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You hold the mystery of the universe within your physical body.

From Bringers of the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak.

One day Karen came home from work with a rash. At first hardly more than an itch, over the course of the next month it became progressively worse. Night times were the worst as she would scratch herself in her sleep. She investigated allergies, changed her diet, but to no avail. The rash stayed.

  Karen had done enough self-discovery work to realise something got under her skin – figuratively. She was frustrated, not with the itch, but with a well-paying job that did nothing for her. The itch was just the manifestation. A messenger. Her body, through the physical rash, was a role player in the grand theatre of her life story.

  Skip a few chapters. Karen has a new, exciting career. She also made a few lifestyle changes, got a coach to help her overcome her fears and is literally a new person.

The rash? Long forgotten.

Victor is a fit, healthy individual in his early 60s. He has suffered from lower back pain for years. It does not bother him too much though; he accepts it as a ‘normal’ consequence of getting older and, with regular physio, adjustments to his activities and good self-care, he keeps it under control.

  But Victor is unable to shake a nagging thought… Could his body possibly be dealing with too much toxicity? Should he perhaps start paying attention to his fears about money and his ability to provide for the future?

  Yet, he prefers to let sleeping dogs lie. He knows the power of thought; that through mind over matter he can overcome anything and that, if he focuses on the discomfort, he may just create more pain. He cannot afford that. So he copes and all is well. For now.

  Victor is not wrong. But he is ignoring the innate, intelligence of his body to enable him to live a more fulfilled life.

  Aligning to our True North, being our own Best Version and living our full potential is not only about coping, controlling, or dealing with what is on our plate. It is more than that. It requires us not only to exist, but to flourish. To not just cope, but to thrive.

And for that to happen, we need all on board. our mind, heart, spirit and our bodies.

  Karen’s rash required her to look deeper as it impacted her quality of life. Victor’s backache was ‘manageable’. Both Karen’s and Victor’s bodies were speaking to them. One took the message very seriously; the other ‘coped’ with it. A subtle difference.

 In the Hawaiian culture, the body was known to have its own consciousness. The principle is that all experiences are embodied. The body holds our emotional history, our memories, fears, joys, hurts and love. The way we experience energy the most vividly is through the body. The body tells our stories – to others, to the universe and, mostly, to ourselves.

  How potent is that! Our mental constructs of reasoning, analysing, researching and understanding are all valuable information sources and expressions, yet we overlook the most valuable and sacred information tool of all, by often not listening to and not honouring our physical bodies.

  When we start to see the body as a manifestation of energy and a communication tool, we will realise how crucial it is to cleanse our bodies from the thought patterns, memories and influences it holds. If you want to change your outcome, your view of the world, or your view of yourself, just go to your body.

 Here’s a simple exercise to illustrate this: Think of a word that you would like to have more of in your life. A word that you want to embody. It could be CONFIDENCE, GRACE, LIGHTHEARTEDNESS, or even ENOUGH. Close your eyes, and let that word fill your body. Breathe it in, see it, hear it, feel it, become it. Notice subtle sensations. So simple, yet so profound. And the more you do it, the more automatic it becomes. (By the way, this goes for any word – positive or negative!)

  Thing is, we can only embody these aspects when we have space for it in our bodies. Remember, all our experiences and stories are in our bodies. Which is all good and well, provided they (these stories) do not block our ability to embody and experience that which really matters. If they do, they need to be cleared. That is what it really means to let go of things that no longer serve you – we actually remove the imprint it has on our body.

  A word of caution: Whilst this is certainly possible and whilst we have to move away from a conditioned idea that it may be hard to change (Karen’s story above proves it doesn’t have to be!), we must remember that, precisely because the body is a manifestation of energy, it may not respond to a step-by-step, mechanical treatment. Your journey is unique.

  Sounds volatile? Unpredictable? How can we then use our bodies to align ourselves better to our True North?

 Here are a few pointers:

  •  Develop a relationship with your body. Say hello to it, as if it is consciousness (it is!)
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe. More than just oxygen, breath connects us with our innate spiritual nature if that resonates with us and anchors it in our physical vessel.
  • Ask, listen, communicate. When you think you want to eat, ask your body if it wants the food. Consult your body; don’t just decide for it. Be curious about it, you will be surprised at what it reveals.
  • Stretch, move and use your body more consciously. Observe how it responds, without – and here’s the trick – judgment.
  • Practise grounding or earthing. Best done barefoot, yet nothing stops you from consciously connecting with the earth through your shoes.
  • Include regular bodywork practices. Holistic practices like therapeutic massage and sound therapy are wonderful tools. (These practices are key for those interested in ascension to higher states of consciousness!)
  • Thank your body. Do not just be grateful that you have a body. Thank it personally.

 Start to honour your body truly for the messages it reveals. It may take practice, but remember, it is up to you. You have the choice to use it, or develop a true partnership with it and to thrive. You’ll be amazed at the power it reveals.

Our spirituality really sits in our bodies.

About high time we noticed it.

Celeste Du Toit

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational life coach, speaker and holistic therapist based in Durban. She uses NLP, Kahuna massage and bodywork, as well as self-awareness and empowerment workshops and retreats, to help people align with their true purpose and ZEST for life.

Connect with Celeste at www.yesparadigm.co.za