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Transformation and Fulfilment with a Life Coach

As a life coach, my business is changing lives, assisting clients to become unstuck. Coaching helps clients find meaning to life and guides them through goal setting in achieving these goals. I encourage performance improvement and the removal of behavioural patterns, i.e. limiting beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions. We work on effective relationship management, how to deal with diverse people, build trust and work together effectively in any environment.  

Certifications in the following modalities:

mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

mBIT is a powerful and deeply insightful new field that advances the field of NLP and personal development. It provides tools to communicate with the head, heart and gut brains and to align and integrate them.


Helping clients to identify skills and capabilities that are already within themselves, unleashing unlimited potential and enabling them to use the best of their ability and understand that anything is possible. In essence, your life coach becomes your accountability partner, challenge partner and thinking partner.


The enneagram profile is a useful guide on the journey towards self‐development, relationship building, conflict resolution and the improvement of team dynamics. It is not aimed at ‘boxing’, limiting or categorising people. The integrative enneagram report works with an individual as a more complex, layered, unique and distinct being than other typing systems.

Coaching Genres on Offer – For more information [email protected]

Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Holistic Wellness Coaching
Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Performance Coaching
Public Figure and Celebrity Coaching
Spiritual Coaching