic roar! Pause.

Left Brain → Right side of Body → Masculine → Past 

Right Brain → Left side of Body →Feminine → Future

Ponder on which side your male/female lion and wand are. Which do you give preference to or may need attention. Pause.  

Claim your magnificence as a divine being surrounded by all that is you! 

Beloveds, as you glance across these souls, know that each represents a reflection of you. All facets, personalities and incarnations that you have worked so arduously on to groom. Some successful, some in progress. You no longer need to succumb to duality, even if some lessons remain. Embrace a world based on the reality that you project towards yourself. Accept this. Pause.

Together with your Lions, beam from your heart centre a new perspective to finally release the moulds of old. See all of these soul aspects bathed within the Pink Flame of Compassion. Each played its part for you to discover yourself. Pause. 

The two Lions come to stand facing you with their backs towards your past reflections. Look into the female’s eyes. Communicate to her the compassion you feel in your heart. Ask her to assist you to roar your divine feminine power. Gently touch her face as you bring yours close to hers. Smell her musk as you gently hug then release her. Pause.

Bend down and finger the male’s impressive mane, feeling its texture, smelling the potency of his musk. Look deeply into his eyes, thanking him for his masculine support in allowing you to trust your truth and roar your power! Pause.

Your Royal Guardian Lions leave to take up their positions outside the entrance of your sacred temple, whilst your inner child and totem animal enter to join you.

Your totem animal teaches you unconditional love. Your inner child reminds you that anything is possible! Explore and enjoy their essence.

Now connect in unison as ONE with all your aspects bathed in Pink Flames.

Your Soul Star magnetises the Lion’s Gateway frequency extended from the beyond, whilst your Earth Star pulses new codes into the core of Mother Gaia to benefit all.  

Your auric field is electrifying, pulsing a myriad of colours, reflected from the multi-coloured dome above you, into your essence.

Feel your magnificence! Leave that image within your cathedral. Return to explore and expand any time!

In the Light of the Sun and SON, I give my heart and blessings to you! Call upon all of us, we’ll be there!

May the Light of the living Christ be within you. May your Solar Fire burn brighter than ever. May each day amplify your Divinity and may all always be well within your world. I am Kuthumi I am the Lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I Greet and bless thee in Love.



Chanel Lingenfelder is the author of “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” Transvoice channel for the ascended masters since 2006 after surviving a mind-blowing extraordinary ordination.