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Our NEW Odyssey Identity

An Expression of Deep Gratitude


Fellow sojourners our bright new site, in the colours of connectedness and inspired thought, is now LIVE. Live gently, kinder and consciously with Odyssey Magazine.

The meaning of our new Odyssey colour palette…
Archangel Jophiel: Beautiful thoughts and enlightenment
Symbolic of inspired thought, energy, vitality, good health
Archangel Zadkiel: Freedom, benevolence and mercy
Symbolic of connectedness, wisdom, bravery, and spirituality

Our third print edition after buying Odyssey, autumn (March 2020) was due on the shelves three days after lockdown 30 March; non-essential items could not be transported and our beautiful magazine sweltered in a warehouse for almost two months. Courage and faith (with a dollop of stubborn resolve) kept us determined to remain in print when 23 other titles, sadly, did not make it through. This resolve, divine guidance, provided wisdom and courage to make the autumn 2020 edition a free digimag and in circulation by 7 April – giving our advertisers the coverage they deserved and our readers access to uplifting and inspirational content in trying times. Whilst financially frightening, with exorbitant print costs, this was one of the most expansive and transformative times for this then 43-year-old treasure, Odyssey Magazine.

The Odyssey Online-Smartphone-enabled magazine was formed and today provides a phenomenal and measurable response mechanism for our advertisers and an accessible digital version for readers, making Odyssey truly mobile.

Almost two years later we cherish the wisdom, ideas, the transformation and the courage supported by the divine without which our new enhanced online offering would never have come to fruition and Odyssey Magazine would simply have been another statistic.
We walk in humility and gratitude. All love Debra and the OM Team.

Inside the Iris
The quality of the iris is a reminder that we all glimmer. Iris is a reminder to express our true colours. Iris also tells us it’s okay to shift and change. The whole point of blooming is about growth. Iris iridescence is a symbol to embrace who we are, while accepting the changes we go through.

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