National Spiritualist Federation of South Africa

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The National Spiritualist Federation is the umbrella body for all organisations within South Africa that identify with the principles of Spiritualism. There are similar organisations throughout the world, each with its own basic guidelines but all serving in the same way. The federation acts in a supportive role to the sanctuaries to help them better serve their communities.

Spiritualism is a philosophy and recognised religion in the context of our South African landscape. It is guided by seven basic spiritual principles. These help Spiritualists navigate and combine their spiritual and human journeys. These principles include the belief in the eternal progression of the soul as we understand it, service to humankind and direct connection to spirit guides, masters and angels.

Most of our inspiration and guidance is channelled from Spirit. These messages have been – and are still being – shared by channels and mediums through trance. We therefore embrace the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship and encourage and nurture those that want to grow and develop their own connection. Channels freely share their gifts with the community through messages and guidance and spiritual healing.

We find further inspiration from various religious text, channelled teachings and esoteric authors; this led to Spiritualism eventually adopting the Omniist view, as in later times our understanding of the nature of spirit deepened. Omniism, is the belief that we can obtain wisdom from all religions, recognising the existence and legitimacy of all religions and adopting certain practices and tools that will help the soul evolve on its journey. We therefore acknowledge that each soul is on their own journey of discovery and no set of rules are the same for two individuals.

Spiritual healing is a cornerstone in what we, as sanctuaries, offer. This ancient form of healing has been bequeathed to healers through millennia and developed into a recognised form of healing cultivated and refined in the spiritual sanctuaries. It today forms the background to most forms of energy or quantum healing and is now covered by its own federation, which is continuously developing new healers for our sanctuaries.

On these principles our community started various sanctuaries across South Africa, to bring our people together in a space where they can freely just be, without the pressures of organised religion and the stifling oppression of the state at the time.

Each of our sanctuaries holds their own charm and charisma. Guided by their founders and subsequently led by their various committees, each sanctuary developed their own identity. The sanctuaries are supported by a community of clairvoyants, mediums, channels and healers that work together for the service of our communities.

Our sanctuaries become the spiritual homes for most of our members, becoming the base from where their abilities and gifts are revealed to the world. The place to find their voice, their confidence and their greatest gifts. We aim to provide a place of acceptance and understanding, where you have the freedom to explore and learn, where you can heal and grow and where your soul can freely express itself in all its Divine glory.

In Love and Light                                                          

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