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This sacred tree I plant for my life
For all it offers me
Shade and protection, and so much more.
She offers me rest, the fruit of my health,
Growing in beauty each day, whispering her secrets
The healing power of her leaves, her bark, her roots
Of the Light filtering through her leaves
Until they fall to compost new growth.
I AM your tree,
Giving you life with my breath,
The burst of my blossoms in springtime
As your children play in my branches,
Enthralled by the home I offer to all,
I give you the fragrance of my fruit,
My oil for your hair and your health,
My wood for building your boats and your homes.
In ageless wisdom do I stand tall?
Until I am felled for your coffin
And Mine,
For I AM your very Life
As I AM Mine.
Do the deed and plant my seed
Once I have fallen
So our story continues
Yours, and Mine.

A Poem by Heather Green

Inspired by the planting of a Thuja (tree) for her soulmate, Ian, on his passing over to spirit.
“This poem encourages everyone to plant a tree specifically for his or her own life (or on the birth of a child) in gratitude to the earth, Gaia, who supports and nourishes us daily” Heather

Image Credit
“GROW AND SUSTAIN THE SOIL”. By Janet Botes. 2012.
Janet is a visual artist from South Africa. She creates art to explore and express the magic of nature and offers workshop experiences that help to connect people more deeply to themselves, their creativity and to Mother Nature. www.janetbotes.co.za