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The immune system, the body’s defence mechanism, protects us from bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins and the like. It is also impacted by our emotions and thoughts, which strengthen or weaken it.

It is vital to ensure that our immune system functions as well as possible by making sure we give it the opportunity to combat threats from our external and internal environments effectively.

Balance is key.  A balanced lifestyle, healthy eating, exercise and adding stones and crystals enable us to improve our body’s immune responses and remain healthy.

Crystals have been used to restore balance and heal since the times of ancient Egypt. Records showing the use of crystals in Egypt date back 5 000 years and they were used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine practices as well.

Crystal healing is a vibrational healing modality; these crystals boost human immune system.
The number that each crystal vibrates at has to do with the name of the crystal, each letter added together using a particular numerology sequence.

AEGIRINE – a mineral that provides strength. Vibrates at the number 5. Used for deficiencies of the immune system, also for emotional issues. It amplifies the amount of energy of any other crystal used with it.

AMBER – is a resin. Vibrates at the number 3. Fights infections and fever, allowing the body to heal itself.

AMETHYST – rich in magnesium. Vibrates at the number 3. Boosts the immune system, combats stress. A natural tranquiliser, enhances sleep quality. Cleansing.

AQUAMARINE – a mineral. Vibrates at the number 1.  Protects from pollutants. Great for allergies and asthma.

GREEN CALCITE – Releases electrical impulses and amplifies energy. Vibrates at the number 8. Fortifies the immune system, relieves emotional stress.

EMERALD – a type of beryl. Vibrates at the number 4. Maintains health, enhances recovery from diseases. Regenerates the body naturally, especially when fighting illness. Creates both physical and mental balance.

LEPIDOLITE – stone of transition. Vibrates at the number 8. Calming and purifying. Helps with depression and mood swings.

CLEAR QUARTZ – silicone dioxide. Vibrates at the number 4. It’s the ‘Master Healer’. Cleanses the immune system, purifies organs, removes toxins and brings the body into balance and harmony. It’s said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul.

FLUORITE – this mineral produces an energy that can be used to stabilise and bring order to the mind, body and soul. Vibrates at the number 9. A very powerful anti-viral.

BLOODSTONE – a variety of quartz. Vibrates at the numbers 4 and 6. Works on auto-immune disorders. Purifies. An intense healing stone.

BROWN JASPER – a mineral known as the supreme nurturer. Vibrates at the number 6. This stone has a deep connection to the earth. Clears pollutants and toxins from the body. Cleanses and purifies the organs. Excellent for the digestive tract.

CARNELIAN – a mineral that cleanses the mind and body from negativity. Vibrates at the numbers 5 and 6. One of the best healers of the common cold. Vitalises the immune system and purifies organs. A definite to use for swollen glands.

GREEN AVENTURINE – normally has mica and haematite inclusions. Vibrates at the number 3. Fights flu and eases flu symptoms. Promotes health of all organs to do with the immune responses. Provides balance of Yin and Yang energies.

JADE – a form of jadeite. Vibrates at the master number 11.  A very important crystal to have in your collection. Redirects energy flow giving strength. Stimulates the regeneration of the immune system’s cells. Fights chronic illness.

LAPIS LAZULI – a combination of lazurite and calcite minerals. Vibrates at the number 3. Protects from illness, aids the repair of bones and the entire skeletal system. Boosts strength of body and mind for endurance and positivity.

MALACHITE – an equalising and balancing energy. Vibrates at the number 9. Boosts and heals the immune system’s functions from head to toe. It is used to pinpoint tumours and help fight all cancers.

RHODONITE – this mineral helps with oxygen flow. Vibrates at the number 9. Nourishes. Promotes calmness and ease. Reduces inflammation. Works very well with chronic disease.

GREEN TOURMALINE – mineral for oxygenation. Vibrates at the numbers 3 and 4. Powerful for immune functions and mental health, oxygenation of the brain and proper blood circulation. Charges the immune system and aids detoxification.

Whether you are preventing illness, boosting the immune system or fighting chronic disease, gemstones can be of great help. Connect with these stones and allow them to heal from within, protect from all types of toxicity in the environment around you.

Sheilagh van Veijeren

Sheilagh van Veijeren is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She studied Cosmetic Formulation, all forms of Reiki and is a Reiki Master, Crystal and Sound Healer. To complement these healing therapies, Bach Flower Remedies and Essential Oils are used to help with the healing process. Sheilagh has healing centre and owns the Natural Essentials, crystal and natural products shop in 1000 Hills Village, Botha’s Hill, KZN https://naturalbalance.co.za/