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If ever there was a time to believe it’s now! If ever there was a time to have faith in things unseen, it’s now! If ever there was a time to choose Spirit over matter, the unseen over the seen, the un-manifest over the manifest, it is definitely now!

Now is the time! The time we have been waiting for. The time foretold. The quickening of Spirit time, the dawning of a New Age time. Time for a new and beautiful world!

What a rare and unprecedented moment! Can you imagine, believe, remember, that we all chose to be right here, right now, at this very moment! To witness, participate in, and help mould humanity on this precipice of change. Yes, we are living in the time of miracles and wonders, of horrors and abominations at the cusp of the creation and the destruction of a brand new world.

‘Never again will we stand
On the threshold of a new age
We that are here now are touched
In some mysterious way
With the ability to change
And make the future…..
To open up the magic casement
Of the human spirit
Onto a more shining world’ Ben Okri

There is no one that can more accurately describe what we are living through than Ben Okri in his amazing booklet ‘Mental Fight’ written to herald in the year 2000, which many at the time believed was the beginning of the end.

Yet here we are in the midst of a proper apocalypse. Now an apocalypse is not, as google would tell us, another word for doomsday, destruction, or Armageddon. Apocalypse is (literally, from the Greek) an uncovering of things previously unseen. It is a vision and the revelation of knowledge and heavenly secrets.

As early as the 1950’s Jung sensed a shift in collective consciousness which would herald the ‘end of time’ and activate the archetype of the apocalypse. He believed that if enough people were aware of both the meaning and the intent of this archetype, they could help create a more positive future for the world.

It is important to note that the archetype of apocalypse is dynamic, it has intent, it has purpose. It is not about wild mayhem and destruction. On an individual level, apocalypse is calling for renewal. The renewal comes about when the tension of opposites in our lives becomes so extreme and so uncomfortable that we have no choice but to be flung helter skelter into a chaos from which the new can emerge.

We do not choose this discomfort. We do not wake up one day and say, yes, this is the day I choose to turn my life upside down and inside out and back to front so something new can arise. No, the archetype of the apocalypse descends upon us with the hounds of hell breathing down his back, threatening to devour us unless we take urgent measure, tout suite, right now, and change. It’s not an easy thing nor is it ever really welcome.

On the collective level, the archetype of the apocalypse is trying to re-orientate an entire civilisation, away from old, stale, inappropriate and unsustainable ways of being. It is trying to  shatter old paradigms – outdated beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about the way things are, our illusions of reality and the way we live our lives – to a more real, sacred and sustainable way of life connected to the earth, to one another, and to the Divine.

This is no easy feat, and the civilisation does not enter this dance willingly. For though we have been seeing the signs for decades – the destruction of the planet and its creatures, global warming, the disproportionate gap in wealth that increases every year, humanity’s pain and suffering elevated to levels that should keep all of us up at night, on and on – we are surprised, nay horrified when eventually, something gives. Matters are taken out of our hands. The collective intelligence, mother earth, Divinity, the archetype of apocalypse and our higher selves come together, in a moment and decide – it is enough! One way or another, change IS happening. And here we are.

It is important to understand all this before we can have any sort of meaningful discussion around money. For if we persist in seeing what is happening all around us a as purely physical phenomenon, nothing more than a virus gone awol and the subsequent effects of that on the economy and the world, and we seek a purely physical, what-to-do solution, then we will be no closer to increasing our wealth or navigating the current events as a whole. Nor will we be helping to transition the planet and ourselves onto the next level.

Now we are all aware that even while many starve, (as is always the sad case on our planet), many more are creating great fortunes. In this very apocalypse, entire industries, companies and individuals are seeing exponential expansion in growth. And no, it’s not just Amazon.

The pet industry is booming, all manner of green things are booming, including the ole weed, the metaphysical and New Age industries are booming – yes, fortune tellers, crystals, esoteric paraphernalia – all good news for the readers of this column. It has never been easier to sell yourself and your products – online!

But to take advantage of the new world and to thrive you need to change – either what you were doing, or how you were doing it, or even maybe who you are. Unless everything is still working and you are still thriving, that is.

Consider that the era of working for a boss is over. The time for expecting someone out there to take care of you is over. You have to do it yourself. Create your own job, career, business – and it has never been easier. You no longer need premises and furniture and staff in some cases – you just need a computer – maybe even just a phone.

Of course there are many other physical industries to thrive in too. Growing things, making things, retail, entertainment, tuition, food. The world has not stopped. Business is booming!

Rule 1. Choose the light

The difference between those who have made it in business at this time and those who have not boils down to that. While some companies were and still are crazily laying people off, others are employing and starting business. The difference is a matter of view.

You have to take a side. Make a stand. You either stand for the light – for things getting better and being well – for expansion and for thriving, or you are with the fear mongerers – counting all the wrong statistics. You can choose. There is no one to stop you.

Choose the light. Choose renewal. Choose hope. Choose the things you cannot see over the things the world is throwing in your face as reality. Choose your manifestation of what you want – and hold that space.

‘And just as astonishing is the knowledge
That we are, more or less,
The makers of the future.
We create what time will frame.
And a beautiful dream, shaped
And realised by a beautiful mind,
Is one of the greatest gifts
We can make to our fellow beings’ Ben Okri

Face the apocalypse with no fear and ask it to show you what you need to see. Let it uncover what you have not seen before. Open the opportunities. Reveal the gold.

Ask yourself what needs to change. How can you make things better than they were before.

Because (and I stand to be lynched for this perhaps), I vote that if things were Really Great before the apocalypse, they would still be going. Am I right?

Rule 2. Create a beautiful dream

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

The wonderful thing about losing a job or a business (which I am not taking lightly at all, believe me – and I’ve been there) is that you have nothing further to lose.

Now, you can really get into what you want to do. Unencumbered by the usual notions of needing this and that and a business plan before you can start. You need to do it on zero budget, or with what you have at your disposal. Period. There is no other choice.

What can you do? Do it. Not tomorrow or next week – right now – today. What skills do you have? What about gifts? Can you tell wonderful tales? I bet you there are many, many people who will hire an online storyteller for their kids at this time. Are you a good listener? How can you help the world at this time? What do you think the world needs right now which you can provide/create or conjure?

Remember, all creation begins in the unseen world of imagination. This is the time to put all your manifestation skills to good use. You need to think beyond the past and beyond the present. It does not matter if you were an accountant your whole life. Do not try to solve your problem in the area it was created.

What can you do today, to help the world and yourself? Do it. The universe rewards action.

Rule 3. Believe

We have come full circle. What are you willing to believe? Will you believe in this wonderful moment as an opportunity of a lifetime? Can you believe that anything is possible? Do you believe that everything is energy? Do you therefore believe that energy is all around? Remember it cannot be created or destroyed, so it’s still out there somewhere. If energy is out there, money is out there, because money is energy. Can you believe that? Do you know that money is attracted to beautiful dreams? What beautiful dream do you offer money and the world?

The world needs you, right now. If you are reading Odyssey today then you are the one! Remember who you are and what you came here to do. Spread your wings and jump off the edge! The planet needs you.

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Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion business coach, author and course facilitator dealing with money as energy. She helps individuals and businesses to thrive, drawing on her own successful business experience and gifts as an alchemical intuitive and wealth catalyst.