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Revitalise your viability

by | Autumn 2023, Holistic Living, Print Articles

It has been aptly said that, apart from one’s mindset, the environment shapes us unconsciously in diverse ways. Therefore, it is essential to design the environment that favours you – be it your place of residence/ education/work, social circle, the quality of things you watch, read, hear or speak. Oftentimes, we get tired, not because we have done bountiful tasks, but due to excessive mental exertion or physical exhaustion or carrying unnecessary emotional baggage. There are instances when students can’t keep up the focus during the examination, an athlete feels exhausted while playing in the field or of unconquerable stage fear, nervous breakdowns during interviews, viva voce, public speaking and vital performances. Under such circumstances, you are required to lift up your spirits and give a pep talk in order to free yourself from the emotional trunks. As you have control over yourself, so give out your 100 per cent – the outcome can either favour or disfavour you. Even if it disrelishes you, don’t mind it, as it won’t mark the end of the world. Have patience and remember that great things take time. Typically, it takes three months to construct a normal house and good long years to build a luxurious palace.

Instead of being rigid, it is recommended that you make a habit of making small changes or pristine innovations in your everyday life. Discover your strengths, plan out your day in advance, prioritise your tasks, make every task more fun, educate yourself, fit reading into your daily schedule, set and accomplish goals, be a good listener, use your creative abilities, start taking care of yourself and the people around you, put off your phones and get connected with your loved ones, rejoice in nature, plan a vacation, volunteer and help the people in need, focus on the good, manage your finances well, practise meditation and positive affirmations, act with integrity, muster your courage, clear out physical clutter, subtract your distractions before you add another one, understand things from another’s perspective, keep silent (when required), be authentic, appreciate people, be kind rather than right, learn from mistakes, don’t be afraid of experimenting, stay deeply focused, upgrade your environment to improve behaviour, health and happiness. The following snippets can help you to bolster your life:

Drop off the blaming habit: We as humans have the tendency to blame and criticise others for our own faults, failures and lacunas. It is imperative to shake off the blaming habit and take the responsibility for your acts. Instead of shifting the burden on others, we must prudently work upon our flaws, learn from mistakes and rise back in our life.

Give a physical boost: During the stressful phase, one is more likely to overeat, undereat, light up a cigar, grab sweets, gulp another cup of tea/ coffee or a glass of wine, sleep excessively/exiguously or sob. If you are flipped up, go and climb a flight of stairs; go for a quick stroll, brisk walk, jog, run, cycle and take 10 deep breaths as this will recharge both your mind and body.

Get your beauty sleep: Adequate rest is pivotal for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate sleep to channelise your mind and body. Make sure to make your bedroom a sleep-only zone and pave out the television, laptops, smartphones or any other distracting elements.

Be dynamic: Being rigid can make you monotonous, so that one day you will find yourself humdrum. Try out new things, hairstyles, dresses, friends, food, places, job, driving routes, new ways of doing things; add fun/hilarity to boring tasks and pour new colours to your life. Learn something new – music, dance, language, sport, musical instrument, game. It will drive away your mood and uplift your spirits.

Practise mindfulness: Be conscious of the present moment as it will curtail unnecessary stress or the habit of overthinking. Drive away the thoughts about the past or future. Do something that gets your brain out of its rut.

Steer off the age excusitis: Break off the prevailing age barrier for yourself. Be confident about your age, as you can achieve great things at any age, provided that you are broad-minded. So feed your physical, mental and emotional health with goodness. Get rid of the habit of thinking about what people will say about you? Even if you are a gem, they will find a flaw. Let them be there, gossiping about you behind your back. Ignore them, go ahead and attain greatness.

Live, love and laugh: Life is too short not to be lived happily. Live as if today is your last day so make the most out of it. Send your love and kindness to everyone. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Radiate goodness and help in making the world a better place to live in. Have a positive outlook on your life.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right”Henry Ford

Riya Gulati is a Paralegal at Law Offices of Caro Kinsella and Youth Ambassador for the ONE Campaign, Ireland. Qualifications include: LLAMA (IP and IT) from University College Dublin and a BALL from Bharti Vidyapeetham Deemed University, India.