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In our healing centre and retail shop,  we hear this term ‘new-age’ being thrown around like confetti and, honestly, its not new age at all, rather its an ancient science. We live in the ‘new-age’, but humans are NOT new-age; we are still the same humans we were 5 000 years ago, 10 000 years ago, 25 000 years ago. We, as a human race, were thriving on nothing but sun, air, plants, water and… well, plants. Plants are the only master healers on this planet, with a super intelligence unlike anything one could fathom, with a symbiotic relationship that entwines not only your soul, but your body and, if that’s not enough, they infiltrate your brain and your thought processes and remove all sorts of unhealthy blockages and toxins. Each single herb has a unique and gentle yet powerful energy, that brings about body health and soul healing that is not only nourishing but also sustainable in the human body. They were literally made to fit us.

We face an unfortunate state of circumstances, not only on the planet, but excessively so in our healing centre. So many ‘lost’ people, believing they are broken and beyond repair, people who are destitute of their ‘glow’, as if their light has been switched off, people robbed of joy and passion, people who are stuck in a place of hopelessness, because the chemical medicine they’ve been using for years has done more damage than treating the disorder. They have gone from a state of needing some assistance to believing they need the drugs to be alive… The truth is that, for every single human ailment, disorder or trauma, there is a plant, flower, berry, bark or root, that holds the cure.

At HERBOLOGY, our ethos is simple: Herbs are the original masters of medicine, they are the earth warriors, the wild and unashamed masters of healing. We are merely conduits of their message and their medicine. As experts in herbal nootropic adaptogens, with a master herbologist and herbalist, all our herbal medicine not only works immediately, so no loading, it’s chemical-free and vegan, so it treats stress and anxiety first, then it addresses whatever the intended use is, ie: Focus – first we eliminate the anxiety and the stress, without raising the BP, and open those receptors and, with the assistance of the herbs that encourage a sharper mind, within a few weeks, create new neuro-pathways in a state of focus, without anxiety. The person will be happy, content, focused and present.

With herbal pharmaceutical replacements for anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, melancholy, hopelessness, chronic pain, immune deficiency, ADD, ADHD and gut disorders, hormone disorders etc, we also offer weaning services, so we can safely get the patient clean and healed in no time at all. Its not a new age approach, it’s a lifestyle, one entrenched deep in natural medicines.

Our retail shops, online and physical, stock all our entire range of herbal capsules, teas, syrups, tobacco replacements; however, if we don’t have a herbal treatment on the shelves, we have a herbalist in our healing centre who can create medicine specific to one’s needs alone. We also have a traditional healer, Access Bars, reconnective healing, kinesiology and a fasting clinic. Moreover, the healing centre hosts several exciting workshops such as:

  • Herbal Medicine Chest 101;
  • The Alchemy Of Herbs 101;
  • “Unfudge” Yourself;
  • I AM – Empower Yourself.

Once a month we have a market day at our retail shop and healing centre and often feature free workshops on these days. For more information https://www.buyherbalremedies.co.za/