MUSE – She is the future. Empower her

by | Autumn 2024, Digitorials

Dedicated to empowering the “her” in every South African woman – the daughter, the sister, the mother, and the future. 

Muse, a beacon of hope and change, is an organisation dedicated to advocating for period justice across the nation. In a mission that resonates with compassion and determination, Muse strives to alleviate the burdens of period poverty, ensuring that every individual has access to the dignity and resources they deserve.

In the pursuit of change, Muse identified a critical need that had long remained unaddressed. The young girls of South Africa had been silently suffering due to a lack of access to period products, a need that extended far beyond the girls themselves. Families and communities had been indirectly impacted, as education and opportunities were curtailed, creating a ripple effect of limitations.

Awareness comes before change. According to the South African Journal of health, lack of access to sanitary products results in over 7 million girls in South Africa missing school monthly, resulting in a 25% annual learning gap. Moved by the knowledge of a basic human right unmet, as well as the environmental impact of disposable products; Simone Fink and Danielle Beekman were called to action and founded Muse.

The heart of Muse beats to a sustainable rhythm. Simmi and Dan recognized that change must not only address immediate needs but also ensure long-term impact. Choosing a path that provides reusable period products and offering a lifeline to girls and their communities. It’s a sustainable approach that empowers not just the present but secures a brighter future.

In our education system, we often assume that fundamental knowledge about procreation and the functions of the female body are adequately provided. However, we’ve found that many young women lack this crucial understanding. That’s why we’ve taken on the noble task of educating our youth. Recognizing and embracing one’s body cycles isn’t just about the present; it’s also about making informed decisions that shape the future.

Visiting schools, safe houses and community spaces, Muse not only offers reusable and sustainable period products; we also give education that promotes conscious decision making when it comes to choices regarding pregnancy, sustainability and holistic wellbeing.

The lives of over 500 girls have been changed, who won’t have to worry about paying for products their family can’t afford, for up to 5 years of their lives. That impacts their entire school career.

“I am because we are.” We are stronger together.

In whatever capacity you feel led to contribute we thank you for doing it in the spirit of Ubuntu. With small actions, we all create a ripple effect that will change the world. As a direct result of people like you, who make up our generous community. You are our heroes and we thank you.

We invite you to join our journey and mission. At Muse HQ we believe collaboration is key. By working together, we believe that change is not only possible but inevitable. Whether it is of your expertise, time or funds any contribution is greatly valued and appreciated.