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Moving from Belief to Knowing.Shining a Light from Within!

by | Print Articles, Spiritual Living, Summer 2023

“I do not believe in the afterlife!” These were the words that resounded in the ears of the show host, with a seriously confused look on her face in utter shock and horror. I furthered my statement with: “Let me explain. I do not believe in an afterlife; I know there’s an afterlife.” You see in truth there is a big difference in belief and knowing. Whilst there is a relationship, the two are entirely different. One is like a fable that changes and one is as constant and true as the air you breathe. There is a hidden bridge from knowledge that leads to wisdom and this is knowing. We have to display courage to be able to take the step onto the bridge that leads to wisdom.

In the quiet moments we have within ourselves, we often ponder the nature of what we believe. However, if we look deeper into the nature of our beliefs you will see they are not real. In fact, they are illusionary and, like your goals, they change in a moment. Nevertheless, ask yourself this: Are our beliefs the beacons guiding us through the tumultuous seas of life, or are they but shadows cast by someone else’s light? This journey from the familiar shores of belief to the profound depths of knowing is more than a philosophical quest; it’s a spiritual pilgrimage. This article embarks on an introspective journey, exploring why belief is often a borrowed perception. We consider how knowing can be the divine spark that transforms our lives, shining an unfaltering light from within.

The nature of belief

Beliefs are the coloured glasses through which we view the world. In reality these rose-tinted glasses exist for everyone but especially in the spiritual world full of imbalance and ignorance or indeed in the world of religion and mediumship. I have lost count of the people I know who wear these glasses and refuse to see the opposites within the astral or live in a fantasy believing everything in the garden is rosy. That’s an article for another time. In reality, we are tainted by the diverse perceptions of our culture, society, family and education and in our relationships. Like the weather, they shift and change, shaped by the winds of personal experiences and the rain that temporarily quenches nature. There are questions that haunt our nights, causing confusion and uncertainty. Living on belief alone is akin to relying on a map drawn by others; it may guide you on well-trodden paths but can never chart the unique terrains of your soul.

However, beliefs are not without their merits. They provide a framework, a starting point from which our journey begins. They offer comfort in times of uncertainty, a collective knowledge passed down through generations. Yet, the inherent limitation of beliefs lies in their external origins. They are perceptions formed through the lenses of others, often untested by the fires of personal experience. Relying on beliefs can lead to a life constrained within the boundaries set by others, devoid of personal authenticity. An example of this is when you are young and you are guided into the same religious perceptions as your parents, or you support the same team as your parents and your friends. Your beliefs, unbeknown to you, are already influencing you without your understanding why or how. Here’s the shocker, your beliefs will inevitably change as you fall into line with external perceptions and expectations.

Understanding knowing

Knowing, in contrast, is the silent whisper of divinity within us. It does not shout or demand attention; it is just there as part of you and your relationship to the animating force of all that exists. Knowing transcends the intellectual; it is the hidden bridge that leads you to wisdom. But the profound conviction that resonates exists in faith. You are standing on the precipice of a void that has no bridge you can see. It is the conviction in coming to knowing that one is there without you perceiving it. This is the faith on who you are in the universe. It’s an inner certainty that stands unwavering, even in the absence of external evidence. Is this blind faith? No! it is deep knowing and is claircognisant in its divine expression.

Knowing is the divine light that never flickers, even when storms rage outside. It is an inner truth, the intuitive understanding that transcends words and rational explanations. This knowing is not something that you can learn in a book, it is not something that can be taught to you in a workshop. Knowing is a self realisation, an awakening from within the soul. It is the light that is ignited within in the moment of transcendence. It is a truth that we uncover from within, a sacred realisation of our interconnectedness with all that is. When we know, we align with the divine wisdom, understanding our place within the cosmic dance of existence. When we come to knowing, we self-realise who we are and the power we hold inside that can transform the outer reality.

The transformational journey from belief to knowing

There is a hidden wisdom in the metamorphosis of a caterpillar that transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This wisdom exists in nature and is transformational. However, from belief to knowing is seldom a straight path nor is it an easy path. It twists and turns through valleys of doubt and mountains of struggle as you try to climb up what seems to be an impossible journey. Yet something deep inside makes you put one foot in front of the other and each step becomes a step closer. It is easier to climb when you are not carrying your baggage.

Life’s trials and tribulations and perceptive beliefs, urge us to seek deeper, we become seekers because of the deep yearning of the soul within. Spiritual practices, moments of profound insight and awakenings act as catalysts, propelling us forward to realisation. Stages mark this journey – questioning and seeking truth, surrendering to the unknown and potential enlightenment. It’s a pilgrimage of the soul towards its own luminescence, a journey from the noise of external dogmas to the quietude of internal wisdom. However, here is a word of warning. If you think you are enlightened after a mystical experience, then you have yet to ignite the light within, that too is a perception of a belief of others. Buddha did not claim he was enlightened after he got up from sitting under Bodhi tree.

Practical steps to cultivate knowing

Embarking on this sacred journey requires intention, attention and practice. However, practice is becoming one with you, it is not a skill you develop because the skill is temporary. A skill will fall away like the changing of the seasons. I once wrote a beautiful parable on practice and will link to this below if you would like to read this parable to learn how practice should become as natural as the breath. Mindfulness and meditation serve as our compasses, leading us inward to the silence where knowing lives. We cultivate intuition, not as a rare gift, but as a natural part of our being, learning to trust the subtle nudges and whispers of our soul. You must remember, dear reader, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your very nature is spirit and your life only exists because of spirit.

I have always taught that experience trumps theory and knowledge, because experience is always transformational when awareness is ignited and acceptance is realised. The trials we experience have within the hidden blessings that allow us to embrace uncertainty as a pattern of change and transformation. We no longer need to be validated and we integrate our ego and shadow nature as part of us that makes up the whole being. This integration teaches us and becomes our greatest spiritual guide. You have a choice; you can allow it to be your greatest teacher or your greatest nemesis. We are seekers of truth, but not a truth that is based on belief and that changes as often as the weather, but the truth that exists as the mechanics of universal divine law. Through reflection, contemplation and being uncomfortable to seek transformation, we self-realise that deeper inner truth. The truth that is Divine Law!

The impact of knowing on personal life

As we shift from belief to knowing, our lives transform in profound ways. We are no longer guided by ignorant perceptions that follow material perceptions and truths that are illusionary. Decisions are made from within and not with intellect, for they are guided by the compass of our inner truth, we are guided by the soul’s need for divine expression. Inner peace becomes our sanctuary, a serene lake within that remains undisturbed, even in the midst of life’s storms. Our authentic true self emerges, unmasked and unafraid, expressing itself freely in the world. We are in the world and not of the world; for we know that knowing becomes the light that not only illuminates our path but also casts away the shadows of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

The ripple effects of knowing can transform society

When we shine our light, it reaches beyond the confines of our personal lives. Relationships deepen, communities transform and a new consciousness takes root in society. Our personal knowing becomes a beacon for others, igniting the spark of divine understanding in the collective soul. It inspires compassion, understanding and a sense of unity, in a world that operates in fear and uncertainty as well as negative perceptions and expectations. Through knowing, we contribute to a world where actions are driven not by fear or ignorance, but by love and wisdom. Thus, we offer a collective power of transformational light within the world.

My final thought

As you move forward in your journey, you have at your disposal the power to change your outward reality. Upon the journey from belief to knowing, we discover that the light we were seeking was never at the journey’s end; it was within us all along. This divine light is our birthright, our truest nature and our most profound guide. You can realise who you are and use your inner light to cascade where there is darkness. However, another word of warning. You cannot shine that light outward until it shines from within. Your journey is now, your journey will challenge everything you think you know based on other’s perceptions, but soon you will cast your power over tumultuous seas and calm the storms with your divine knowing.

May we all find the courage to turn inward, to question, to seek and to know. And, in knowing, may we become the lighthouses in the storm, standing steadfast, shining our light from within.

Jock Brocas is a renowned evidential spiritual medium, best-selling author and respected paranormal researcher. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Jock blends his rich spiritual experiences with extensive scholarly study, inspiring thousands across the globe. His intuitive abilities and dedication to truth have fuelled his popular books, such as Deadly Departed and Powers of the Sixth Sense. Jock uses his deep understanding of the afterlife to support those grieving, providing comfort through afterlife education. An influential figure in his field, Jock continues to captivate audiences with his fascinating insights into the spiritual realm and the unexplored corners of the human psyche. His work reshapes our understanding of life, death and what lies beyond, offering us a unique lens into the extraordinary.