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Q – In a conscious, holistic, environmental business a lot of energy and effort is expended to market, service and grow the business. How do you convert that to wealth for business and self?

A – The difference between those who excel in any field and those who do not, has nothing to do with the amount of work or effort put in. Effort is a key component and perseverance is critically important, of course, but the main reason for unspectacular results is lack of focus or intent. In the case of a business, lack of focus on profit.

Profit is really a four-letter word. One even more shunned than money. Many people want to deny profit  for a number of reasons. Some don’t want their staff to feel exploited, or to feel they exploit their staff or the world’s resources. Some don’t want to pay more tax. Others feel that making a profit is somehow immoral, that profit belongs in the land of the tycoons and drug dealers and superstars who live lavish, wasteful lifestyles.

“The great art of life is how to turn the surplus life of the soul into life for the body.” Henry David Thoreau

With this often subconscious idea of profit, few seek it out, much less name it and actively pursue it. Like a lot of thinking around money making, many believe that profit making is not spiritual, not conscious, not environmental and therefore cannot be aligned with their very nice businesses and enlightened selves.

Without clear focus and intent on profit in a business, however, the business cannot flourish and often cannot survive.

Now focusing on profit does not mean you lose your conscious compass or enlightened direction, it just means that you become specific about the destination of your journey. That’s what intent is. Because without a destination in a business, you will keep wandering around, albeit in a very ethical and very spiritual way (amulets in place, smudge sticks burning), but you will not be getting anywhere.

Making profit does not mean you sacrifice your overlighting intent and purpose to serve in this world. That always remains unchanged. It is the essence of who you are and how you choose to walk this earthly path. A clear focus and intent on profit is subservient to that.

Everything is energy. Money is energy. Profit is energy. How you choose to use and direct that energy is up to you. The energy itself is neither positive nor negative. Neither virtuous, nor corrupt. It is very important to understand this.

What is profit? Profit is excess, abundance, surplus, it is more than you need. It is what is left over when you add value. Profit is an overflow – of energy, joy, giving, heart, service. Profit is a celebration of life and of tomorrow.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. Rumi

Profit is the way mother nature operates – abundantly, lusciously and with fecundity. There is a sense of not holding back, of giving it all and of trust and faith in tomorrow. And in this sense of optimism and faith, we give, we add value and create profit. Not as an act of hoarding or taking away from, but as an act of profound giving. An act of service and an act of creation. For who creates the profit, but you? And where is it created from if not from your energy and focus and intent.

With this frame of reference, we intend the profit and we create it by calling it forth. Much like the famous Carlos Castaneda quote: “Intent is a force in the universe. When sorcerers beckon it, it comes to them and sets up the path of attainment.”

Never worry about the path of attainment or the how of it. Focus instead of the where and the what. Where are you going? What do you want?

Decide to add value, become of value. Be a profit yourself. Decide to create profit in everything you do. Decide to make your business profitable. Decree it. Intend it.

Get specific. Find a number that is meaningful to you. Something you can relate to and can achieve.  A profit number you resonate with. Then put it out there as your intent and align all your activities to that intent. This is a mental alignment, an act of focus and intent.

Remind yourself each day that it is your intent to make a profit. That you are in business to make a profit. That you are in business to make 89 000 or 1,1-million or 220 000 profit. Commit to a number. Then set out to achieve it without hesitation.

What you focus on expands. Focus on profit and wealth will flow and grow.


Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo

Wealth Expansion Author

Kiki Theo combines decades of successful business experience with energetic processing tools she has created to help people grow their wealth and business. She is the author of nine wealth expansion titles and offers courses and sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to fly!


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