Raise Your Vibration with Ormus

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This powerful, harmonic mineral complex has many outstanding benefits for your wellbeing! The impact is subtle, giving you a wonderful boost to your vitality, enabling your body and mind to feel centred.

So what is ORMUS? The simple answer is that ORMUS is a potent mineral complex, yet there is much more to it than that. It is a high vibrating alchemical elixir, raising the vibration of whatever it comes into contact with – like a harmonic resonator.

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, known as ORMEs or ORMUS, exist everywhere. We find them in our bodies, the air, soils and in many plants and fruits like red grapes and aloe vera.

ORMUS is a special class of rare and potent minerals, alchemically transformed into their non-metallic state. In the ORMUS state, these essential minerals are beneficial for all cellular life and allow clearer cell-to-cell communication. We call it bio-active cell food because high-spin atoms pass energy along as superconductors, without resistance.

Researchers and natural health experts (those in the know) agree that ORMUS minerals are an essential part of the human body. Everything, from our hair, skin and nails to muscle tissue and even DNA, contains ORMUS minerals and elements.

However, our modern lifestyles – through radiation, pollution, chemical exposure, stress and poor diet – deplete us of this vital health enhancing energy-substance.

While vitamins are required for biochemical activity in the body, they can’t function without the presence of minerals. It could even be said that minerals are more important than vitamins!

Minerals can’t be synthesised by our bodies, we have to get them from external sources, usually from our food. Sadly, due to environmental pollution and the exploitation of once mineral-rich soils on our planet, eating the right food just isn’t enough anymore. We need to ensure we get the minerals that we need to stay healthy, within a balanced diet. ORMUS minerals provide the right balance to boost your wellbeing, grounding and spiritual connection.

What our customers say:
Great for meditation, to get into the sweet spot:
“We (hubby and I) are both TM meditators and have noticed that we hit the “sweet spot” much quicker in the 20 min meditation session – otherwise this does not happen in weeks!  Your AuraOrmus is putting us on another level!”  Viv

Fantastic to add vitality to your wellbeing:

“With this magical product I have experienced a massive shift in my health, mental capacity expansion and focus .I have also gained a heightened frequency of self and increased memory.” Fran-Rico

“Using AuraOrmus bottled magic has had a profound influence on my life. It gives me a sense of clarity and a feeling of being centred amidst the chaos. My dreams are vivid, filled with colourful images.” Caryn

Recover from side effects of the jab:

“My mother had the jab and lost about 30 per cent of her mental faculties. After taking AuraOrmus, she has fully recovered!” Carin

Feel the ORMUS difference:

 Feed your gut microbiome;
 Boost mental clarity and energy;
 Balance left and right brain activity;
 Enhance the pineal gland’s capacity to function, balancing out your moods;
 Enrich lucid dreaming and meditation;
 Cell regeneration.

Proudly made in South Africa by master Alchemist Charl Pienaar.

Please reach out to us: www.transformus.co.za or contact Peter Searll [email protected] or 082 857 7075