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by | Summer 2022

The difference that makes the difference!

The medicinal journey is of utmost importance to Craig and Nikki, husband-and-wife team of Mushroom Guru, having both lost their mothers to breast cancer. They are passionate about bringing valuable information on medicinal mushrooms and their effectiveness in targeting disease, to as many people as possible. Crucial information that was not available when their mothers were diagnosed.

Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Lingzhi in China and Reishi in Japan) has been used for its medicinal properties for more than 2 000 years. This extraordinary fungus is highly effective as an adaptogen and therefore regulates, balances and harmonises the body and all its complex systems.

This fungus develops a mushroom that is red in colour, smooth to the touch and astoundingly beautiful, yet incredibly bitter. Therefore, to be able to experience the benefits of this medicinal mushroom, you would either need to steep it in water and drink the hot water extraction as a tea, or prepare an alcohol extraction to make certain compounds (ganoderic acid and triterpenoids) available for digestion.

Mushroom Guru uses two highly effective extraction methods in producing their Reishi antler extract, MG-LZ8. MG-LZ8 is the cornerstone of their GanodermaGOLD product range. The name LZ8 (Ling Zhi-8) was given to an immunomodulatory protein, isolated from Ganoderma lucidum. MG is the abbreviation for Mushroom Guru and together they make up the double antler extract that they call MG-LZ8.   

In 2018 Mushroom Guru sent its proprietary MG-LZ8 for testing at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The results from a pre-clinical trial done by Prof Vaclav Vetvicka, head of the Department of Pathology of the university, provided a conclusion of a 43 per cent increase in immunity within 48 hours! This is the difference that makes the difference!

The most important factor of any medicine is related to the bioavailability of the compounds inside the medicine.

Mushroom extracts vs. mushroom powders
A mushroom powder is derived from a whole dried fruiting body, that has been dried and powdered. It contains the cell wall of the mushrooms, which is called chitin. Chitin is being cited as having adverse effects on human health. The human gut does not have the enzymes to digest chitin and this is what gives certain people indigestion and, in some cases, an allergic reaction, much as may be the case with shellfish.

A mushroom extract is the final dried product after doing an extraction (either hot water or alcohol, or both). Hot water extraction helps break down the chitin in the cell wall of the mushroom, so that polysaccharides/glucans and other water-soluble compounds are released. When extracting the solvent-based compounds from the Reishi mushroom using ethanol, the values increase 29-fold. The ethanol is evaporated off and therefore the extract does not contain ethanol in the final product. Our Reishi Double Extract combines both the water and ethanol extract, thus giving you a 100 per cent bio-available product in its purest form.

Antlers vs. conks
When Reishi grows in an antler form, it creates ganoderic acid from the base to the very tip, which is substantially more ganoderic acid than that found in the normal, short stem of a conk. Ganoderic acid is highly beneficial to human health and people that use Reishi report that they use it for

  • immune modulation
  • improving cognitive function
  • improving gut health
  • kidney and liver support
  • bacterial infections
  • stabilising blood sugar
  • viral protection
  • heart support
  • naturally thinning the blood
  • regulating blood pressure
  • reducing cholesterol
  • reducing inflammation 
  • reducing daily stressors
  • respiratory problems
  • ​insomnia 
  • allergy relief
  • anti-aging
  • reducing candida
  • hormone production
  • stem cell reproduction
  • tumour reduction

The GanodermaGOLD™ range comprises:

  • Immune Modulator capsules
  • Skin Serum
  • Targeted Therapy drops​
  • Reishi Infused Honey Snap pack
  • Pet drops
  • Reispresso coffee capsules

For more information visit: www.mushroomguru.co.za/mg-lz8-reishi or shop at [email protected]