Like myself, if you do not understand the bioscience of phytobimimetics and the signals cannabis molecules transmit, or if you have only heard of the general health benefits of cannabis but are interested in your wellbeing from a holistic and mental health perspective, then welcome to the incredible journey Cheri De Jong can take you on! 

I was introduced to Cheri recently and was immediately intrigued by her story. I had been struggling with insomnia for many years and had been taking cannabis in different forms to help with that, but at the time I met Cheri, I was also struggling terribly from a sudden onset of burning feet. It had just been a few months, but the pain had sent me down the Google rabbit hole and the prognosis was daunting. Probably more overwhelming was how many people were affected by it.  

After a thorough discussion with Cheri over my own personal situation, Cheri suggested I try her THC drops for sleep and her CBD drops through the day for general wellbeing, with a personalised instruction on how to take them. Not understanding at that time the complexity of Cheri’s invention, I was intrigued by the method of dissolving the drops in a small glass of water and the quick absorption and therefore onset of her product.  While the THC vape I had been using over the previous few months was instant, it was harsh on the throat and, in my mind, therefore not sustainable. The CBD oil I had also tried for a while proved difficult with timing, needing to be taken an hour before wanting to sleep, with an added concern of not being quite sure of the correct quantity. Sourcing the products was also a challenge, especially locally on the South Coast of KZN, often not sure which provider to trust.  

I soon found that not only did Cheri’s drops help me sleep better, but within a short time I noticed the burning feet sensation was significantly reduced. While still early days, I was relieved beyond description and, of course, wanted to know more.  

So, while this thousand-word article hardly scratches the surface of Cheri’s world, it can lay the foundation to this incredibly powerful story. Cheri’s determination to revolutionise mental wellness began at an early age with a profound understanding of energy’s role in powering all living beings. Perhaps it was her rebellious spirit or her innate curiosity but, as with most ground-breaking pioneers, it is these attributes, together with her deep passion and caring nature, which meant it was inevitable that Cheri would craft her own unique approach to wellness. It was also Cheri’s own severe illness and spending time in Hospice care from 2010 to 2017, where she saw first-hand how important it is to treat the person, not just the illness. During that time, needing a fast delivery process for pain to assist in weaning herself off morphine, Cheri learnt that emotions and frequency are like the secret source to healing.  She found herself diving head first into exploring microcosms and signal molecules, all using cutting-edge technology. While Cheri’s approach is scientifically based, she will attest it was during that time the magic happened!   

Drawing on her 15 years’ experience of studying and processing cannabis, Cheri truly understands the natural phenomenon of cannabis in that it enhances our signal molecules.  By dissolving a polar oil into water her water-soluble quick onset method enters the bloodstream and the brain within a five-minute onset time, ensuring the fast delivery method of the molecular compounds to the cells. Cheri’s invention defies convention and embraces innovation and is now registered as a provisional patent while clinical trials and further research are taking place.

Cheri is quick to point out that hers is not the only CBD product on the market claiming to be water-soluble. However, her product and the quick onset delivery method stand out from nano-emulsion CBD water-soluble products in a crucial way. While nano-emulsions rely on tiny particles to enhance bioavailability, with her proprietary technology she is able to harness the power of phytobimimetics to facilitate a five-minute absorption and increased bioavailability. Unlike nano-emulsions, which can be limited by particle size and stability, her method disperses easily in water, ensuring a consistent and effective delivery of active ingredients. This innovative approach allows for faster onset of effects, making it an attractive solution for those seeking swift relief and enhanced therapeutic benefits.

Water-soluble CBD is the closest cannabinoid to the cannabinoids our body produces, which is, of course, why it works!

The quick onset delivery method encompasses the following:

–           Rapid absorption: Enables faster onset of effects.

–           Supercharged bioavailability:  Maximising the impact of active ingredients.

–           Nature’s wisdom: Using the best natural ingredients, utilising the wisdom of nature for all health solutions.

–           Sustainable policies and practices: Focus on practices using environmentally friendly production methods.

The product line-up, using the quick onset method and micro dosing, includes:

–           Focus Flow:

This product is a cognitive booster with cannabidiol (CBD), ashwagandha and bacopa monnieri for enhanced mental clarity and productivity. 

–           Mood Lift:

Mood-enhancing supplement combining cannabidiol, saffron and curcumin to promote emotional balance and wellbeing.

–           Energy Pulse:

Natural energy booster featuring cannabidiol, guarana and ginseng for sustained vitality and physical performance.

Another of Cheri’s product line is cannabis with THC, which has a similar structure to virodhamine (also known as OAE or O-arachidonoyl ethanolamine) and is an endocannabinoid that plays a crucial role in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Some of THC key properties are:

–           Natural pain relief:

THC has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a natural pain reliever.

–           Mood regulation:

THC interacts with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, influencing mood, emotional response and stress management.

–           Anti-anxiety effects:

THC has anxiolytic properties, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

–           Neuroprotection:

It may have neuroprotective effects, potentially helping to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

–           Cardiovascular health:

Research suggests it may have cardioprotective properties, supporting heart health.

–           Gastrointestinal balance:

THC may help regulate gut health and digestion.

–           Immune system modulation:

As we slowly understand the benefits of a healthy immune system, TCH interacts with this powerful self-healing phenomenon, potentially influencing immune response and inflammation.

Cheri’s quick onset delivery method can enhance the effects of THC by ensuring rapid absorption and increased bioavailability, making it an attractive option for those seeking natural relief from various health issues, but also aiding with sleep! Taking a drop or two five minutes before bedtime can offer a welcome relief for people suffering from insomnia.      Speaking with Cheri is to swim into a deep ocean of information on this subject she is so passionate about.  She has dedicated her life’s work to solving the riddle of mental health challenges and has embarked on an educational programme on the potency of emotions and frequency in healing, working with and utilising the various biological active ingredients in the incredible plants we share this planet with. 

Basically, in layman’s terms, it is wellness she is interested in and believes it is attainable for all of us! 

So yes, without doubt, as I watch the drop fall from the bottle, I realise it truly is so much more than just a drop!   Let the journey continue!

From a young age, Cheri De Jong, Founder of Herbal Research & Development Centre (Pty) Ltd, demonstrated a profound understanding of wellness and recognised the necessity for an innovative approach towards mental health. Her mission is to leverage the potency of nature to enhance wellbeing, supported by rigorous scientific enquiry and a steadfast commitment to quality. 

Cheri’s journey was profoundly influenced by personal adversity. Her own illness resulted in Cheri being under Hospice Care from 2010 to 2017, an experience which fuelled her dedication to developing her own product line.  Committed to unlocking the full potential of botanicals, Herbal Research Centre specialised in pioneering research and development, particularly in the domain of cannabis oils.  Cheri’s invention, registered as a provisional patent, offers a rapid onset method by dissolving a polar oil into water, facilitating entry into the bloodstream and brain with a five-minute onset time. 

Based in Sedgefield, a coastal town in the Western Cape province of South Africa, Cheri has been acknowledged by the local newspaper Edge, facilitating in the writing of four articles exploring the many advantages of CBD and exploring the bioscience of cannabis. 

Cheri De Jong can be reached at: https:/