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Chi-Chi’s first launched in 2006 on a beautiful, tranquil boutique wine estate and guesthouse on the golden mile of the Stellenbosch wine route. Recently the Strand Beach branch has been launched, hosting holistic wellness retreats and spa packages. Our speciality being true holistic de-stress spa pampers, especially couples’ celebration getaways.

How Chi Chi’s came into being.

Owner, Debi Rossouw, spent most of her adult life in business overseas, living the dream, an adrenaline-pumping international corporate career, travelling from one exotic destination to another, working and playing hard. One day it all came to a halt when her body completely crashed, suffering a severe burnout physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. She was bed-ridden for a few years, couldn’t work at all as she could not lift an arm out of bed from the severe exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, headaches, body aches and pains, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. The best specialists could not help her, referring to her condition as a “complicated case”.
Debi realised she needed to get to the root cause of why she became chronically ‘out of balance’. She traded her stilettos for gumboots, moved away from the concrete jungle to a farm and found her ‘soul’ in the process. This is where the magic of Debi’s true holistic healing began! Debi employed a full time masseuse to massage her aches and pains away daily, just to find that the aches and pains were back again the next day!

This was the ‘aha’ moment.
“You can’t treat the body alone’ says Debi “there was a huge psycho/spiritual element behind my pain. There were huge unresolved negative emotions and a belief system behind my ‘crash’, which was not ‘serving’ me. I had a ‘pressure cooker’ in my central nervous system, stemming from a build-up over years of chronic stress from the rat race I was living… always being connected, the adrenaline-pumping lifestyle, I realised I needed to put myself first and somehow ‘de-compress’ mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually on a daily basis if I wanted to get back to homeostasis and find my balance and quality of life again. So my journey began, visiting the most amazing global wellness retreats and becoming a practitioner in just about every modality I could! I finally received double doses of ‘chi’ (energy) and, as I started to feel better, moment by moment, I just knew in my heart this is what I was called to do in this life, … my passion! I wanted to offer holistic wellness retreat programmes to others. If I could heal myself, I could help others heal too!

  The day I launched my website, I just said a prayer: ‘Let who needs what we have to offer, find us’ and we have been blessed in business ever since!”

  By the time you feel in need of a massage, with a tight back, shoulder or neck muscles, it’s most likely that your alignment is out of balance. Our famous Chi-Chi’s best seller is the ‘De-Stress Massage Package’ provides you with a gentle re-alignment of your back on our unique spa pamper chiropractic bed, which uses jade stone, in combination with far-infrared to penetrate deeply into the muscles to release pent up tension. We then combine this chiropractic treatment, with a Swedish, aroma, hot stone, cupping and deep tissue massage, whilst listening to soothing guided visualisations and breathing techniques to calm the mind. After the stress of 2020 you may need something extra to de-compress the built-up ‘pressure cooker’ in your central nervous system, we suggest you add our Hocatt ozone sauna therapy for a recharge facilitating optimum rejuvenation and recovery.

  Chi-Chi’s provides each and every guest one-on-one attention, offering an exclusive boutique spa experience. Both our Stellenbosch winelands and Strand Beach branches are strictly by appointment only. Day spa and overnight packages are available.

We look forward to pampering and revitalising you soon!